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Full Rose Moon Solstice, Cancer Begins, Nodes Kick In

Spanish Astronomical Print 1878

The Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius on June 20 (3:02 am PST) is technically the second full Moon in the same sign, an astro-month 'Blue Moon', although it changes to Capricorn within the hour.

At the same time, Rx Saturn is exactly opposite Mercury at 11 degrees Sagittarius, and 29 (also known as the 'critical' degree) also reduces to 11. So there are four 11s, two in Gemini, two in Sagittarius - mutable, double signs, just like 11 is a mute, double number.
With that many 11s, we can be sure 'God/dess is alive, magic is afoot' for the Summer Solstice, approximately 11.5 hours later (2:34 pm). 11 is a gateway between realms or of past and future.

As well, we have Jupiter conjunct the Lunar north node at 15 Virgo, hence opposite south node at 15 Pisces, the other two mutable signs. Neptune is conjunct the South Node, at 12 degrees Pisces. The conditions are all in place for a 'sea change'.

Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes;

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange.

Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:


Hark! now I hear them — Ding-dong, bell.

That stanza is from Ariel's Song in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', in which Ariel addresses Ferdinand, regarding his drowned father. 'Sea change' means changed beyond recognition. The play is basically an alchemical tale of transformation (coral, for example being the red coral of alchemy and of Tarot wands). Prospero, the main character in the play, is a magus-alchemist type, who tries to manipulate the elements. Evolutionary astrology is alchemical in nature, it is a process, wherein the planetary Gods  are the starry equivalents of the metals. All are symbolic, but have their physical manifestations, too.
It's not always this = that, sometimes things have to change inside before showing outside, and vice versa, which is why we need art.

The Three Graces are the trinity expression of Venus.


Jupiter in Virgo, Conjunct North Node, Trine Pluto (plus some major fixed stars)...

In the broadest sense, Jupiter, conjunct the Moon's north node ('future') in Virgo, might represent the patriarchal religious belief system undergoing a sea change, as Neptune at the south node ('past') in Pisces slowly dissolves the 2000 years of mass illusion that was swallowed, hook, line and sinker. Jupiter, as an archetype, has been transforming for a few years now, maybe because we're about half-way through Jupiter's own, much longer node cycle, from Capricorn to Cancer. When not cast as the grand-poopah, Jupiter is really all about higher learning, philosophy and the quest for spiritual understanding of the universe, our "God" self. It simply expands all it touches. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the universal, loving parent. Significant that June 20 is also Father's Day.

Virgo, the present placement of our collective Jupiter, is located midway between Capricorn and Cancer. Virgo is detail-oriented and seeks to perfect things. She's the Earth Goddess, but also of the Earth Angel, who sees what needs to be done and does it, without all the pomp and desire for ego recognition. During the Age of Pisces she got to be the passive, Virgin Mary, mother of God, or the 'holy spirit' part of the trinity. Jupiter's placement herein conveys that the spiritual and the material are not separate, as these religions taught. Spirituality and science, too.  Perhaps they had to go through this period of separation, in the process, but it has all been quite traumatic.

Jupiter's nodes, as well as those of Saturn and Pluto (all the powerful ones), have been in Capricorn (south) and Cancer (north) for a few thousand years now, so 'God' has been experienced as a father figure, from a Saturnian perspective. But the North node is calling, and Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the tribe, the Moon. So while patriarchy may still be alive and well in many respects, a sea change is happening in the soul and in the spirit realm. It will be brought back into the physical realm again, changed. We may not see the results of this, even in our lifetime, but we will see evidence here and there, a rumbling and bubbling. (Incidentally, Pluto nodes take about the same time to transit from one sign to another as the duration of astrological age of one sign - 2000 years).

Left: The wolf and dog represent past and future, the Lunar nodes.
Right: Crowns atop the pillars (Capricorn) and the nipple-like heads
swirling in opposite directions (Cancer) hint at Jupiter's nodes ?


According to my calculations ;-), events from 1938 are coming up for 'karmic renewal', on the north node/Jupiter point. At that time, Virgo discrimination was taken to the darkest extremes with Nazi 'master race' notions and meticulous list-keeping in the concentration camps. It was quite a year for disastrous beginnings (see link), and the reverberations are still being felt. We have to stop these cycles, now before they escalate and this means "you better free your mind instead." The whole Drumph thing is a karmic reverberation and has no place in 2016 other than to remind us those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Time magazine's Man of the Year in 1938 was Hitler. 2015's Person of the Year was German chancellor Angela Merkel, much to dick-tater Drumph's dismay. He actually said, "They picked the person who is ruining Germany," and tweeted a fake cover, featuring himself.

On the south node point, events around 1877, mostly to do with Native North American treaty rights (this was the year Crazy Horse surrendered and was murdered). We see this happening in Canada right now. Interestingly there was a hotly disputed election in the US, that year, ending in a compromise, that seems to still be a sore point.

As well, events of 1990 arise concerning Pluto trine the north node, many of which had to do with uniting people;  Berlin Wall came down, the internet went up, Nelson Mandela was freed. Harry Potter was conceived and homosexuality was removed from the WHO's list of diseases !
But then there was also Kuwait.  In 1990, the two George Bushes received the TIME cover honour.


Remember, the north node is the future, and we are creating it now, in the present, so it's important to consider the reverberations of our actions, words and thoughts.

Edgar Wind (Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance) says:
"it was an axiom of Platonic theology that every god exerts his power in a triadic rhythm."
The Waltz of the Gods, in other words. Or a Blue Moon Waltz ?

Maria Lactans Miraculous

Now,  back to the Capricorn Cancer nodes of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn…

The first bubblings and urges toward the Cancer north nodes have been expressed in a few noticeable ways. The most obvious, with the symbolism of the Catholic church. Madonna and son is pretty Cancerian. Christ on the Cross, at the same, time is Capricorn, the scape goat. The Summer and Winter Solstices are in Cancer and Capricorn, too.
There has been a growing, infantile obsession with breasts, the bigger the better, disproportionately so. This is actually an inverted expression of worship - Cancer rules the breasts - but worshipping the female form is not acceptable under partriarchy, only dominating it. There has been a sense of male entitlement to womens' bodies that resembles a toddler's, complete with tantrums when he can't have that breast.

Another clue is the whole trans-gender phenomenon - largely (though not solely) made up of men wanting to become women. The 2-sexed are experiencing in their own bodies what is happening to everyone at a deep 'sea change' level. Transvestites and transgender folk, seen as freaks in patriarchal society, could actually be priests of the Goddess, open souls, that must feel the overpowering, psychic force of the Venus expression, within them. Patriarchal society finds them threatening,  and has thus made the lives of her devotees very hard. Interestingly (and very tragically) the most recent mass shooting in the US was at a gay club on Latin night (lots of transgender folks in the Latino community, and one with a strong, Catholic background), by a gay male, who was consumed with shame because of his patriarchal religious beliefs. This sacrifice has torn open the hearts of many who were otherwise opposed to homosexuality, but it took a crisis and perhaps a common foe.
This doesn't mean all men will become she-males in the future, but it means that a percentage of the population is expressing the collective unconscious urge to eve-olve (eve love ?) out of the Capricorn south node mentality.
It has now reached a point where the Mother (including actual Mother Earth/Ocean) are withdrawing that  breast so that we may mature toward the North node, embody the sacred feminine within ourselves. It may be too late for those of us living now, but we must sow the seeds.

Watch trailer for Neil Jordan's excellent film, BREAKFAST ON PLUTO:

Adorable, Pink Crab Spider - Moon with it's Nodes

Moonday's Solstice Moon is the ROSE Moon, in the name of the Rose, Love, the Goddess, as the Sun moves into Cancer. So this is a perfect time to set intentions, release emotions, do ceremony or just send love into the world. The tides, they are turning. (I rearranged my studio and uncluttered for the first time in like, 3 years, tonight).

Ages last approximately 2000 years, so the physical manifestation in the world might come later. It is important to keep this in mind, so as not to get discouraged.

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