Friday, March 11, 2016

Neptune in Pisces - Make Art, Not War

Neptune Pisces musings...

Just listening to David Bowie's 'Scary Monsters', and marveling at how, in all his albums/songs, there is always a scene set, a stage with an elaborate backdrop, visible characters, a compelling script, intro and ending, even lighting and colours...all the makings of a theatrical production. It wasn't necessary to replicate, visually, on the concert stage. The layering of sound and lyrics created the atmosphere. You created the rest in your mind, which goes to show what a master artist, story-teller and Mercurial magician Bowie was.  A great artist knows how to draw material from peoples' unconscious, so that consciously, they recognize it and find their own truth. No wonder his songs reached so many people, so deeply. So cathartic.

We need art and theater, among other reasons, because it's a 'safe' area in which to observe and live out our shadowy or repressed parts, fears, yearnings, taboos, etc. Fantasies that might seriously endanger, if allowed to run amok, or repressed. We look at ancient art and assume that people did what is in the pictures, but maybe they didn't actually. (And yet, eventually all life imitates art). Jung said, "Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event."

The idea, and it's an old one, is that we exorcise - thereby call out, even accept - our inner monsters, personal and collective, by writing, composing, painting, dancing, dressing up as (Hallowe'en), making a film about them. It's therapeutic for many when someone nails the personification of society's monsters that we can all relate to, like Mary Shelley's man/scientist playing God or Bram Stoker's anti-Christ, eternally reincarnating, but without a soul, or reflection. Guillermo del Toro says Dracula represents our species' repressed cannibalism.

Sir Christopher Lee when asked about making horror movies with blasphemous scenes, said that by acting it out on film, you are essentially saying 'look, this can't happen, or that it should not happen'. I like to think he was doing knight service by embodying and thereby ensnaring villains and blood-suckers.

Historically, for every time there is a left-brain dominated age of 'enlightenment' or 'reason', it inevitably gives rise to some goth, drug or surrealist counter-culture, that produces fantastical works of art. Things are confusing right now, because I think the powers that be have figured out that if the myth (the part that lives through art) can be manipulated to seem as real as possible, while changing the word itself to mean 'lie', then chaos, fear and mind control can easily be had. Look at how fast conspiracy theories pop up for every news item. 'Reality' shows work to blur the lines, images can be photoshopped... has all this played a hand in the unraveling of things ? 

Johann Heinrich F├╝ssli - The Nightmare

Well, perhaps it needs to be unraveled (un-reveled ?). Neptune will be in Pisces another 9 years. All the more reason to make sure the passageways back to the soul don't get cemented over. It's okay to have inhibitions, but it's never okay to inhibit the subject matter of our art. What we sow now will be the trail of pebbles we need to find our way out of future murky situations.


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