Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Astrology and Numerology Report

This time of year is always a bit of a nail biter, I find. Seems quite a few people I know have lost loved ones over the last few days - some peacefully leaving, others violently. Well, it is reaping season, the veil between worlds is  thinning. Out in the wild, weak and sick or old animals start to get plucked off as the weather gets colder.

One can't generalize, individual charts need to be looked at, however, looking at the universal chart right now, there are a few things that stand out. It's really a jumble! Looks like a messy spider web, lots of energetic traffic aka aspects. But most noticeably,  Saturn and Mars are in the midpoint vicinity between the Moon's Nodes - south node being conjunct Neptune, north has been conjunct the Sun. The nodes have everything to do with reincarnation.

Though Saturn and Mars are not always 'bad' they do have a reputation as the 'greater' and 'lesser' malefics, both have their association with war/death (Mars) and reaping/karma (Saturn). Jupiter is still aligned with Alkaid, the chief mourner of the funeral bier. Don't forget, Jupiter was (and still is, in another name) the Supreme Being - he called the shots and sent out the lightening bolts. Recently there was that incident with the 300 reindeer being struck by lightening, in Norway. Jupiter is also conjunct retrograde Mercury, in this case, the psychopomp or 'Dweller on the Threshold', who takes souls across to the other side. It's like Grand Central Station at the moment. Aaand the Moon is in Scorpio.

Messier 101 galaxy, spiraling very close to Alkaid, in the Great Bear constellation.

I keep posting items concerning the Dakota stand-off, because it's important, really encapsulates the spirit of Saturn Mars Antares in Sagittarius -  standing up for what's right, in the face of (possibly violent) death, and Sagittarius being the sign of the native peoples, especially those warriors on horseback. Everyone knows the truth, and these people are the only ones willing to die for it, for the land and water. You would think we all would be standing up, but the majority have  become totally disconnected from the land and we fear death because we have been taught that it's the end, not a transition in a cycle. Our schools are not concerned with kids learning about the trees, the rocks, how to grow food, be stewards... Guess that would be too risky to corporate interests.

Side note: The Native Americans of the Southwestern US share many things in common with the Tibetans. Navajo sand paintings, for example, are similar in nature to Tibetan sand mandalas. Turquoise is an important, protective stone for both. Cosmology and symbolism also have many cross-overs. Some of their words for things are the same, but opposite - the Hopi and Tibetan words for 'Sun' and 'Moon' for example. There have been prophecies that the Tibetan 'healing power' will be shifted over to the US, to the native Americans, as Tibet has been all but destroyed by Chinese interests. Read more about it HERE.

  The Dalai Lama meeting Hopi Elders in 1979. "Welcome home."

Interestingly, both Mars and Pluto are making hard aspects to Vesta in Cancer. Vesta is the source, and Cancer is the water (usually the ocean, but any body of water that is a source or life will do). This fight is about wanting to save the water from bigoil's filth. The sigil for Cancer is sometimes said to be breasts, but this is the simplistic explanation. It's symbolic of two spirals, one spiraling in, the other out, like breath, waves, birth and death. Just look at any photo of a galaxy, such as the one above, and it's there.
Vesta was not depicted as a Goddess, but was the eternal flame, the hearth in every household and the sacred fire in the temple. Vestal Virgins were the temple priestesses, who performed sacred rites. So I think of Vesta in a water sign as more of a sacred fountain/spring  or holy grail. In the same way the sacred flame must be kept alive, the sacred water must also be kept pure. It was a crime to let the sacred flame go out, as it ought to be to foul the lakes and oceans.

 photo courtesy of

On Friday, the date will be 999, talk about endings. It's the ending of a triple cycle. 2016 has been an 11 year (adding Jan/1 +1), the year part  alone (2+0+1+6) adding up to 9. 9 is the end of a cycle or gestation, spiraling out. Things feel intense, rather like the 29th degree of a sign. 11 is a gateway, spiritual master number, the Goddess or God number (it's both masc and fem). So it has been a heavy year, and right now it is culminating, being culled. Revolution Number 9. The death of the old God. But death is not the end, it's a transition.

Jupiter rules the 9th house of the zodiac, the Sagittarius house of higher learning, travel, philosophy, religion, law. In Tarot, #9 is the Hermit. He has both Jupiter and Hermes-Mercury associations. Anything with 'herm' in it has to do with Hermes, like the Hermitage, where one goes to escape the world and contemplate art, just as a Hermit leaves the world to contemplate on a mountaintop. In Tarot Marseille, the Pope (#5) is actually Jupiter in disguise. He's also the Emperor (#4), which is a clue that, like Hermes-Mercury, he's on a journey through the stations of the cards. Therefore, it's not a stretch to say he's also the Hermit. There is at least one myth where Jupiter puts on such a disguise in one of his earth plane visits. Pluto, in the 9th sphere also has this Hermit-like function of leaving the realms of the solar system, during it's elliptical orbit, then returning with wisdom to bestow or indeed, souls to transport. In classical astrology, Mercury rules the 2 houses (Gemini, Virgo) opposite those of Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces), in symbiosis. Each has a diurnal/solar and nocturnal/lunar  expression.

Hermit (as the prophet Tiresias ?) - Ancient Tarot of Lombardi

Jupiter also leaves Virgo on the 9th, joining Venus in Libra, so we'll see if he can use his Virgo lessons for the greater good. Perhaps justice will be served. Or perhaps just martinis. Libra can make a guy God want to put on his gold, zodiac sign medallion, some cologne and head to the swing lounge where Venus is performing.

October is when we start to feel the inklings of what next year's vibration will be like. It will be a universal 3 year, with the year part alone adding up to 1, so new beginnings. 3 is very social, artistic, fast paced, we'll likely see some creative new fashions, art, i-gadgets, food fads, things like that. 3 is a firey number and 2017 will be a Fire Rooster year, so the fighting isn't likely to stop any time soon, with that rooster (cock) Mars energy. Unfortunately it is all quite befitting of the unmentionable presidential candidate.

December is a 3 month and we'll definitely get a better sense of what's in store, come then.

1,2,3...get ready to waltz...

Stan Gaz, Mercury Reliquary 2007, stainless steel

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