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Full Fathom Five ~ Jupiter in Scorpio

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea change
Into something rich and strange.

         ~ Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1, Sc 2

Jupiter has been in Scorpio since Oct 10th, so apologies for the late post.
Saturn has just come home to Capricorn and Jupiter's own homecoming will be in November.
But the event astrologers are anticipating with bated breath occurs in January 2020, as Saturn and Pluto come together AND Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter - the patriarchs - all make conjunctions to their own south nodes in Capricorn, shortly after having transited the Lunar South Node therein. Many are saying we will remember this time as having a marked before and an after, as it will likely represent the redistribution of wealth and power on a global scale, an overhaul of the order of things. As an astrojournalist of same lunar nodes, I'll be bringing you updates from the front lines (provided I am not holed up in a tent somewhere without internet).

But for the moment, in spiritual preparation, let's begin with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, Go(o)d Father and Big Kahuna. Hello, my name is Roxanna I'll be your Jupiterian torch bearer on this underworld descent. Please note that Zeus is his Greek name.

                                  Shield found in Zeus Cave, Greece


Jupiter is like a little star, but lacks the mass to qualify. Yet, he does have star quality. He's the 'big fish in a small pond', our solar system, spending roughly one year in each sign. One year on Jupiter =12 Earth years. One solar (Earth) year =12 months. (There are actually 13 Lunar months in a Solar year but prime numbers were too irrational and witchy). Think of Jupiter as the little hand and the Sun as the big hand of a clock, in terms of rhythm. So Jupiter has a close relationship with our Sun. One is a big ball of gas, the other, a big, flaming ball of gas. 'Jupiter' (Iupeter or Dyeu Pater) means 'sky father', or 'god father', for he was originally a weather/rain God before becoming chief of the Greco-Roman pantheon.

               Dyeu Pater and Sun/Son: De Grebber, God Inviting Christ to Sit on the Throne at his Right Hand

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Sagittarius/9th house and Pisces/12th house.
These fire and water houses are where we seek to expand our mind and spirit, to know 'God' or our God-self. Fire and water are the two elements of spiritual cleansing and purification.

I'm seeing Jupiter being lowered into an alchemical bath...

                    Emperor and Pope are the two sides of Jupiter


In the 9th house of Sagittarius (Jupiter's masculine/active/day residence), seeking may involve philosophical, religious or other man-made systems of belief, including law, higher education, *astrology*, as well as ascetic and disciplined forms of spiritual practice such as martial arts.
Traveling long distances is also a form of seeking and expanding the boundaries of our beliefs. Symbols - visual keys to bigger or limitless concepts - are the language spoken here, so Sagittarius often has a knack for reading them or can glean a whole story from just one or two details, akin to symbols.

The Archer has three parts:
- Horse; past forms, animal instinct, earth-connectedness, but also the animal
  almost solely responsible for human civilization.
- Man; our present form, the missing link, a work still in progress. Human intellect, 
  but also the meeting place of earth/body and heaven/spirit.
- Bow and arrow, pointing toward a future form yet unknown. Intuition, aspiration, the spirit world or realm of the Gods, our higher/divine self. Liberation from death (after Scorpio/8th house).

9th and 12th house seeking: Actively passive and passively active. Note the Hanged Man's
body forms the symbol for Saturn, but when turned 'right side up', his legs form Jupiter's 4.

In the 12th house of Pisces (Jupiter's feminine/passive/night residence), the last house before we start over again, seeking becomes mystical, hermetic and we peer into the void, rather than up at the heavens. Meditation, yoga, dreaming, visions, music, dance, painting or simply watching movies are all Pisces vehicles, ways to simultaneously escape from and cope with our circumstances.

The two fish swim in opposite directions, yet are tied together, representing the endless cycle of samsara; one wants to be free of it all, the other is drawn back in. The spirit wants to be free, but it's tied to a body. While Sagittarius is quite happy to have a body temple through which to experience it all, Pisces, like a 'fish out of water', can find this world hard to bear, which is why so many have escapist tendencies or excel in the arts. Also why, for the last 2000 years (Piscean Age), the promise of eternal salvation was such a popular sell.

The fish feels every vibration, is one with the water. It's similar for us in our air atmosphere, although most are not aware of the more inaudible, subtle vibrations. Water is a much better conductor. But the waves are there and picked up in our 70% fluid, emotional bodies. When we dream, it's a cryptic translation of these impressions, a symbolic language. Our sub-conscious minds, in processing these feelings, are literally making a film for our conscious mind to watch. (This is why art making is a very natural and essential part of being human). There are different types of dreams, of course, but it's all Pisces turf. You can see why astrologers were quick to embrace the modern rulership of Neptune for this sign, but actually, mythological Neptune, and Pluto, are manifestations of Jupiter, who is really a triad:

'The Trinity was regarded by the Pythagorean philosophers as the measure of all things; the reason being, I surmise, that God governs things by threes, and that the things themselves also are determined by threes… For the supreme maker first creates things, then seizes them, and thirdly perfects them… Thus they first flow from that perennial fountain as they are born, then they flow back to it as they seek to revert to their origin, and finally they are perfected after they have returned to their beginning. This was divined by Orpheus when he called Jupiter the beginning, the middle, and the end of the universe; the beginning because he creates, the middle because he draws his creatures back to himself, the end because he perfects them as they return.'*

It's similar to the older, Indus incarnation of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. (There are written descriptions of Jupiter portrayed with a third eye, but I have not been able to find any visuals).

The trine is considered to be the most effortless aspect in a chart, rather like the Jupiter placement.

A body should always be left for three days (at least) before cremation or burial, this is how long it takes the spirit to leave. So said Manley Hall, but elephants have always known it. Ganesha is associated with Jupiter, in Vedic astrology.

So that's how astrological Jupiter urges us to grow and reach beyond. Jupiter in Scorpio is not really about the mundane tendencies of this God-planet, such as eating the whole cake, although it can be about wanting to have the most power, as well as having big or overwhelming, emotional or sexual desires…which can indeed cause one to eat the whole cake.


Scorpio, like water sister Pisces, occupies one of the psychic or karmic houses. The death and rebirth theme runs through this triad of feminine, soul-signed houses, something like this:
Cancer (cardinal), in the 4th, 'the cradle of death and rebirth'
Scorpio (fixed), in the 8th, 'sex, death, regeneration'
Pisces (mutable), in the 12th, 'self-undoing'

In relation to the Pythagorian Jupiter trinity, Scorpio is the middle part we "flow back to as we seek to revert to our origin." So that's where we're collectively at. The water in our own bodies is from the same pool as the earth's life-giving waters, from whence we crawled, perhaps as giant, eurypterids, and carries the soul memory of our many incarnations.

The scorpion has had relatively few evolutionary changes since prehistory and was among the first to make the transition from water to land.

Scorpio is the only sign with progressive symbols (and Jupiter loves symbols), representing levels of perception and being; these are usually, Scorpion (or Serpent), Eagle (Jupiter's bird), Phoenix and Dove, though the only ones that go back to antiquity are Scorpion and Eagle and most Scorpios are a mix of these two. Note that the Holy Dove of the trinity is not simply 'spirit' but in fact symbolic of  Sophia, feminine wisdom, separated from the Virgin Mary, thus leaving her rather one dimensional. 

As Jupiter wanders through these states, it will affect each of us differently, depending on our own chart configurations. Some might go with more gusto after desires, no matter how many lawyers it takes and how much debt is racked, others might experience some form of spiritual insight, wisdom, redemption, or lifting of emotional burden. Or, as you are doing now, look deeply and with a widened perspective into what this transit means... and perhaps discover hidden treasures....

Ring of Hatnefer, New Kingdom, Early 18th Dynasty, ca 1492-1473 B.C. (MET Museum)

Fixed water seeks the lowest level, below the belt, where the pain hides and the mysteries lie. Scorpio keeps its own carefully cloaked but can always find yours. This pitchfork prodding tendency is partly why Scorpio gets pinned as the devil of the zodiac (sorry, Capricorn). But traditionally, the 8th, though feminine, is the night house of Mars, malefic planet of war/death (Aries being day) and death became synonymous with evil, due to Eve mucking about with the serpent and starting the whole human reproductive cycle. Denigrated feminine. 'Denigrate' means 'to blacken'.

The Serpent was once prominent in most religions, equated with knowledge, sexual life force, healing and the wise woman or priestess, although it had obvious phallic connotations as well. Every time you see a depiction of one being conquered or stomped on, it's an indicator of the old, Pagan religion being vanquished. Medusa getting her head chopped off - check. Virgin Mary holding a snake down with her foot - check. St. Patrick 'driving out the snakes' - check…

        Jean Delville, La Méduse, 1891

During Jupiter's descent, that which has fallen is potentially uplifted, or, the God himself may go through a death process to be (with any luck) reborn a wiser God. Where does he go and who does he meet ? Why, back to black, and the Wise Crone, of course. His dreams will be translated, he will bring back Runes and, while his spirit is away, people will dip their handkerchiefs in his royal blood, for a talisman.


Serapis was said to be "a construct of the Ptolemaic [3rd c] Greek rulers of Egypt, a conflation of local Gods, Osiris and Apis. Gradually subsumed into the all-pervading cult of Isis, Serapis was worshipped throughout the Roman world in the guise of Zeus, ruler of the heavens, or that of Hades, god of the Underworld." (Though as Egyptian Osiris-Apis, he was a bit older). He was the "uplifter of souls" ready to ascend, an all-purpose, all-encompassing deity, on whom the Egyptians and Greeks could agree.

Fresco from the Temple of Isis in Pompeii depicting Osiris-Serapide between two crowned cobras

Serapis moved through the houses of the zodiac, like Helios, died and was reborn, like Osiris, granted blessings to those who invoked him, like Zeus, had Eleusinian and underworld associations, like Pluto/Plouton (Dis Pater, "Rich Father"), healing power like Asclepius and was benevolent like Dionysus. He judged souls and rewarded people with immortality, but looked a bit more saviour-like than Zeus. You can see where Christianity borrowed his attributes. The concept of a dying and resurrected, saviour God was of course, nothing new, but with Serapis we begin to see inklings of the piety that would became an important feature of Piscean Jesus.

In fact, the two cults once existed side by side, practiced the same rituals (such as baptism - there's the water element) and in many cases, were interchangeable. The 'serpent on the cross' is none other than Serapis, who was often depicted as a beneficent, solar serpent, the 'Agathos Daimon', and paired with the feminine 'Agathe Tyche', herself a version of Isis. Agathodaimon cults first flourished in Ptolemaic Egypt, their first reference being in an End Times prophecy of the day. Hmm.

Bracelet with Agathodaimon, Isis-Tyche, Aphrodite and Terenouthis, Roman Egypt 1 BC-1AD

His Serapeum (major temple) in Alexandria was the 'daughter' of the great library, but under order of pope Theophilus, she too was destroyed and what was left of the wealth of ancient knowledge and literature, burned to ashes. Soon after, all forms of pagan religion were outlawed, so Serapis died, but he was resurrected as Jesus.

Perhaps this incarnation of Zeus-Jupiter is a good archetype for his transit through Scorpio, wherein the serpent (feminine) wisdom may be restored to the somewhat manufactured, supreme being. Have faith in snakes.

Kryzius Vizija by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis


During 2018, many of us will look for deeper meaning in our lives and find the spiritual encouragement and resources for making changes. For some, fixed emotional patterns may be blown out of proportion in order to see them better. Jupiter expands all he touches, and Scorpio is known to be obsessive. Spidey senses and indeed all the senses may become heightened.

The Scorpio healing method is to open the wound, or draw out the poison with a bit more of the poison, before real healing/releasing can commence. So be aware of the homeopathic effect, if you feel this happening and try not to 'fixate' on any particular experience or emotion, it's all necessary for becoming conscious.  Physical inflammations or inflammatory war cries (both Mars' turf) may appear scarier than they actually are.

 Wrathful traits of the Scorpion energy in Tibetan Buddhism

Old, emotional pain around the father, spiritual father or dominant male figures is bound to resurface. How much can you/did you forgive your male gurus for ? Do you condemn politicians for sexual assault, but let it slide that Carl Jung raped his patient ?

Seeing Saddam Hussein dragged out of his fox hole, like a bum, in 2003, had a traumatizing effect on Iraq's population (as the Americans well knew it would). Though they'd hated and feared him, witnessing one's abusive father being taken away by the police is the murder of an archetype. So too, is the shock (and the pity) of seeing what became of your high school alpha-Adonis, 40 years on. Of course, these toppled icons were never Gods in the first place, just human actors playing a role in your projected movie.

At the same time, we all have a divine spark and many spiritual practices teach that we should recognize this in each other, for best results.


Ol' Zeus-Jupiter of mythology sometimes seemed to have one set of morals for himself, one for everyone else. He abused his long-suffering wife, Hera-Juno and ravaged whoever he liked while being the embodiment of law and order…but this was in a time and place when the father was literally priest of the family, who performed the sacred rites and had total power of jurisdiction over his brood. Priests are still referred to as "father" and most of western civilization, including the founding fathers of America held the classical world as their model.

If you are disgusted by the pedophilia inherent in the ROMAN catholic church, remember that pederasty was totally acceptable to ancient Greeks, while Romans had no taboo around homosexuality or age, only status; as long as the person (male) with higher status was on top and the 12 year old was not a 'free born', no problem. So it kind of came with the package.

Statuette of a Fallen Youth, Greek, 480-460 BC

Perhaps we've become puritanical, or perhaps we are now seeing the dark side of our idealized Olympus, exposed (as with the Olympic Games). Tom Hanks, nervously talking about the recent epidemic of sexual misconduct allegations (beginning with a predatory Pisces Hollywood film producer, fittingly enough), even used terms like "sea change" "state of being for which there is a before and an after." Everyone has been calling this shakedown the "tip of the iceberg", bringing the Titanic to mind - Hollywood is where modern myths/public dreams are made, on film. It's home of the STARS ie, the Gods. Eris has hurled the golden apple into the banquet.

Eris throws the Golden Apple of Discord (detail), Jacob Jordaens

Just read this interview with Camille Paglia, who is very Eris-like. Actually, she's an Aries, with Jupiter in Scorpio (taddah), trine Mars in Pisces, plus Saturn in wide conjunction to Pluto, trine Sun. Her empathy for men's men who are feeling castrated comes as no surprise. She makes some relevant points, but woah, we have to be careful not to let power-abusers become martyred.

When we say patriarchy has to end, it's not simply because of Martian men-children like Hugh Hefner (who I guess worshipped the Goddess, in his way). World-wide, systemic, religious or tribal-based patriarchy (regardless of whether a Mother Goddess is worshipped, in name), is at the root of some serious, human-rights issues. In Mexico, recently, the Brigada Feminista received death threats for doing what was perceived as 'rightfully' men's work; risking their lives, pulling people from rubble after the earthquake. They got no media coverage, either. Back in the USA, old, christian right, male politicians recently granted full legal rights to fetuses. That's some weird, Jupiter-Scorpio sh*t, right there. In Afghanistan, young women are routinely subjected to two-fingered 'virginity tests.' Being gay will get you locked up, in many countries. There are just too many examples to list.

  Darth Pater by Dmitry Dyachkov

The recent Hollywood purge and #metoo movement is a start, but Scorpio Jody Foster, who says she refuses to talk about this complex issue in sound bites, has a point - that we now need to start a more complex conversation. In the bigger picture, it's about preying upon vs praying upon, domination vs stewardship, Doom or Destiny. As Lucretia Mott put it:

"The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of woman, the fountains of life are poisoned at their source."

Women must not feel ashamed of the age-old rage that is surfacing. The 'Idle No More' movement (started by 4 women) is an example of using it for fuel-oil. Let the abusers bear their chains, crosses, boulders or whatever burden they've created for themselves, until they're fully awake and have earned their sleep. Put another way, if you love them, let them pay now, don't make them have to return next time around as victims.

I don't mean we should refuse to forgive, out of passive aggressiveness - forgiveness does ultimately set you free, if it's genuine and if it's time - but rather that the abused should not have to carry both their own pain plus their abuser's. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we may feel like we have the capacity to, but Saturn in Capricorn says, "uh-uh, personal responsibility = bootstraps." And btw, personal responsibility is a good thing to keep in mind when Scorpio sexual appetites become Jupiter-sized.


Some say that a close relationship with a Scorpio indicates one is working off large amounts of karmic debt (8th house) in the current lifetime, like Piscean astrologer, Hazel Dixon-Cooper, in her hilarious book, "Born on a Rotten Day":

 "…any relationship with a Scorpio is worth one hundred thousand points on the karmic redemption scale. If you manage to  spend a lifetime with one, you could jump ahead several reincarnations. Surviving a Scorpion is worth bonus points."

Well, Jupiter in Scorpio might lift some of that karmic debt, especially for Scorpios, yay !

All Scorps have the redeemer gene, in one way or another. Some are like tuning forks, it's subtle. Others transform in a more Phoenix-like way (Picasso with painting, for example).
Then there's the sort who walk the earth, the thief in the night sort, like The Misfit in Flannery O'Connor's 'A Good Man is Hard to Find', or Javier Bardem's Misfit-like character in 'No Country For Old Men'.

5 and 15 - Meeting the shadow, on the spiritual path.
Symbolic means 'to bring together' and diabolic means 'to divide.'

Interesting that Scorpio shadow guru Charles Man-Son died at the start of this transit, in his Jupiter return. He used to tell the young hippy girls he was having sex with to imagine he was their father. Psycho-sexual power abuse - the extreme shadow perversion of Jupiter in Scorpio. Not really all that different from pedophile catholic priests, though, just more Scorpiopathic. He was a kind of anti-christ figure, in that he seemed to be bearing the collective shadow of American leaders responsible for mass slaughter. NOT to make a martyr of him - he'd made a soul agreement to do this and wasn't ashamed. As well as having Sun and 3 planets together in Scorpio, his Moon exactly conjunct North Node in Aquarius was very telepathically tuned in, even if his emotional brain had been knocked out with a metal pipe, by his hillbilly father. Whether he was receiving or giving commands is up to speculation. I just remember seeing a video clip of him, instructing, "do something witchy" during the time of the Iraq invasion, wherein his voice was indistinguishable from Dubya's.

18th c Jolie Rouge aka Jolly Roger flag

Scorpio was traditionally a sign of war, due to being Mars-ruled and some of the stars in it's constellation being conducive, ie, Antares, the red heart of the Scorpion. It's said that war is menstruation envy and while blood spilled in battle is an open subject, there is still no substance (or dinner conversation topic) more taboo than menstrual blood. It's about the mojo. Why do you think priests and emperors have long donned robes of the jolie maroon rouge ?

Detail from a Book of Hours, Walters Museum

Alexander the Great, another solar-heroic, alpha male who enjoyed a good blood battle, was obsessed with Tyrian purple. The dye (recipe now lost) was made from the excretion of murex snails and by all accounts, reeked of Venus. The sails of Cleopatra's ships were also dyed with it. This Tyrian purple was not the violet-blue we know as purple today, but rather the maroon colour of menses:

Pliny wrote in the first century A.D. “Next came the Tyrian dye, which could not be purchased for a thousand denarii a pound,"  and “most appreciated when it is the color of clotted blood, dark by reflected and brilliant by transmitted light.”

To be born of high rank, in Byzantine times, was to be 'born in the purple.'
But all shades of purple are considered royal and therefor Jupiterian.

It's important now for women to reclaim the power of the blood and stop calling it a curse. It's a blessing, or these spiritual higher-ups wouldn't be swathed in it.


So why not just eliminate God(s) altogether ? This experiment has failed, in the past. It seems that without some devotional aspect, life tends to become a dreary series of meaningless coincidences.
Plus, though louder in some than others and totally absent in  sociopaths, we all have a built-in god-o-meter, the voice of conscience that reminds us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, because no thought, word or deed stands alone and the repercussion waves will eventually return to their origin: "Karma is the law !"

Even atheists are known to exclaim 'Oh God !' during climax and the über-rational scientists and engineers who built CERN did so in order to find 'the God particle.'
In modern astrology we don't exactly worship the planets as Gods, but see them as blessed archetypes, helpful in our pursuit of self-knowledge (gnosis), which brings us that much closer to understanding the bigger picture, ie, knowing our God self.

"Know Thyself" Memento Mori from Pompeii House30-14 B.C., Naples Archaeological Museum

Yet, religious institutions too often prevent us from seeking our own 'God particle'. Most religion is based on myth (ie, older religion/events) that in it's purest form is based in nature/natural cycles. The problem is not in worshiping the Sun or the grain, nor even in depicting them in symbolic, human form, but in the manipulation of these forms, for divisive, mass control purposes. Instead of helping people prepare for  transition, these institutions bargain for souls, even promise sexual rewards in heaven for suicidal missions.

The shadow side of Jupiter in Scorpio is manipulation of spiritual power. False prophets are in full, purple regalia right now, some advising the POTUS to act in in accordance with their biblical 'end of times' expectations. They are the same, fervent mass of stupid that burned Alexandria's libraries and outlawed the serpent, back for yet another round. 

Tarot 10 is Jupiter's Wheel of Fortune. (From Sebastian Brant's 'Ship of Fools' attributed to Albrecht Dürer, 1494).

On a more constructive note, Jupiter's transit through Scorpio can assist us in coming to terms with or practicing for the after-death experience by applying this practice to life, wherein every moment is an 'in-between' state. Jupiter can make us overly opportunistic or idealistic, so maybe Scorpio will add some realistic to the mix.

"This ability to choose a good incarnation requires discrimination and a certain degree of conscious awareness. The new age approach to reincarnation which claims we choose our new incarnation is idealistic and not always true from this vantage point. Many souls desperate to escape the confusion of the second bardo will grab on to the first opportunity that presents itself like a swimmer who grasps a log in dangerous rapids in hopes of making it to calmer waters. Choosing the first object (or incarnation) that comes along may not be the wisest choice."

Jupiter in Scorpio, back to nature as Andean Condor and  Los Muertos Thunderbird

My prayer is that this Jupiter Scorpio transit will begin the transformation of the Father God "into something rich and strange," that the Mother Goddess can really get excited about.

All written material herein, with the exception of quoted parts,
is copyright © Roxanna Bikadoroff 2017, 2018.

* Ficino, from 'Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance' by Edgar Wind



And yes, I read charts/cards. Please message me at this blog, to inquire.
Thanks for stopping by and HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !


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