Saturday, December 20, 2014

Out with the Old Cycle, In with the New

For the rest of the year 2014, it is vitally important to focus intention on releasing/tending to what's left and clear space for what's ahead, especially on the New Moon/Solstice. Why ? Because we are now at the end of a 9-year cycle (2014 was a 9 year) and will be entering a 1 year: 
1 + 1 + (2+0+1+5) =  10 = 1. The universal year is always calculated including the first day and month, as you would a birthday.


In Tarot minor arcana, the 9s signify a build-up of energy that is slightly past harvesting (8) stage, over-ripe. If the accumulated energy is left unattended, the burden carries over into the next cycle, the 10s. 
In numerology, we don't use '10' per se, as it is not a master number, so it always gets reduced to 1. But when applying Tarot, both 'octaves' of the number are taken into account. So, in Tarot terms, next year is a 1 (Magician) year, but it's also a 10 (Wheel of Fortune) year. 19 (The Sun) also reduces to 1, but the new year date doesn't add up to 19, so only 1 and 10 are used.

9 signifies the end of a creative cycle, loss, a gestation period. It's a number of both inclusiveness and aloneness. Think of Pluto, in the 9th sphere, or the Hermit (trump 9), who seeks wisdom, alone, so as to teach others. 1 is newness, independence, inspiration, ideas, ego, the individual. The Magician is not wise like the Hermit, but he's clever, quick and eager to learn. Very Mercurial. 

Ceres, in Sagittarius until January 8

Considering the fired-up planets (Uranus/Aries, Jupiter/Leo, Saturn/Sagittarius) that will be starring in 2015, it will be a very firey year, full of new changes and magic. You may have already felt this brewing for a while, but were too weighted with heavy Saturn/Scorpio matters to give it much attention. If those burdens are still a concern, deal with them right now - don't ignore anything pressing from Saturn, because when the Karma Lord retrogrades back into Scorpio this Spring, unfinished business (the nature of which depends where Scorpio is in your chart) may dump mud on your flames of enthusiasm. Saturn is not being a jerk, he just really wants us to be done with stuff, once and for all. 

To assist us, Ceres (see image above) is currently conjunct the Moon and Sun in Sagittarius, but if it is still simply not possible to sickle the cycle at this time, then consciously accept that you may have some extra whatnot to deal with next year, and commit to it. The good news is, it is never too late to change or heal.

And, in keeping with our cardinal theme, February 19th will enter in the lunar Wood Goat/Sheep year. Seems like a good combo for keeping the fire both fuelled and tempered. (Fire is a good servant but a bad master). Keep your eyes on the prize, say "yes" a lot, and take practical, optimistic steps toward your goals in 2015. 

Happy Solstice ! May it bring you solace.

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