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Lest We Forget to Remember - 11:11 New Moon in Scorpio

November 11 (11:11) is a special Remembrance Day, this year, as it coincides with the New Moon in Scorpio as well as Diwali, the Festival of Lights celebrated in Hindu, Sikh and Jain religions. In Vedic astrology, it would be Libra Season, hence the holiday celebrates the restoring of karmic balance, and triumph of light over darkness.
What a curious synchronicity that our new Minister of National Defence, Harjit Sajjan, is a Sikh spiritual warrior, part of Canada's recent triumph of light ("sunny ways") over darkness and restoration of balance. Liberal is, by definition, the 'Libra' party, Pierre Trudeau, the PM who fashioned it in his likeness, was a Libra Sun and his son, Justin Trudeau with Pluto in Libra, is now doing the same.
Venus' bird of Peace, the Dove is the most evolved form of Scorpio

Pluto, God of Death and Mars, God of War, preside over Scorpio Season, during which we remember the dead and that we too must die - memento mori. Poppies were associated with death long before Flanders Fields, because they were the flower of the River (or Goddess) of Oblivion, Lethe ("forgetfulness"), but also of Morpheus (dreams), Hypnos (sleep), Nix (night) and even Hermes (guide of the souls) :

"The River Lethe flowed through the plain of Lethe in Hades. Also known as the Ameles potamos (river of unmindfulness), the river flowed around the cave of Hypnos where its murmuring induces drowsiness. The shades of the dead were required to drink from its water in order to forget their earthly life. Poets frequently use Lethe as a metaphor for the underworld in general."

"Near the Cimmerii a cavern lies deep in the hollow of a mountainside, the home and sanctuary of lazy Somnus [Hypnos], where Phoebus’ [the Sun's] beams can never reach at morn or noon or eve, but cloudy vapours rise in doubtful twilight . . . there silence dwells: only the lazy stream of Lethe [Forgetfulness] 'neath the rock with whisper low o'er pebbly shallows trickling lulls to sleep. Before the cavern's mouth lush poppies grow and countless herbs, from whose bland essences a drowsy infusion dewy Nox [Nyx] distils and sprinkles sleep across the darkening world." 
~ Ovid, Metamorphoses (Roman epic C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.)

"You must offer funeral dues of Lethe’s poppies.”
~ Virgil, Georgics

[Lethe excerpts from Theoi.com]


Interesting that we use the poppy as a symbol of remembering - could it be having the opposite effect ?

New Moon and Sun in Scorpio will trine Chiron in Pisces (the wounded healer/Christ consciousness), and 11:11 is always a threshold or gateway between worlds, as well as an opportunity to experience grace. Expect and ask for the intervention of angels and take steps toward becoming one, now. I don't mean taking steps off a bridge, but rather, seek inspiration from the guardians, beings of earthly service, enlightened helpers of all forms that can liberate a soul with a well-timed blessing.
Example - there is a young bagpiper who has been practicing, probably for Remembrance Day ceremonies, in a nearby park. Everyone who walks within earshot cannot help smiling at one another, as if to say, 'yes, my soul is also being reached.'

Beautiful bagpipe song/Sgt MacKenzie - We Were Soldiers:

Acknowledging and/or re-opening the wound is the first part of healing. In particular, servicemen in uniform need to feel safe and supported to open up about their pain, not just on one day a year.
The opportunity for soul-renewal and karmic rebalancing is at hand, under this New Moon. 


Happy Diwali (Elephants never forget...) !

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