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DWARVES INTO DOVES - Pluto Flyby July 14, 2015

Tuesday morning, the close flyby of Pluto begins. About three hours into it, the 'vertex' (Vx) will be conjunct to Pluto. What is that, you may well ask ? It's a theoretical point in the chart, creating an axis, the same way the lunar nodes do. Some refer to it as the 'electric axis'. I never took much notice of it until last night, when, as it happened, it turned out the Sun was conjunct my own, natal Vx upon the moment of my curious inclination. That was confirmation enough. 

The simple explanation is that it is a place of major turning points.  It is either affected by planetary transits, or by people (think of people as planets) who may  embody characteristics of the house or sign it's situated in. Let's say your Vx is in the 8th house, Scorpio people might trigger major shifts in your life. But usually there has to be a transit going on at the same time, for the full effect.

So Vertex will be conjunct Pluto around 7:08 am PST/10:08 am EST. I'm curious to see what the images taken at that hour might reveal. 

High def image of Pluto's 'heart'

I'm of the re-instate Pluto as a planet camp, not sure why a handful of astronomers decided it needed to be called a 'dwarf planet'. Seems unnecessary - a planet is a planet. (And it's not politically correct, is it ?) 
However, as I've said since this whole thing started, dwarves in myth and fairy tale have chthonic powers and often have exclusive access to the great wealth therein, which they dish out only on certain conditions. They can be fearsome and/or helpful, depending how the hero or heroine responds towards them, so that is rather like Pluto. 

It's as if Pluto the dwarf is revealing it's treasures to us, briefly. I believe this will trigger a turning point within us as a collective (already has) - similar, but on a lesser scale to when we first saw pictures from the Moon - like seeing our own buried, inner wealth for the first time. Of course it will only be a small percentage of the population that feels it, at first. Up until now, we have regarded Pluto with suspicion, like a criminal lurking in the shadows. Then Pluto flashed us a heart. And a whale. When planetary discoveries like this are made, it means previously hidden parts of our inner universe/consciousness are also coming to light.  Just loving these Pluto revelations. 

How is it that both Scorpio's planetary rulers are red  (Mars and Pluto) ? And that the most evolved form of Scorpio nature is the dove - universal love. 

Out of our gratitude for this emotional healing (albeit unconscious) there will be probably enough pressure to re-instate Pluto. 

Yes, treasures are unburied on a daily basis these days - what with Pluto transiting Capricorn, house of Earth and bones - but this more like a God or angel revealing itself, and only for a short time. 

Pluto is number 9 in the planetary spheres, so it shares characteristics with the Hermit card of Tarot. Like the Hermit, Pluto leaves the solar system in it's elliptical orbit - a free radical, if you will - and later returns and re-enters, coming right inside Neptune's orbit, bring back...souls ?...energy, wisdom, etc, from the outer limits. People with a 9 life path are often  hermits, yet have many friends and a good social life. They just need to retreat about half the time. 9 is a lonely number, the number of human gestation, creation, completion and release. In a chart, the 9th house is the house of long distance travel and mental exploration (long distance inner travel). The higher octave of the Hermit (9) is the Moon (18). Interesting that the mission took 9 years.

It has always been my feeling - though I can't  explain it - that somehow Pluto and the Moon work together in the transporting of souls to and from the Earthly sphere.

At this time when Pluto has recently completed some heavy squares with Uranus, and everything is in upheaval and turmoil, the God of Death and transformation seems to be showing us some uncharacteristic compassion and saying "fear not."


Ice Mountains on Pluto

So they've now named the heart-shaped region after Pluto's discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh.
But let us not forget  where the sometimes used glyph for Pluto (PL) comes from - Percival Lowell, who started looking for the planet, 14 years before it was was discovered. 

More importantly, an 11 yr old girl named Venetia Burney who was responsible for naming it. I think they should have named the heart after her. (Same last name as the antiques dealer who brought us the famed Burney Relief and the Crystal Skull, tho not sure whether they were related).

From Wikipedia:
"On 14 March 1930, Falconer Madan read the story of the new planet's discovery in The Times, and mentioned it to his granddaughter Venetia. She suggested the name Pluto – the Roman God of the Underworld who was able to make himself invisible − and Falconer Madan forwarded the suggestion to astronomer Herbert Hall Turner, who cabled his American colleagues at Lowell Observatory. Clyde Tombaugh liked the proposal because it started with the initials of Percival Lowell who had predicted the existence of Planet X, which they thought was Pluto because it was coincidentally in that position in space. On 1 May 1930, the name Pluto was formally adopted for the new celestial body."

In hindsight, it looks like this whole Pluto mission was 'prophesied' in the conjunction of Pluto/Uranus in Virgo, in the mid 1960s. Indeed, the generation born then has just come of age (Uranus opposition,  during it's Pisces transit, and now Chiron return in opposite Pisces, ie, mid-life), while Pluto in Capricorn trines that conjunction.  And now,  the first detailed scientific/astronomical (Uranus) exploration of Pluto is underway. 

Pluto's Moon, Charon


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