Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer Musings

Tomorrow's New Moon in Cancer is also a partial Solar eclipse, visible only in some parts of the world. Since it's in Cancer, and only partial, let's trust in our gut feelings and emotional intelligence. Solar eclipses are a cosmic marriage of sorts, an opportunity to re-align, re-boot, re-fresh. Slow down and take some time to reflect, especially good to be near water.

The Moon is the luminary of Cancer and the Sun, Leo. The Sun is our present life source and self-expression, while the Moon is connected with the unconscious, past, memory, death. It's naturally affiliated with ancestry, particularly maternal/matrilineal. So it's likely significant memories from the distant past, that carry emotional weight will emerge and take the forefront, around this time,  possibly to do with family or other 'tribes' we've been part of. Things we nurtured once that we maybe should stop nurturing, at this point, or things we neglected to nurture that we should start doing.

Pluto will be exactly opposite the Sun/Moon, and again, Pluto is deep unconscious, I would say 'higher' (and darker) octave of the Moon. There may be a sense that something is being drawn out, but we aren't quite sure what yet, or what the effect will be, because we won't get the effect right away, it will be drawn out over the whole Moon cycle. (It's still a New Moon, eclipse or no).

Jupiter is also involved and has begun to come up for air from being submerged in deep Scorpio Rx. He adds breadth to the depth, brings stories, runes, new outlooks, spiritual insight, if we are receptive. The 12 Thai cave boys, who received meditation instruction from their monk-coach while all were trapped in a cave are our living metaphor for this. It will be interesting to see if any of them become monks in the future. What was their past life connection, I wonder?

Interesting that they were sedated so they wouldn't panic, during the rescue, literally waking up in a hospital. Talk about rebirth. This mythic story even had a beautiful, sacrificial hero, ex-Navy SEAL Saman Kunan, who, it seemed, offered himself to the Earth Goddess (he volunteered) in exchange for the boys. How could she refuse? A marriage of eternal bliss, or so the myths tell us. Elevated to God-status in the hearts of many.

Thai cave rescue, as it unfolded:
In pictures:

Meanwhile, Rx Mars (square Jupiter) is conjunct the lunar south node, in Aquarius (mental sign) - again, the past being stirred up and Uranus in Taurus is square the nodes. In evolutionary astrology, Uranus is significant of past life trauma and squares to the nodes are about something we neglected to deal with, prior. But it's not so much the type of major aspects between the involved planets, as the fact that there are major aspects at all. Most of us will experience it as Moon/Sun, ie, daily occurrences, dreams, impulses - the rest is going on behind the scenes. And unless any of this is occurring at significant points in your own chart, we're talking about the general/collective sense.

The USA has an affinity with Uranus/Aquarius and a Cancer Sun (as does Canada). In tribal-minded US, where children are held in cages, a woman (mother) recently beat the living daylights out of an elderly Mexican man with a brick, telling him to 'go back where he came from'. She was literally 4 times his size, eclipsing him. The Moon consumed and darkened by Pluto/Mars thug-ism. One has to wonder...what precious way of life is being protected, here? The right to be an willfully ignorant lunatic?

The international outpouring of love (high Aquarian) combined with an international team of heroism and technology (Mars in Aquarius) in Thailand showed us our better nature, as universal mothers. Deep in a dark cave, perhaps like the ones where our ancestors lit fires and told stories, we saw light emerge in the collective soul. South node in Aquarius, looking back in order to go forward in the 'Age of Man.' Unfortunately some are still stuck in past, tribal trauma. It was as if we needed this parallel to balance how helpless and angry many of us are feeling about the detained children in the US. (To be fair, many Americans are upset as mothers and have been marching in the streets, but it's not enough to just express emotion).

Therese Patricia Okoumou eclipses the Statue of Liberty in protest, on July 4th

Let's hope the eclipse, fueled by what the world witnessed in Thailand, during this very tense, and intense Summer, helps dislodge the obstacles to our becoming human beings. One baby step at a time...


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