Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting Personal with Planetary Transits

Every planet and point has a universal meaning, as well as a personal one...astrology 101, right ? For example, Saturn may symbolize certain things in the broad sense (time, lessons, hardship, work, limitations, etc), but how it will manifest in a personal chart depends on where it is situated, what aspects it is involved in and so on.

So when reading a progressed or current transit chart for an individual (as opposed to the general state of things in the world), we will get a better clue about how the transiting planet will affect their natal points, by  referring back to the birth chart. There is nothing in a progressed/transit chart that isn't already in the birth chart. That doesn't change. And asking questions, getting to know the person, counts for a lot. A computer spit-out analysis will only provide the general meaning, same for everyone with the same transit. Not good enough.

In other words, someone born with Saturn in Pisces is going to experience transiting Saturn conjunct their natal Moon differently than someone born with Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th. It's the same planet, on the same journey, it hasn't changed it's mission.

This is where generalized explanations fall short. We can only glean so much information from a 'Saturn Moon transits' article or what Saturn entering a certain sign might entail. Yes, Saturn in Sagittarius generally feels a lot lighter than Saturn in Scorpio, but tell that to a Sagittarius.
However, let's say that Sagittarius is the self-disciplined, scholarly type - maybe Saturn and Mars both in that sign, well-aspected - and has been staying on their path. Saturn might bring them great rewards and opportunities upon it's return to their natal Sun house.

If an individual has an afflicted Mars in Scorpio, in the 4th house and perhaps was abused as a child, had an un-secure home, the emotions that come up whenever Mars transits their natal Moon will be different than someone with a robust, well-placed Mars in Aries in the 4th.
The Scorpio Mars' Moon transits might bring creative opportunities and strength to work through their old pain, or bring up similar situations in order for them to face it, which hopefully they'll recognize as such and not fall back into old patterns. On the other hand, the Aries Mars person might simply get more irritable with their living situation, during this transit.
The point is, one size does not fit all.

Well, it sort of does. Because we are all part of a collective, but we are also unique in our particular experiences, challenges, evolutionary state, etc.

Most of us know to take the ruling planets' transitions into account, but if rulership is the main factor, that's not really enough. Just because someone has a Libra Sun, doesn't mean every time Venus makes an aspect to another planet, that there will be a notable effect. But if they also have Venus in Libra, conjunct their Sun, well, now their whole being is involved with every Venus transit.

Prominent natal planets - conjunct the ascendant or midheaven, angles, making heavy aspects, etc - will usually have more of a significant effect when they aspect natal planets/degrees by transit or progression. They are the main players, so to speak. If Jupiter is a person's main dude, making lots of trines in the natal chart, they might not even notice when he adds extra blessings by transit. Though a very fortunate person, they might see their cup half-empty if a harsh Saturn or Pluto makes those planets' transits more apparent. (However, most Jupiterians feel fortunate, deep down, and somehow manage to dust themselves off and get back on their horses, no matter what).


Again, there is an evolutionary element to all this - a cyclic resonance. So no matter where a planet may be, here and now, in each person's chart, it demonstrates that planet's path from the moment of birth (or conception, or past life) to today. This is the whole objective of a progressed chart, but it goes for how we experience outer transits, too, which of course affect both natal and progressed charts.  Always revert back to the birth chart, for clues.


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