Monday, December 19, 2016


Yesterday, I was watching one astrologer's video about the Saturn Neptune square, which he says has been the hardest transit of 2016, that he has never seen so much depression and melancholy and  disillusionment among his clientele.

Jules Cyrille Cavé, Martyr in the Catacombs, 1886

Dis-illusionment, that's the main one, with Saturn/Neptune. Awakening to reality can feel depressing, until one realizes, "life is never just a walk through a field" (Russian proverb, there). Who ever told us there would be no sickness, no death, no ugliness or suffering ? Why should we expect that ? What a recipe for total disappointment. Saturn would never have promised this, though Neptune might have. Then there are those who equate life itself with suffering, but maybe life is simply work. At a certain point, when we begin to master our work, another kind of comfort kicks in and the thought of things being too soft becomes unappealing. Capricorns have an innate sense of this - they know there is no free lunch and that lunch might be a feast one day, tree bark, the next. Tragedy means 'goat song.'

credit: Ali Scarpulla

In the first world, the population has, say statistics, become wealthier, healthier, but lonelier and more depressed. Perhaps in part because so many other beings in the world are suffering, and we are not as separate from them as we imagine/have been led to believe. (The Pluto in Leo/boomer generation maybe gave us the impression we too had it coming, and individuality was king, but that kind of ended with them). Scandinavian countries are supposed to be near perfect, but yet there is often a lot of alcoholism, depression and suicide. But though people in developing countries face very real, very hard struggles, they often (not always) seem to take it in way better stride and are generally more grateful than folks who have a lot. Sounds cliché, but it's true. Not saying I'd want to trade places, but we could all benefit from adopting such an attitude.

Maybe we should look at the possible purpose of this collective depression, perhaps it is to reconnect us with soul, open our hearts, but also to learn to see/experience our struggles differently ? Pluto in Capricorn is giving us all something to sing about, and it ain't campfire tunes.

On another Saturn thread, a woman lamented that she had yet to find any positive, learning experience in all the 'bad luck' Saturn transits had brought her. She was particularly annoyed that her boss had committed suicide without paying her, first, which she perceived as her misfortune. I don't even know where to begin on that one, except, considering the possible implications of suicide, her own luck is, comparatively, damn good. The thread went on, people relating their Saturn  hardships and lessons and how  it changed them for the better, but she never got it. She maintained her Saturn lessons were simply random misfortune with no redemptive potential. Hard road, ahead.

There are many fairy tales about this. One sibling is humble, grateful, open-hearted, in spite of (or because of) being mistreated, the other feels the world owes her something. The first is rewarded with jewels coming out of her mouth when she speaks, while her mean, ungrateful sister gets toads coming out of hers. Cinderella is another one. Or sometimes it's 3 brothers, the youngest who gives his bread away to the less fortunate, the others who don't. Guess who gets the princess in the end ? That's a whole other blogpost, but it's all symbolic, of course.

Head of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Ganhdara, 1st c - 320

Buddha was once a wealthy prince named Siddartha, who's father, the king, was determined to  protect him from any knowledge of suffering. Apparently there was a prophecy that if the prince ever  became aware of how the real world was, he'd leave the palace and become a monk. Well, eventually he he did exit the walls of the palace and saw the reality of sickness and death and pain all around...and the prophecy came true. Off he went, with his begging bowl, leaving wife, child, kingdom and wealth behind, to find some answers. He looked into various spiritual practices, eventually becoming an ascetic. But denial of the body didn't quite do the trick for him. Long story short - he realized that all suffering was caused by karma and attachment. (Karma being simply cause and effect, not 'payback' or punishment). 'As ye sow, so shall ye reap', it's just the way the cycle works. Attachment to outcome, emotions, expectations - these cause suffering, because everything changes, everything dies. That too is a cyclic thing. Attachment leads to karma, which leads to rebirth, and 'round again it goes.

The Moon, Broeder Gheraerts Naturkunde, Utrecht, 15h c

There are several parallels between the lives of Buddha and Jesus. It's interesting that the image of Buddha we are familiar with is actually based on the Sun God, Apollo, due to Alexander the Great importing his Gods to India. (Prior to that, Buddha was depicted more in abstract, as a tree or feet). Both Buddha and Jesus are associated with the Sun, rebirth and enlightenment. Both were teachers who taught others to find their solar self, within, which is kind of the purpose of astrology, as well.

This is my Saturn-Solstice wish for you, too, as I get ready to go into annual retreat:
That in both life and death, you are able to be fully present with whatever state you are in knowing that it will eventually change, that's life. Saturn, ruling planet of the Winter Solstice, is the Karma Lord. He works together with Jupiter, who bestows the rewards, or if you like, 'brings toys for good little girls and boys.'

Merry Solstice, best of the season to all,
and to all, a good, longest night.

May the Sun be reborn,
as within, so without, as above, so below.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Devil You Know is Still the Devil, You Know ?

The waning, full Moon is now in Gemini and I'm just giving my head a good shake, after reading this comment on one of Rob Brezsny's FB threads:

"Please remember, this is a typical dysfunctional family scenario - we are trying to trust and believe, but Trump is like a dry drunk, abusive parent... we start to get hooked in again, we try to trust. Then he changes & zow, pop, zing we're knocked off kilter again. Don't forget! This guy is not functional, reliable or kind. Don't keep waiting for him to be."

Nailed it.

Who among us has not  been in some type of relationship - family, work, lover - with someone of this description and been bamboozled thus ? America has been abused by the father/patriarchy so long, they were willing to overlook his nature, or emulate it, directing their anger at the mother (Hillary), instead. Well, half of America, anyway. Those dueling siblings in 'the cradle of the best and of the worst.' And don't forget Hillary directing her anger at Bill towards Trump, during the campaign.

In Tarot, arcanum 5 (henceforth what I will be referring to the 22 majors as), The Pope or 'Papa' is Jupiter the spiritual father, head of the holy family. In 15, we see his shadow side, the imposter.  As a father, he might be the control freak, trickster, or abuser who rules with fear or manipulation, rather than love (arcanum 6). Or maybe it's a tough kind of love, a soul contract to work off karmic debt.
Sometimes Lucifer (or Saturn) loves us most, in this respect, though it is hard to comprehend, at the time. 'Fear father', instead of 'fire father'.
Ya, I know the word 'karma' gets thrown around a lot and may sound flaky, but I don't know how else to put it - every action has it's reaction that reverberates through the ages and through the relationships we are drawn into.


Like many others, I was desperately clinging to that glimmer of humility witnessed, coming from Trump, during his acceptance speech. And I still believe he was genuinely touched, at that moment. But a leopard doesn't change it's spots. Now he has "appeared to soften" on certain stances,  according to some hopeful, news articles.  Why ? Because he has signed soul contracts with some very disturbed men, to hold his shadow for him, so he can appear human.

That Bannon guy be all like, "Shadow ? bring it on ! I love shadow !" With a Hades Moon sq Sun, Saturn in Scorpio, Capricorn North Node, he is likely emotionally frozen/wounded, has parental abuse issues (and is himself an abuser). He considers himself to be a hero (he is a war vet), but is fighting his own demons externally. And being a Sagittarius means he believes his own, ideological horseshit to be God's word. That's just my impression from a glace at his chart, backed up with a quick internet scan, but he certainly seems to be the most controversial pick of the lot, judging from the reaction to his appointment.

This type of soul contract was exactly the kind of relationship of our ex-Prime Minister Harper had with Rob Ford, the now deceased mayor of Toronto. Every time Harper pulled some awful, right-wing shit, Ford would suddenly make headlines for going berzerk in a crack house or in a restaurant or even the House of Commons, making a big, buffoonery distraction. Ford was not actually a sinister man, but he was a 'vacant' Gemini, and they seem compelled to take on rolls, be it in the theatre or otherwise, or both. Vacant (as in, not in his body), because he had a drug and alcohol problem, which spiraled out of control the more Harper's monsters grew. In the end, Ford managed to crawl to rehab and rip up their contract, which is when he found out he had cancer. When entities are inhabiting a body, it can take all kinds of abuse, without getting ill. His illness was actually a sign that he was free.

But I digress...

Old Tarocchi and prehistoric, giant Scorpion fossil - fixity.

There's a cautionary tale that is shared by may cultures, with different variations.
This is the famous, Aesop Fable version:

The Scorpion and the Frog

  A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the 
scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The 
frog asks, "How do I know you won't sting me?" The scorpion 
says, "Because if I do, I will die too."

  The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of 
paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
but has just enough time to gasp "Why?" 

		Replies the scorpion: "Its my nature..."


Then there's this story about  Frogs that rode a Snake.

Or if you prefer, the famous Twilight Zone episode by Charles Beaumont, called 'The Howling Man',
In which the imprisoned Devil, greatest trickster of them all, fools a man into releasing him.
(Sorry, entire episode not available, but you'll get the drift).

Point being, once again, not to get duped by all the Mercurial energy flying around the White House, alias the Nut House, alias the House of Mirrors, right now.  Trump, Pence, Guiliani and Gingrich are all Geminis ! That's just mental, literally. Swords galore.

L to R: Rudy, Newt, Mike and the Don

Guiliani appears to still be suffering badly from PTSD from 9-11. I know he's da Family, but wouldn't a peaceful rest at a sanitorium in upstate NY be more compassionate ? Pence is triple Gemini with Venus and Mars conjunct, Lilith in Taurus. I mean, Christopher Lee was triple Gemini and he was one of the sexiest villains that ever walked...ONTO A MOVIE SCREEN. This guy is playing for reals and his sexuality is a bit tied up at the moment. The only place he's well-hung is at the back of the closet. No wonder his first mission is to squash gay rights. Again - projecting the dysfunctional outward.

My sorry attempt at humour (with a 'u', I'm Canadian), in these dark times.
You can't conquer hate with more hate, but it does not mean you stop fighting oppression. The toxins have been drawn up to the surface... in a Mercurial sense, like cures like, and Trump is a homeopathic remedy. But some deep conditions will start creating symptoms and even illness along the way to healing. And  admittedly, he might not be watered down enough to be truly homeopathic !

Here's an important article, 'What to do About Trump ?'

Swords in Tarot represent mental and actual obstacles, fear, battles. Use them wisely, to cut through all these, with a clear mind, like in this scene from Kurosawa's masterpiece, 'The Seven Samurai'.


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Saturday, November 12, 2016


The Full Moon in Taurus, on Nov 14 is going to be 14% closer to the Earth than usual, hence it's a rare, SUPER MOON.

Taurus is the Moon's sign of exaltation. The Bull has long been lunar, although there's also the solar bull. The sacred bull's life force was regarded as magical, ever resplendent, think of the giant aurochs of old. Nature is where the myths originated. Taurus, possibly the oldest constellation, is one of the signs most associated with nature, being fixed Earth and entirely instinctual, sensual in it's experience of the material world. Sagittarius and Capricorn are also thus, but Taurus is one sign that can claim Earth as it's co-ruler.

The polarity of Taurus-Scorpio is powerful. The whole mysterious process of sex, death and rebirth is encapsulated therein, and the two are in an eternal and irresistible dance/conflict. The sunlight filling up this Moon is Scorpio powered, so not only is the Moon full, bigger and closer, but packing the most potent, polar mojo in the whole zodiac. You could say the Venus Moon is pregnant with Mars energy.

Nancy Hunter photo

Many people are fearing for the planet right now, but the Super Taurus Moon will give us the strength and stamina to stand firm in our will to protect her. Taurus is the original, immovable object. Try not to be too inflexible.

Meanwhile, Venus has entered Capricorn, so both the Goddesses are downright earthy/down to Earth. I should mention that Melania Trump is a Taurus, so like it or not, this will be a kind of inauguration for her. Have to say, she's probably the most Venusian first lady, ever. Don't be putting her down for having flaunted her body, that's just what Venus does.

So Venus rules the sensual Super Moon, and is in cahoots, in Capricorn. What else ?
Well, for most of the day, the Moon will be void of course - from about 5:52 am to 5:23 pm PST (3 hrs later in the east). Void of course periods can be a bit like Mercury retrograde, in that they are interludes where things may not turn out as planned or one can expect the unexpected. But they are a good time for time out. You can read all about them here:'s%20choice/articles/void_of_course.html

BTW, looking up v/c times, I noticed that on election day, the Aquarius Moon was also void of course for around 7 hours, from 5:54 am - 1:45 pm PST. Aquarius being the sign of the masses, ruling the house of groups, friends. So no wonder things turned out not as foreseen, by many. And they may take another odd turn, yet.

Taber Studio Aug 21, 1888

Because the Moon is full and closer (therefore exerting more gravitational pull on the plates), and in the sign of Earth, there's a chance of earthquakes, following. Maybe if you live in an earthquake zone, get your kits prepared, just in case. That is not a prediction, just saying, the circumstances are there.

If you can, just take some time out to be Taurean on Moonday...
or is it Moo day ? Super Moo ! Personal, Full Moon rituals should include any or all of the following: eating sensually and with gusto, celebrating your earthiness and doing something stewardly, making love and/or music, gardening, art, lunch with friends, aromatherapy, singing, making offerings of food to the animals. If you are working, plod through unfinished projects, rather than starting new. Make sure to play soulful music while you work, and sing along. Be for real, wontcha, baby ?


But more importantly, as this is a Venus ruled Moon, it's loaded with love potential. Folks, not saying I'm all there, yet, but hate absolutely cannot and does not conquer hate. All these people are marching  with signs saying 'against hate' but shouting 'fuck Trump'. Well, which is it ?

I believe that Donald Trump, a Mercurial Gemini, is malleable and susceptible to thought influence. It is very important that we stop sending him hate and start sending him love. Ya, it's fun to tear at him, because he's said and done so much awful stuff, but that is not the answer and it won't help us any. What I saw when he made that acceptance speech was Grinch's heart starting to grow, under the magnifying glass - hope I'm right. He kind of couldn't believe it, and there was grace and humility peeping through - I'm not the only one who noticed. Let's work with that conception, make it grow. He has all the sad, hateful, angry people in the palm of his hand right now and some staff picks that are genuinely frightening. I believe he might be America's homeopathic remedy and if you've ever taken one, you know how sensitive they are to anything strong tasting/smelling (there's the Taurus rub).

 Bob Marley sang, 'The biggest man you ever did see was just a baby.' We are all just babies, and the Earth is our long-suffering, Taurean Mother. Try your best to love one another.

The Moon is exactly opp the Sun at 5:52 am PST/8:52 EST, and that's the last major aspect it makes to the Sun, before entering Gemini, so it's v/c immediately following. It will reach it's closest/largest about 2 hours after that.


Good-bye, Poet Leonard Cohen, gone to Elysian Fields.
Infinite gratitude for your beautiful, influential,
soul-healing, life-changing words and music.


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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Election Vivisection

Watching parts of the last presidential debate made me physically nauseous for about three days. Both candidates are frightening, but I think Trump is actually, literally toxic, a product of all the psychological hazardous waste in the US, having taken on a life form.

Darkstar Astrology recently brought up the point that Trump wears all Hillary's deep, Bill-directed anger projections. Indeed, it was right after his Monica escapade that she decided to start on her own political path. I think many of us had that in the back of our minds, but kind of hiding in plain sight. might that play out ? Hillary might actually hate women (or be fighting the hate), and love the Donald ! He and Bill are born the same year (1946), Fire Dogs. Hillary is a Fire Pig. And here's the thing, she has Mars and Pluto exactly conjunct in Leo, squaring her very loyal, Venus in Scorpio. The saying 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' comes to mind.

Thankfully, she has a very close, albeit 'karmic' relationship with her daughter that is protective but maybe also receptacle-like. Being born into a close relationship with a Scorpio means one has chosen to work off karmic debt at an accelerated rate. Chelsea is a Pisces, Hillary has a Pisces Moon. Chelsea has a Leo Moon in her 10th house, her dad is a Leo. She must be kind of torn between wanting attention/approval from her mother, who she esteems, while also being her dad's best girl.
[Note: I do not prescribe to the idea of 10th house = mother, 4th house = father, it's not so cut and dry.]

"Time and again she gets drawn back into her parents’ orbit, called to be her father’s right hand or her mother’s chief character witness." ~ The Atlantic Monthly, July 2016

Darkstar also noted that Chelsea's North Node is exactly conjunct Regulus (Heart of the Lion) at 29 Leo, as is Trump's ascendant (ever wonder how he could possibly be so lucky ?), connecting them personally, in some way. Perhaps he has triggered her destiny/soul evolution, for better or worse. Come to think of it, he did try to crash her wedding, because he wanted to shmooze with the rich and famous guests, was told to ask the bride for an invitation, didn't get one. Well, you know what happens in the fairy tales when the troll or bad fairy doesn't get invited...
Recently, Regulus entered Virgo, which is a big deal, considering how slow the fixed stars move through a sign and the fact that the heart of the Lion, star of kingship is now in the (tropical) house of the Goddess - Durga power !

It's hard to say who was doing exactly what last time around, but 1938  keeps coming up again and again. The players have changed, but the cycle has come back to the same spot. Fun fact - H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds was first broadcast Oct 30, 1938, causing widespread panic, because  Orson Welles made it sound so realistic. The first large scale example, perhaps, of how collective fear could be manipulated by media. (Aptly, it was a Mercury Theatre production). We are seeing that every day now, but nobody is coming on air after the fact to tell us that it's not real !

I'm not the only one who thinks there will be a plot twist to this election. Some think there will be an assassination or attempt on either candidate, most predict some kind of voting fraud or mishap. I think it will come after the election, whether it be assassination, health-related or some criminal allegation. Not sure, just know that the actual election is not going to be the end of this madness, just a point of release.
Looking to 1938 again,  there were a few very false starts, like when Hitler was named TIME Magazine's Man of the Year. That's right, Hitler, Man of the Year. Meanwhile, concentration camps were opening up in Germany, the passports of Jews were being confiscated and their businesses being looted, the Holocaust had begun. The Munich Agreement saw Germany, Italy, France and Britain agree to the annexation of the Sudetenland/Czechoslovakia by Germany, without any say from the Czechs, thinking this would avert war. Neville Chamberlain (I keep wanting to say chambermaid) arrived home, waving the signed papers, proclaiming, "Peace in our time !"  Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead, Mussolini began demanding France cede various 'colonies' to Italy, the Middle east was also being carved up, and the atomic age officially started when nuclear fission, using Uranium was first discovered that year.

Seeing any parallels yet ? Now we have refugee camps, passports being confiscated, new dictators, Ukraine, Syria, use of depleted uranium, the threat of nukes and War of the Worlds for reals, rearing it's ugly head... Not making predictions, just noting that unfinished business has returned to collect and the tension is thick as black, Russian rye.

Comparing their charts, Putin trumps Trump, and his crafty, Gemini Moon feels somewhat secure to Trump's 'no there there' Sun. I would have to agree that Trump makes a very excellent, Putinesque puppet. It's a mutual, buddy-buddy relationship, sure, except that one of the buddies is not playing with a full deck, the other is a major, major world player. I don't mean to demonize Putin, but a narcissist like Trump with Mars and Pluto in the 12th is attracted to power like a fly to excrement and is therefore malleable. He has been useful to Clinton, also. At the same time, he has a lot of inner power, left over from the past, and is an excellent manipulator himself, but he does not use it responsibly, he throws it about, inciting people to be their worst and attracting entities. The man is akin to a walking ear worm of your most hated song.

Well, less than 3 weeks to go until Nov 8...
Btw, Nov 9 in 1938 was 'Kristallnacht', the 'night of broken glass', in Germany, when Nazi activists and sympathizers spent the night on a rampage, burning and looting Jewish businesses and synagogues. We can likely expect some violence around this election - if he loses, there will be anger, rioting by those believing the results fixed... if he wins, there will be idiots who see it as permission to go on a racist rampage.

Well, be grateful for small mercies and pray for an end to human ignorance.

Here is a very interesting and enlightening film by Adam Curtis, called HyperNormalisation, please do yourself a favour and watch it.
[Note: Trump, Gaddafi, Kissinger - all Geminis !]


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting Personal with Planetary Transits

Every planet and point has a universal meaning, as well as a personal one...astrology 101, right ? For example, Saturn may symbolize certain things in the broad sense (time, lessons, hardship, work, limitations, etc), but how it will manifest in a personal chart depends on where it is situated, what aspects it is involved in and so on.

So when reading a progressed or current transit chart for an individual (as opposed to the general state of things in the world), we will get a better clue about how the transiting planet will affect their natal points, by  referring back to the birth chart. There is nothing in a progressed/transit chart that isn't already in the birth chart. That doesn't change. And asking questions, getting to know the person, counts for a lot. A computer spit-out analysis will only provide the general meaning, same for everyone with the same transit. Not good enough.

In other words, someone born with Saturn in Pisces is going to experience transiting Saturn conjunct their natal Moon differently than someone born with Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th. It's the same planet, on the same journey, it hasn't changed it's mission.

This is where generalized explanations fall short. We can only glean so much information from a 'Saturn Moon transits' article or what Saturn entering a certain sign might entail. Yes, Saturn in Sagittarius generally feels a lot lighter than Saturn in Scorpio, but tell that to a Sagittarius.
However, let's say that Sagittarius is the self-disciplined, scholarly type - maybe Saturn and Mars both in that sign, well-aspected - and has been staying on their path. Saturn might bring them great rewards and opportunities upon it's return to their natal Sun house.

If an individual has an afflicted Mars in Scorpio, in the 4th house and perhaps was abused as a child, had an un-secure home, the emotions that come up whenever Mars transits their natal Moon will be different than someone with a robust, well-placed Mars in Aries in the 4th.
The Scorpio Mars' Moon transits might bring creative opportunities and strength to work through their old pain, or bring up similar situations in order for them to face it, which hopefully they'll recognize as such and not fall back into old patterns. On the other hand, the Aries Mars person might simply get more irritable with their living situation, during this transit.
The point is, one size does not fit all.

Well, it sort of does. Because we are all part of a collective, but we are also unique in our particular experiences, challenges, evolutionary state, etc.

Most of us know to take the ruling planets' transitions into account, but if rulership is the main factor, that's not really enough. Just because someone has a Libra Sun, doesn't mean every time Venus makes an aspect to another planet, that there will be a notable effect. But if they also have Venus in Libra, conjunct their Sun, well, now their whole being is involved with every Venus transit.

Prominent natal planets - conjunct the ascendant or midheaven, angles, making heavy aspects, etc - will usually have more of a significant effect when they aspect natal planets/degrees by transit or progression. They are the main players, so to speak. If Jupiter is a person's main dude, making lots of trines in the natal chart, they might not even notice when he adds extra blessings by transit. Though a very fortunate person, they might see their cup half-empty if a harsh Saturn or Pluto makes those planets' transits more apparent. (However, most Jupiterians feel fortunate, deep down, and somehow manage to dust themselves off and get back on their horses, no matter what).


Again, there is an evolutionary element to all this - a cyclic resonance. So no matter where a planet may be, here and now, in each person's chart, it demonstrates that planet's path from the moment of birth (or conception, or past life) to today. This is the whole objective of a progressed chart, but it goes for how we experience outer transits, too, which of course affect both natal and progressed charts.  Always revert back to the birth chart, for clues.


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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Astrology and Numerology Report

This time of year is always a bit of a nail biter, I find. Seems quite a few people I know have lost loved ones over the last few days - some peacefully leaving, others violently. Well, it is reaping season, the veil between worlds is  thinning. Out in the wild, weak and sick or old animals start to get plucked off as the weather gets colder.

One can't generalize, individual charts need to be looked at, however, looking at the universal chart right now, there are a few things that stand out. It's really a jumble! Looks like a messy spider web, lots of energetic traffic aka aspects. But most noticeably,  Saturn and Mars are in the midpoint vicinity between the Moon's Nodes - south node being conjunct Neptune, north has been conjunct the Sun. The nodes have everything to do with reincarnation.

Though Saturn and Mars are not always 'bad' they do have a reputation as the 'greater' and 'lesser' malefics, both have their association with war/death (Mars) and reaping/karma (Saturn). Jupiter is still aligned with Alkaid, the chief mourner of the funeral bier. Don't forget, Jupiter was (and still is, in another name) the Supreme Being - he called the shots and sent out the lightening bolts. Recently there was that incident with the 300 reindeer being struck by lightening, in Norway. Jupiter is also conjunct retrograde Mercury, in this case, the psychopomp or 'Dweller on the Threshold', who takes souls across to the other side. It's like Grand Central Station at the moment. Aaand the Moon is in Scorpio.

Messier 101 galaxy, spiraling very close to Alkaid, in the Great Bear constellation.

I keep posting items concerning the Dakota stand-off, because it's important, really encapsulates the spirit of Saturn Mars Antares in Sagittarius -  standing up for what's right, in the face of (possibly violent) death, and Sagittarius being the sign of the native peoples, especially those warriors on horseback. Everyone knows the truth, and these people are the only ones willing to die for it, for the land and water. You would think we all would be standing up, but the majority have  become totally disconnected from the land and we fear death because we have been taught that it's the end, not a transition in a cycle. Our schools are not concerned with kids learning about the trees, the rocks, how to grow food, be stewards... Guess that would be too risky to corporate interests.

Side note: The Native Americans of the Southwestern US share many things in common with the Tibetans. Navajo sand paintings, for example, are similar in nature to Tibetan sand mandalas. Turquoise is an important, protective stone for both. Cosmology and symbolism also have many cross-overs. Some of their words for things are the same, but opposite - the Hopi and Tibetan words for 'Sun' and 'Moon' for example. There have been prophecies that the Tibetan 'healing power' will be shifted over to the US, to the native Americans, as Tibet has been all but destroyed by Chinese interests. Read more about it HERE.

  The Dalai Lama meeting Hopi Elders in 1979. "Welcome home."

Interestingly, both Mars and Pluto are making hard aspects to Vesta in Cancer. Vesta is the source, and Cancer is the water (usually the ocean, but any body of water that is a source or life will do). This fight is about wanting to save the water from bigoil's filth. The sigil for Cancer is sometimes said to be breasts, but this is the simplistic explanation. It's symbolic of two spirals, one spiraling in, the other out, like breath, waves, birth and death. Just look at any photo of a galaxy, such as the one above, and it's there.
Vesta was not depicted as a Goddess, but was the eternal flame, the hearth in every household and the sacred fire in the temple. Vestal Virgins were the temple priestesses, who performed sacred rites. So I think of Vesta in a water sign as more of a sacred fountain/spring  or holy grail. In the same way the sacred flame must be kept alive, the sacred water must also be kept pure. It was a crime to let the sacred flame go out, as it ought to be to foul the lakes and oceans.

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On Friday, the date will be 999, talk about endings. It's the ending of a triple cycle. 2016 has been an 11 year (adding Jan/1 +1), the year part  alone (2+0+1+6) adding up to 9. 9 is the end of a cycle or gestation, spiraling out. Things feel intense, rather like the 29th degree of a sign. 11 is a gateway, spiritual master number, the Goddess or God number (it's both masc and fem). So it has been a heavy year, and right now it is culminating, being culled. Revolution Number 9. The death of the old God. But death is not the end, it's a transition.

Jupiter rules the 9th house of the zodiac, the Sagittarius house of higher learning, travel, philosophy, religion, law. In Tarot, #9 is the Hermit. He has both Jupiter and Hermes-Mercury associations. Anything with 'herm' in it has to do with Hermes, like the Hermitage, where one goes to escape the world and contemplate art, just as a Hermit leaves the world to contemplate on a mountaintop. In Tarot Marseille, the Pope (#5) is actually Jupiter in disguise. He's also the Emperor (#4), which is a clue that, like Hermes-Mercury, he's on a journey through the stations of the cards. Therefore, it's not a stretch to say he's also the Hermit. There is at least one myth where Jupiter puts on such a disguise in one of his earth plane visits. Pluto, in the 9th sphere also has this Hermit-like function of leaving the realms of the solar system, during it's elliptical orbit, then returning with wisdom to bestow or indeed, souls to transport. In classical astrology, Mercury rules the 2 houses (Gemini, Virgo) opposite those of Jupiter (Sagittarius, Pisces), in symbiosis. Each has a diurnal/solar and nocturnal/lunar  expression.

Hermit (as the prophet Tiresias ?) - Ancient Tarot of Lombardi

Jupiter also leaves Virgo on the 9th, joining Venus in Libra, so we'll see if he can use his Virgo lessons for the greater good. Perhaps justice will be served. Or perhaps just martinis. Libra can make a guy God want to put on his gold, zodiac sign medallion, some cologne and head to the swing lounge where Venus is performing.

October is when we start to feel the inklings of what next year's vibration will be like. It will be a universal 3 year, with the year part alone adding up to 1, so new beginnings. 3 is very social, artistic, fast paced, we'll likely see some creative new fashions, art, i-gadgets, food fads, things like that. 3 is a firey number and 2017 will be a Fire Rooster year, so the fighting isn't likely to stop any time soon, with that rooster (cock) Mars energy. Unfortunately it is all quite befitting of the unmentionable presidential candidate.

December is a 3 month and we'll definitely get a better sense of what's in store, come then.

1,2,3...get ready to waltz...

Stan Gaz, Mercury Reliquary 2007, stainless steel

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

What's Duality Got to Do with It ? - Defining the Ancient Goddess

Last night, in a Facebook thread, an astrologer asked me, 'what makes you think the [ancient] Goddess was dual ?' He didn't see how the Goddess had anything to do with duality, per se. I didn't have all night, so I sent him a link to 'The Thunder: Perfect Mind' (lines from which are quoted in my previous post: The High Priestess - Tapping into Divine Feminine) and some images.
I guess it can be confusing - what's the diff between the Divine Feminine and the Goddess and the dual and triple and multi-faceted Goddess, the Feminine Principal, Moon, Gaia, Venus, etc, etc ?

As written about, previously, I think of the 'Divine Feminine' as an energy or rather, an energetic, luminous space. Once it is referred to as a 'Goddess', she becomes a personified deity. Usually, the ancient Goddesses of Mesopotamia were dual - most of the Gods/Goddesses either had their counterparts or embodied their opposite, symbolizing day and night, good and evil, love and war, life and death, physical realm and spirit realm, etc. (It's true for the male ones as well, although once monotheism became the norm, the mono was decidedly male). This was based on nature, especially Venus (aka Ishtar/Inanna), because she had a cycle each of morning and evening star, different sides of the same Goddess. Similarly, the full Moon and the new Moon.
In astrology there's the Moon and then there's her shadow, Black Moon Lilith, who is not the nurturing sort. Venus gets to be the love Goddess, but depending on whether she rises before or after the Sun, in a chart, she can have qualities of either morning or evening star - different Venusian expressions. Because she is naturally a dual Goddess, her sign, degree and aspects will also swing her personality one way or the other.  A double sign might be more likely to colour her dual, causing her affections to alternate hot and cold. I'm simplifying, but feel free to do your own research.

Isis and her funerary sister, Nephthys, preparing Osiris.

L: Ishtar with her double helix staff (one snake is poisonous, one is healing, usually), Iraq c 2000 bc.
R: 'Queen of the Night',  possibly Ishtar or her underworld sister, Ereshkigal, or a combination of the two.
(British Museum)

Then there's the Goddess in her triplicity, as the waxing, full and waning Moon (maiden, mother, crone), the 3 Graces (giving, receiving, returning), past, present, future. Think Hecate, with her three faces. The Greeks were fond of separating the deities into parts, because their dramas were akin to operatic, group therapy being cathartic and healing - so the more masks and scenarios, the better. The nine Mousai (Muses), for example, were daughters or manifestations of the Goddess, Mnemosyne, 'memory.'

Goddess Hecate in a magical plate from Anatolia (Berlin Museum).

Hindu, Tibetan and Egyptian Goddesses have seemingly infinite incarnations and it can be difficult at times to try and segregate them individually. Suffice it to say, the Goddess takes as many forms as needed. That's her wardrobe. Each archetype tailored to a specific area or purpose, be it warding off evil, funerary rites, bountiful harvest, fertility, guidance in legal matters, health, sex, childbirth, music, manifestation, plants, animals, safe travel, parking...  Each has their specific preferences, prayers and incantations, rituals, temples, Lunar mansions, colours, hours and so on.

But as an energetic, cosmic, non-form, again, the feminine is, in simplest terms, space. I don't mean outer space, (although that's included), but rather, the receptive space through which all connections are made and of which all wombs are microcosms. Thus, she self-recreates (and self-destructs) in infinite forms, the first and simplest form being as the dual Goddess. Ultimately, because women  ovulate and menstruate, we physically embody the life-bringing and life-shedding duality, so hmm...maybe that's what makes me think it so.

Snake Goddess  plaque found in Athens, possibly Demeter.


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Friday, August 19, 2016

High Priestess - Tapping in to the Divine Feminine

Look upon me, you who reflect upon me,
and you hearers, hear me.
An old, close friend was here, today, visiting, for the full Moon in Aquarius. She uses the Thoth deck and had recently pulled the High Priestess, depicted with outspread arms, so different from the traditional image of her, sitting on a throne, holding a book. We got talking about what that signified. What is the Goddess or Deity, exactly ?

In Tarot and numerology, 2 is receptive energy personified. The Arabic numeral is in the shape of an ear, because it has to do with hearing, listening. 1 embodies vision, literally a first ray or bolt of lightening. [As a side note, Taurus rules the second zodiac house. Though Aries rules the head in general, ear, nose and throat are more Taurus' jurisdiction.]
If one puts the Marseille Juggler (Magician) beside the Priestess, one could imagine him as listening to her. The wand he holds is parallel to the strap across her front, directed to the book she's holding. His lemniscate hat, with it's two, distinct loops, is open to receive and is a symbol of the eternal return. That he is 'merely' a performer means he himself is not the source of this magic, but a trickster who, by listening and creating space, can 'bring it.'  Interestingly, by casting cards, you yourself become the Magician, with four types of tools, while the vehicle of space, as personified in the Papess revealing sacred wisdom, is Tarot.

Hear me, you hearers
and learn of my words, you who know me.
I am the hearing that is attainable to everything;
I am the speech that cannot be grasped.
I am the name of the sound
and the sound of the name.

 ~ From The Thunder:Perfect Mind, Nag Hammadi Texts

In ancient times - as with any rock concert or belly dance performance or Baptist sermon, today - the performer or priest had to connect with and exchange energy with the audience. The uplifted audience then became as one, through synergy. The Deity was the collective spiritual experience, larger than the individual, but felt inside, by each. The sacred space being accessed (or summoned) for the spirit to flow through and become alive in - one could say that was the feminine principal, regardless of whether people considered the Deity to be male or female. She was/is present in connectivity itself.
Sometimes psychogenic substances were used to enhance the experience, just as they are today, although now people use substances solely because they have lost the ability to open.
This ever-present, but invisible space was concretized as the temple or church, but nature was the original temple, and birds her priests.

We spoke of singing to both people and animals - my friend, to a Tibetan lama, me, to a crow - and how the subject inspires the song. For this giving, receiving and returning to occur naturally, a space needs to open, sesame. That is the threefold way of Goddess. Every time you open space to listen to and understand another living thing, or to receive inspiration with which to playfully create something (as opposed to having to do it for work, noble as that may be), you bring the Divine Feminine into being. The resulting creation then embodies spiritual aliveness, and can be a catalyst in opening space for others.

The modern world seems to be set on eliminating space and imposing will, in one form or another.  Rather than listen to a tree, we think of it in terms of how it can be useful to us. We keep other living beings in cages or kill them for sport and raise our children in institutions, where the same lessons are imposed on everyone of a certain age. Few of us have any energy exchange with what we consume in the way of food - energy just means caloric intake. We want things how they 'should' be, not as they are. Silence is feared, space is the blackness 'out there.'

I am the one whom they call Life,
and you have called Death.
   ~ Ibid

Merely replacing the male godhead with a female is a superficial and symbolic step, but unless we begin to re-open the space that is the living Goddess, through which the spirit flows between every living thing, we will continue on the path of death; eating dead food, wasting knowledge, being ignorant to the root of illnesses, plundering nature/each other, and so on. Then and only then will we finally experience space, for she is also the space between lifetimes and lifeforms, through which both karmic and genetic information is passed. And if we die without listening, we are in for more of the same. That is probably why the first words in the Tibetan Book of the Dead are 'Oh nobly born, listen undistractedly.' Passages are recited to the dead person's soul, to which they must be receptive, instructing them on navigation of the in-between realms.

To the attached person (and we all have some attachments), space feels like a void, equated with Death, and must therefor be a-voided. Silence, stillness and aloneness must be filled with sound, motion and other people.  Their experience of the Goddess space is finite - an empty vessel, from which one might hear an echo, but little else. Patriarchal religion sees the Divine Feminine only as a vessel for the male God, imposing will on that which has no form, but silently provides, sustains and returns life to all creation.

This is not to deny the importance of masculine energy in creation. Going back to Tarot, we see that the Juggler/Magician is the spirit or spark that exists in everything. He has all his tools set before him, and will use the appropriate one, based on what he hears and where the energy wants or needs to be directed. When these two are combined - the spirit and the space - we get the threefold return, a directed movement that is a reverberation and microcosm of the original.

In Tarot, cups are indeed feminine vessels, but the Ace is usually depicted as a threefold fountain, rather than just an empty cup, wherein the waters of life are flowing. It's the natural space, depicted as a church in the Marseille Ace of Cups - likely both a metaphor and a disguise.

And yes, of course the Goddess takes many forms - the Earth, the Moon, and everything in between - but ultimately this initial space is her 'formless form,' via which she gives birth to the infinite manifestations of herself.

I am the knowledge of my inquiry,
and the finding of those who seek after me,
and the command of those who ask of me,
and the power of the powers in my knowledge
of the angels, who have been sent at my word,
and of gods in their seasons by my counsel,
and of spirits of every man who exists with me,
and of women who dwell within me.                      
                                            ~ Ibid

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