Wednesday, July 27, 2016

8th of the 8th - Regenerative Lion Power

With Uranus stationing on my Mars, lately, irritability is never far from the surface. It's the kind of aggravation that must eventually result in a pearl or new skin, but is currently overwhelming the senses.

I'm angry the already overly-troubled world has now been saddled with Brexit and the whole stressful, Faustian drama going on with Moscovian candidate Dump, and his Bond-girl, secret agent wife.
Worse, the 'Bernie or Bust' camp - even some of my friends - who say they intend to keep their conscience clean by not voting for Hillary, yet their conscience has no problem with the prospect of unleashing a madman on the world. Wow, that explains a lot about how dictators have risen to power in the past and is a sign that the 'demoralization stage' (look it up) has been successful. Whatever happened to "think globally, act locally" ?

                                                    Watch Murnau's 1926 film, FAUST

I'm saddened by all the demons being unleashed - terrorists, nutters and fascist dictators - that are essentially unhinged scapegoats carrying humanity's shadow, murdering others as we have collectively been murdering nature and the planet. Blargh ! I don't need to look at the cards n charts to see the scenario.

But, as I was sitting here, having lunch, a sense of calm and knowing came over me (just give a Taurus a sandwich and all's well, again, right ?). Actually, this is the right incarnation, in the right place, at the right time. It is becoming clear that, right now, how critical it is for all artists, musicians, poets, holders-open of the portals to the collective soul NOT allow ourselves to get swept under with hopelessness, fear and grief. We are often the most susceptible, since we feel so much. But we can't afford to indulge in this lower realm muck, though the tests are coming at us a mile a minute.

     Pieter van der Borcht, Philips Gale, Cornelis Kilaan - Allegory on the difficulty to govern a diverse nation, 1578

You may not realize the power and importance the resonance of what you create has now, but it does have resonance and will be needed. Stories will be needed. We are laying foundations for a future we can't see. I'm not saying ignore it and take your happy pills, I'm saying stay on your path, don't get distracted, as I have been.

I didn't know about this 'Lion's Gate' thing, until today, except unconsciously...always feel empowered on August 8 (8-8). I'm an 8 life path, so naturally I like the frequency, but also 88 is Mercury's orbit (in Earth days), keys on a piano, etc.  8 is the number of Heaven and a very important number, in the east, especially in feng shui. Think of the creative foundation you are laying now in the manner of feng shui. Worth a listen to the link, even if you don't consider yourself an 'ascended master', but a simple monk.

Marseille 'LA FORCE' card and Mycenaean Snake Goddess seal - the snake, like the lemnescate hat,
represents the energetic life force,  the lions being embodied strength.

 Synchronistically, someone posted a pic on Tarot History page today, of a relief sculpture that reminded them of the STRENGTH card, with a hero controlling the jaws of a lion. 
In Marseille Tarot, the card is entitled 'LA FORCE'. That can translate as 'STRENGTH' but it is quite literally 'THE FORCE' - i.e. the power that flows through you, that gives you strength, if you know how to work with it. But flow it must. When not controlled and balanced (the 8 is also 'balance'), the polarity of the Aquarian Age being Leo, the tyrannical side of Leo rears it's ugly head, as we have been seeing already.

Have you ever noticed how many bridges, libraries, museums courthouses have two lions flanking the entrance ? That surely must go way back to ancient times...guardians at the gate, often flanking a Goddess (ie, Cybele, Ishtar). Being noble and regal, lions give us a sense of initiation, as if we must drop all our less dignified parts before entering this sacred place, wherein opportunity for expansion of your mind and heart may be found. As well, they provide protection at the onset your journey, for no nasty, White Witch's demons dare enter herein.


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