Saturday, February 25, 2017


I'm always hesitant to impose too much extra meaning on natural phenomena. That is not to say it's insignificant, but rather that it should be read purely by the energetic impression it makes, not as a 'sign' of something else. The Gods and nature do not speak in words, that's our own projection.

Superstition that eclipses are evil omens or signs of apocalypse are still circulating, as they always have. It does seem like 'end times' right now, but really, do we need an eclipse to affirm just how scary things are ? And even if everything were hunky-dory, this natural phenomena would still occur. (FYI, this eclipse isn't the end - according to Christian fundamentalists - the one on August 21 is, since it affects the US and UK, hence 'The World').

It might be of more use to witness the energy for it's benign awesomeness and work with it. Isn't it amazing that we exist while (or because ?) the Sun and Moon are exactly the same size, from our earthly perspective ? Scientists say in 60 million years, the distance between the Sun and Moon will be too vast, and we won't have eclipses. By that time,  our consciousness will have moved on from human, anyway.  But right now, the 2 luminaries are indeed like a pair of eyes, as the Egyptians depicted.  So when they blink, we take note of this cosmic, rebooting event, which - as above, so below - we may also experience within. Earthquakes are also a possibility, so since we are mini earths, we may also experience inner shifts.

Astrologically speaking, the solar eclipse occurs at Pisces 8. Here's Ellias Lonsdale's interpretation of the Sabian symbol for this degree:

"A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.
The earth is broken. The compact between a human soul and her earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience-change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this. Creatively expressive of what it feels like to be here in the midst, you feel resonant with all the kingdoms of nature, and especially aligned with the soul of this planet in her deep changes. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong, and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking-loose of the old Earth. In here for the duration. Just getting going when it all seems lost."

Holy cow.

Adding to that, conjunctions of this solunar union to Neptune and the South node, plus Mercury conjunct the South node, in Pisces. Another major purge phase of the transition out of the Piscean Age. It left a lot of scars. This is why the still Piscean-entrenched are jonesing for an apoc-eclipse. It's the only way they understand letting go of the old, religious structure they're trapped in.

It is indeed a good time to release what we're hooked on, from the past. With Jupiter Rx in Libra and half way from it's Capricorn to Cancer nodes, we may unconsciously revisit the memories of our patriarchal religion-dominated past centuries, weighing the positives and negatives; weighing the heart of this so-called spirituality, long interpreted according to convenience and misused to oppress, on the scales of Maat. Ammut licks her chops.

Pisces and people with planets/Moon/angles conjunct Pisces 8 will feel any energetic shift most intensely. As well, all water signs and earth signs are tapped in, and anyone with planetary aspects to this degree (ie, if your Moon is at 8 Taurus or thereabouts, MH at 8 Virgo, etc). Also, if you can recall having a significant event happen when the Sun was in this degree (ie,  same time of year, in the past, or 8 yrs ago), now is a good time to reboot the emotional pattern, if need be. It could happen on it's own, but it helps to have directed intention, too.

There's a homeopathic treatment called the 'crown of thorns', wherein needles are placed around the head, like a crown, and a tiny amount of remedy and novocaine are injected, stopping the nerve messages, for a brief time. The intent is to break the cycle, restart it fresh, like you do with a computer that's become too jumbled with cookies and whatnot.  It's used for head injuries, when symptoms often long outlast the injury, because of nerve memory. Perhaps a good visual for this emotion-centred, 'ring of fire' eclipse ?

Numerologically, the day (26) also adds up to 8, and the full day to 20 (2), Justice and Judgement, again, having to do with balance, truth and rebirth.


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