Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mars and Saturn and Mercury - Oh My !

The topic of Mars opposite Saturn seems to be a hot one, people getting worried and asking what it means, because they've read some alarmist reports. Astrology shows us what elements are at play, and what the conditions are. The rest is up to karma, environment and personal choice, which is different for everyone. Our present thoughts, words and actions affect the future, so I don't feel comfortable setting up outcome scenarios in peoples' minds. I even don't want to know, myself. Alas, I will probably never have my own psychic TV channel.  Here's what I learned from Saturn over the lifetimes - you have to do the work to get there, regardless, so better to forge some tools.

That said, Saturn is the planet of karma and it is in retrograde, so lessons are still being repeated, for sure. Sagittarius can be a warrior or a wise sage, depending on where people are in their evolution. Mars can be a shit-disturber, and in an air sign the potential for arguments and stupidity is there. And if you think about what Gemini stands for - duality and mind - there's the possibility of things like identity crisis or projecting shadow onto others, then wanting to fight them. These two planets were called lesser and greater 'malefics', in the old days - and they can be - but mostly, if in tough aspect,  they can conjure fear, feelings of threat, or depression. This is because Mars, the teenager wants to move energy, but Saturn the strict parent, says, 'no, you're grounded ...and punished, too.' 

Oh dear, looks like someone stood in the cross-fire of Mars-Saturn !

Saturn will slither back into Scorpio, June 14, and that is when the karmic debt and potential for nastiness could kick in, IF there is unfinished business from the last couple of years when Saturn was transiting that sign. It means a re-visting of the mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto (in each others' signs), too, which, on the world stage, gets power-players and plutocracy all charged up about their plans for world domination and ways to make us more afraid. 
Saturn will move direct in Scorpio Aug 1/2 (overnight, so Aug 1 in the Pacific, Aug 2 on the East coast). He's back in Sagittarius on Sept 17, bringing earned rewards for those who managed to complete their tasks.

June 19-27, Saturn makes an inconjunct aspect to Mars (exact on June 23), and the Sun (exact June 20/21), which can be more stressful than an opposition. Unlike squares or oppositions, wherein energy doesn't move, thus has to somehow be balanced or merge, inconjuncts are more likely not to be able to synchronize and to create conflict. This is a test of will period - and we just have to hang in there. Fortunately Mars (June 24) and Sun (June 21) move into Cancer during this time, so though there's an inconjunct, Saturn and the firey ones will all be in water houses. Astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper says Cancer is just Scorpio in a house coat, so maybe passive aggressiveness will be more the method of the day.

Oh, ugh, not more Saturn in Scorpio, we just CANNOT  with that !

When Mercury goes retrograde May 18, it will be in inconjunct to retrograde Pluto. The affects are already being felt, such as repressed shadows that have grown more powerful with time are making surprise appearances into the light of day - oops. Paranoia rules. Humour is the only weapon available, the darker the better. (But don't worry nobody will 'get' it and they'll scapegoat you, instead).

Is there a positive side to it all ? Yes, it's called growth potential. Saturn doesn't cause pain for no reason. If we are repeating grades with Saturn, it's to make us into more conscious, self aware beings. 

Just keep your eyes on the prize, a lovely solstice party at Jupiter and Juno's Golden Leo Palace, with Luminaries, Moon and Venus as guests. And you all know the Mercury retrograde protocol...

Here's my FB post about that, incase you missed it :

Mercury alert: We are already in the 'shadow period', have you noticed ? I rather look forward to Mercury retrogrades - was born during one, so it feels normal.
Trippy synchronicities are starting to happen as the psychopomp gets ready to cross over. Things feel kind of all over the place, like a busy intersection with burned out traffic lights. The internet IS reading your mind, you aren't just being paranoid wink emoticon I had a brief a visit from a ring-necked dove today, very unusual !

Now's the time to let the unconscious direct, while minding what comes out of your mouth. Mercury in Gemini is words words words, a little bird told me. Watch out for those gossipy, fake news stories on FB and other rumours. Take promises with a grain of salt, commitments aren't necessarily binding at this time, nor is it a good time to bind to contracts, etc, but if you have to, please read carefully and ask questions if you aren't sure.
Back up zee files, ghosts enter the machines. Re-edit that m/s, vacuum the house, as lungs and airborn things come under Gemini jurisdiction. Dust accumulation has the affect of mental dust accumulation. Overheard tidbits of conversations in passing may hold important meaning in the form of clues or answers.
Mercury retrograde officially begins May 18 at 5:49pm PST/8:49 pm EST and ends June 11 at 2:32 PST/5:32 EST, but you know the story, the few days before and after ('at the station' times) are the trickiest.
Oh yes, Mars enters Gemini this evening, too. Mars being the warrior God and Gemini being air, this is the 'double-edged sword'. Decisions decisions, you might be of two minds...focus will change many times during this Mercury period, so don't worry about settling on one direction just yet. Mars cuts to the chase, cuts the crap, this combo makes for deep mental penetration, whodunnits, difficult puzzles...mental strategy. Also sarcasm and snappy comebacks, which might not go over so well during Mercury retrograde. Geminis, you get an energy boost now.

ADDENDUM...next day...
I was thinking that a positive archetype for Mars in Gemini at this time of tension would be the archangel Michael, always available if you need assistance in banishing demons from your mind and aura/environment. This should have been obvious to me at the onset - just prior to Mars' move into Gemini (as I attempted to rescue a downed bumble bee), my uber-Gemini, St. Michael-ish friend, Michael, drove by in his little red car (Mars), and honked 'hello!'.  A cosmic re-minder, Mercury retro-style. 

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