Monday, March 14, 2016

Triumph of the Donald

Triumph (Trump) of Mars by Antoine Caron 16th c

Why do I get the feeling, when I witness The Donald, that he is a man in great pain, begging to be put out of his misery ? It was the same with Rob Ford. Addiction doesn't have to be drug-related. Demons eat negativity and when they find a host, they encourage more and more of it in them, to feast on. Interestingly both men are Geminis (and before you say 'I'm a Gemini, and I'm not like that', I am not talking about any balanced Gemini who uses a mirror to spar with, but one who is not in control).

One of the more serious conditions a non-conscious or un-grounded Gemini can suffer from is demon or spirit possession, because, being mutable air they are often not quite in their bodies, and being Mercurial, even the less shadowy twins can sometimes attract invisible friends, conjuring unawares. I've had two female Gemini friends with this problem.

[George W. Bush also seemed barely conscious, though I don't think he was so much controlled by demons...perhaps more by his father and wife. But he was also fulfilling a destiny, creating the atmosphere for Obama to rise in. Cancer George was the lunar brother and Leo Obama was the solar - it's in all the fairy tales].

Geminis often make great actors, because of their channeling abilities, as long as they can consciously take the persona off at the end of the day. Gemini Marilyn Monroe was an example of one who could not. Having 'no there, there' can be scary, feel empty.

Like Rob Ford, Donald Trump is getting more bloated and insane and less in control of his words and actions. He is not on crack, though I am not sure about pharmaceuticals. At the same time, because of the path he's taken, he has no choice but to see it through, high stakes, winner take all. Speculative Sagittarius Moon opposite his Gemini Sun. Donald has Uranus (higher octave of Mercury) conjunct Sun and opposite Moon. Uranus here bestows an obstinate self-centeredness, extreme unpredictability and the courage of their convictions, no matter how crazy. Monotony is anathema, therefore the pot must always be stirred. With Moon opp Uranus, the soul is never at rest and the person cannot be happy living in the present. The need for intensity eventually can wear them out. I think he is worn out, but his demons are keeping him hopped up and he likes the mojo.

Ramblin' gamblin Satan, 16th c

America loves Uranus, because it's the planet of Aquarius, society at large, freedom, revolution, the rebel without a cause, wild at heart, as well as science and technology, discovery. But it's unpredictability has a dark side, too - energetic forces that we don't know how to control, nukes, big pharma, genetic engineering, etc. Any planets close to the Sun want their place in the Sun, they're 'hot', so I think his Uranus (insert Uranus joke here) is what people notice first and foremost...certainly that 'shock' of hair. His followers feel oppressed by 'political correctness' and see him as their liberator.

It's funny, because mythological Uranus was no liberator. And we now know Uranus, like Saturn, has rings, so even though it marches to a different drummer, it is not entirely unconstrained by limitations. In any case, Trump's North Node lies right smack between his Sun and Uranus, so there's a destiny to fulfill, for better or worse, and it's tied in with his aggressive, lonely, Leo Mars ego in the 12th house of karmic debt and self-undoing. The 12th house is where one seeks to dissolve 'me' and devote to higher ideals, to transcend ego and free oneself from residue of past deeds. Pluto is also in Leo, there (if his birth time is correct), at 10 degrees. The Pluto-Leo generation have issues and past guilt around things like privilege and wealth, lording it over others. It's the rock star/super star Baby Boomer bunch. Many of them worked through their karma on stage, through performance. Well, America has had  an actor for president before...

Giansar is the fixed star conjunct Rump's Pluto, in the tail of Draco. It indicates having many friends and an analytical mind, but also the name means 'the punished enemy' as well as 'the poison place', because it is similar in nature to the south node (Dragon's tail). He may very well be re-living a past life of being a punished dictator. Regulus, the Royal star, Heart of the Lion, is right smack on his ascendant, conjunct Mars by a few degrees, meaning he sees himself - and others see him - as a ruthless king, perhaps. Well, he certainly does live like royalty.

Order of the Dragon/Dracul (Dracula) saddle, Ottoman Empire.
Well, he does like eastern European women...

The fixed stars around his Sun have to do with high position, quick mind, quick temper, luck, brief fame, scandal, quarrels, weapons of war, point of attack and the Death card in Tarot.
(I think of stars as being indicative of the past, because their light has come from there, reaching us in the present and lighting particular points of the chart). What do you think ?

Mussolini was Leo Sun w Gemini Pluto, in mutual reception to
Trump's Gemini Sun and Leo Pluto. 


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