Sunday, December 14, 2014

Introductory Offer for Printed Natal Chart Reading by Roxanna

Hello all you hidden AstroTarot fans out there...

Am once again offering Natal (Birth) Chart Readings on Etsy. Etsy policy insists the buyer must come away with some material object in hand - ie, printed matter, so this reading is a printed analysis...the written part is all done by me, though, not a computer program (I only use that to cast the actual chart).

This way is fine with astrology readings, but for Tarot, I prefer it to be a two-way conversation. Eventually I will be set up for Skype, but for now phone is the only other option.

It is kind of nice to receive a typed-out reading, to have on hand for reference, especially if you are pressed for time or a bit timid. And I am offering a 20 dollar introductory discount, only via Etsy.
A Natal chart reading makes a great gift, especially for birthdays !

I'm here to help shed light on things, not to make predictions. You will learn something about yourself, guaranteed. Please click on the link for more info.

My special, in-depth AstroTarology Reading combines Astrology and Tarot. It has proven more accurate than a natal/transit astrology reading, alone. 

Natal chart - 200. (except through Etsy, where special offer of 175. applies).
Natal/transits (includes progressions) - 250.
Tarot only - 95. for 1.5 hours/50. for 45 min
AstroTarology - 275. (save 20.)


"I won the Natal Chart reading in Roxanna's treasury quiz. It was my first astrology reading and has changed my outlook on life invariably. Roxanna’s knowledge of different aspects of astrology, ancestry, karma and other intuitive methods are a real eye opener and I recommend her to anyone searching for purposeful answers along this winding, curious journey. A gifted, informative, witty, generous and interesting person, a pleasure to be acquainted with." 
-- Cheryl, Violet House Crafts

“I found Roxanna's reading of my chart most intuitive and quite profound. I would recommend anyone in need of clarity and direction to make an appointment.” --M McCombe

I looked at your blog and some posts and comments you made in the past and was amazed that you answered my deepest question. You posted the article "Roxanna's AstroTarology: Fish Have Left the Building, Woman Bearing Jugs at the Gate" talking about the Pisces age and organized religion. It was a breakthrough for me. Thanks so much! - PB

“Dear Roxanna, Your suggestion was very helpful as I wrote my take on the news about Pluto. Thanks! “
-- Rob Brezsny (Free Will Astrology)

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