Sunday, December 27, 2015

Saturn Sagittarius End of the Year 'Sermon'

Saturn Sagittarius End of Year 'Sermon'

[Saturn recently entered my first house, so it's definitely putting me in a more sombre, philosophical mood, with a tendency to pontificate.] 

If we can try to remember, as the year dies, that, according to many prominent mystics, psychics, shaman, seers and even some physicists, this material plane is just one of many planes of existence. Death, they say, is only the changing point, from one plane of existence to the next. 'Past' lives may not be past at all, but a parallel existence in a different dimension.

This is why we of the material realm can't see anything but rocks on other planets, emptiness in outer space and why 'extra-terrestrials' are only sometimes visible to us when they enter this plane. Maybe they are just souls like us who are in another dimension of experience. 

Time, to us, is linear in nature, and  has beginnings and endings - an hour has 60 minutes, a minute, 60 seconds. But think about how it must have been when our 'time' was first being measured and divided. Someone had the notion to measure the infinite, for convenience. They squared the circle, crucified time and space. 
Time is circular, based on the rotation of the Sun and planets, and the cycles within cycles, etc. But that's just from our viewpoint. This is why tropical astrology is Earth-centric. An astrology chart can serve as a map of your soul's journey and help you navigate.

Like our dreams, other realms may not have any such time measurement. In fairy tales (once upon a time, in a far away land, aka in the spirit world), a princess and her whole kingdom can fall asleep for a hundred years and wake up the same age. On other planets, a year is not a year as it is here. 

So while we should definitely aim to make life better in this realm, on this Earth, we can at least take some comfort in knowing our time is relatively short, here, and our Death is the beginning of something else. The unknown is scary, but if we work off our karma here as best we can, try to maintain grace and stay true to what we came here to learn and achieve, it is likely we will continue along the same path. But just because we've finished here, doesn't mean we've finished...nor indeed begun. 

We have many obligations, or so it may feel. If we are tending to one and not the other, for too long, guilt and depression sets in.
Try to be conscious of what the most important thing is, that you are here to do, in this lifetime. Focus on that, but also be aware  of other accumulations. Accumulations will start to show up as physical problems (toxic build-up, energy blockages, and defective neurotransmitters), that's a sign you need to pay attention, not just try to mask symptoms. And of course, practice accepting impermanence and letting go.

"You do not have a soul, Doctor. You are a soul. 
You have a body, temporarily." 
- from a novel by Walter M. Miller 

Back to fairy tales, Cinderella and Snow White are examples of characters working off karma - sweeping cinders, being the housekeeper of underground dwarves - they work without complaining, but do experience melancholy from time to time, knowing that  there is something better, beyond. In their realm, princes slay dragons, in ours, the prince is an archetype (memory) within our soul and the dragons we slay are our own fears. 

My wish for us all in 2016 (Jan[1] 1, 2016 [9] = 11 universal year, which is a portal between realms), is that we will be able to take on the elements of our journeys with strength and gusto and truth, whatever they may manifest as.  Have a happy New Year !

"There is no end. There is no beginning. 
There is only the passion of life." - Fellini


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