Saturday, August 5, 2017

Swan's Way or the Highway - Astro-musings on Mueller

Friday night, time for a quick astro-musing...

It's hard to keep up with everything going down - so much Sun/Mars heat, solar flares and forest fires (the air in Vancouver is worse than Hong Kong today, what with all the smoke) and Jupiter square Pluto political intensity. Uranus just went Rx and Mercury will soon follow suit. Before fastening seat belts, please ensure that your seat in fact has a safety belt.

The Singing Swan by Reinier van Persijn 1655

So it turns out that the Full Moon/lunar eclipse, Aug 7, oddly enough, falls on special council Robert Mueller's birthday (meanwhile the solar eclipse on the 21st on Trump's ascendant, aka 'other birthday').
I almost called him 'agent' Mueller - his name is pronounced 'muh-ler' and does that ever sound like Mulder (X-Files). Mulder was called 'Fox' and Mueller's middle name is 'Swan'. Lots of symbolism, there. Not sure who's swan song this will end up being, but as someone pointed out on a thread, today - the collective, world psyche MUST have the villain apprehended and punished by the hero, it's mythically required. What's puzzling is that, to 32% of Americans, the deplorable one is the hero. Sad.

Mueller's Moon is in Pisces, opposite Neptune, so if the truth is out there, he'll be able to sniff it from under a mound of b.s, as he's naturally pretty psychic, on top of all his other qualifications. He does seem to have a lot of strong, feminine qualities, even though he's also a 'fifties guy'. I guess being the only brother to 4 younger sisters will do that.
His Mars and Mercury are conjunct in Virgo, plus Uranus in Gemini, we're already well aware of how meticulous an investigator he is, seen by both sides as the righteous, impartial man for the job. Pluto conjunct Sun in Leo, always a power to be reckoned with and usually instills a sense of having a major, life mission to fulfill.

This big cat has likely already sealed all the exit mouse holes, though, knowing Trump, he may still manage weasel out of an actual conviction, but not the tar and swan feathers. Tricksters frequently escape, but by the skin of their teeth and worse for wear.
Oddly, Mueller's BM Lilith is exactly conjunct Regulus, which means it's also conjunct Trump's ascendant, giving him the heebie jeebies because he doesn't quite know how whatever is lurking in the shadows will come at him ('whatever' being mostly his personal demons, who co-own him with the oligarchs he can't repay).

Too bad we don't know Mueller's time of birth, but there's a couple of other things that are kind of typical of this story/myth being played out. One, that Comey, a Sagittarius, is still his faithful sidekick, they have been called 'blood brothers' (which Trump will likely try to use in his defense)... that's a pretty dynamic fire duo (another being Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, for example). Recall that Comey also has Sun in exact opposition to Trump's. I was sure he'd be the one to take down Trump...

Two, that Mueller was appointed FBI director just a week before 9-11. He must have taken it to his purple heart and felt personally responsible, because he then made it his business to study every book (the Virgo way) on counterterrorism and counterespionage, then to 'fashion the FBI in his own image' (the Leo way), by turning the FBI into one of the world's top organizations for this. He's headed quite a few high profile cases, but seems that this current one has personal redemption involved, both from past and current life events. Unfortunately, I'm pressed for time, so can't do a full astro-detective investigation of my own here, but I think it's possible he commanded a ship that was sunk or pirated in the 1700s and now that ship has come back as the whole country. Not on his watch !


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