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The Full Moon in Taurus, on Nov 14 is going to be 14% closer to the Earth than usual, hence it's a rare, SUPER MOON.

Taurus is the Moon's sign of exaltation. The Bull has long been lunar, although there's also the solar bull. The sacred bull's life force was regarded as magical, ever resplendent, think of the giant aurochs of old. Nature is where the myths originated. Taurus, possibly the oldest constellation, is one of the signs most associated with nature, being fixed Earth and entirely instinctual, sensual in it's experience of the material world. Sagittarius and Capricorn are also thus, but Taurus is one sign that can claim Earth as it's co-ruler.

The polarity of Taurus-Scorpio is powerful. The whole mysterious process of sex, death and rebirth is encapsulated therein, and the two are in an eternal and irresistible dance/conflict. The sunlight filling up this Moon is Scorpio powered, so not only is the Moon full, bigger and closer, but packing the most potent, polar mojo in the whole zodiac. You could say the Venus Moon is pregnant with Mars energy.

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Many people are fearing for the planet right now, but the Super Taurus Moon will give us the strength and stamina to stand firm in our will to protect her. Taurus is the original, immovable object. Try not to be too inflexible.

Meanwhile, Venus has entered Capricorn, so both the Goddesses are downright earthy/down to Earth. I should mention that Melania Trump is a Taurus, so like it or not, this will be a kind of inauguration for her. Have to say, she's probably the most Venusian first lady, ever. Don't be putting her down for having flaunted her body, that's just what Venus does.

So Venus rules the sensual Super Moon, and is in cahoots, in Capricorn. What else ?
Well, for most of the day, the Moon will be void of course - from about 5:52 am to 5:23 pm PST (3 hrs later in the east). Void of course periods can be a bit like Mercury retrograde, in that they are interludes where things may not turn out as planned or one can expect the unexpected. But they are a good time for time out. You can read all about them here:'s%20choice/articles/void_of_course.html

BTW, looking up v/c times, I noticed that on election day, the Aquarius Moon was also void of course for around 7 hours, from 5:54 am - 1:45 pm PST. Aquarius being the sign of the masses, ruling the house of groups, friends. So no wonder things turned out not as foreseen, by many. And they may take another odd turn, yet.

Taber Studio Aug 21, 1888

Because the Moon is full and closer (therefore exerting more gravitational pull on the plates), and in the sign of Earth, there's a chance of earthquakes, following. Maybe if you live in an earthquake zone, get your kits prepared, just in case. That is not a prediction, just saying, the circumstances are there.

If you can, just take some time out to be Taurean on Moonday...
or is it Moo day ? Super Moo ! Personal, Full Moon rituals should include any or all of the following: eating sensually and with gusto, celebrating your earthiness and doing something stewardly, making love and/or music, gardening, art, lunch with friends, aromatherapy, singing, making offerings of food to the animals. If you are working, plod through unfinished projects, rather than starting new. Make sure to play soulful music while you work, and sing along. Be for real, wontcha, baby ?


But more importantly, as this is a Venus ruled Moon, it's loaded with love potential. Folks, not saying I'm all there, yet, but hate absolutely cannot and does not conquer hate. All these people are marching  with signs saying 'against hate' but shouting 'fuck Trump'. Well, which is it ?

I believe that Donald Trump, a Mercurial Gemini, is malleable and susceptible to thought influence. It is very important that we stop sending him hate and start sending him love. Ya, it's fun to tear at him, because he's said and done so much awful stuff, but that is not the answer and it won't help us any. What I saw when he made that acceptance speech was Grinch's heart starting to grow, under the magnifying glass - hope I'm right. He kind of couldn't believe it, and there was grace and humility peeping through - I'm not the only one who noticed. Let's work with that conception, make it grow. He has all the sad, hateful, angry people in the palm of his hand right now and some staff picks that are genuinely frightening. I believe he might be America's homeopathic remedy and if you've ever taken one, you know how sensitive they are to anything strong tasting/smelling (there's the Taurus rub).

 Bob Marley sang, 'The biggest man you ever did see was just a baby.' We are all just babies, and the Earth is our long-suffering, Taurean Mother. Try your best to love one another.

The Moon is exactly opp the Sun at 5:52 am PST/8:52 EST, and that's the last major aspect it makes to the Sun, before entering Gemini, so it's v/c immediately following. It will reach it's closest/largest about 2 hours after that.


Good-bye, Poet Leonard Cohen, gone to Elysian Fields.
Infinite gratitude for your beautiful, influential,
soul-healing, life-changing words and music.


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