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From Scorpion to Centaur - Old Devil Saturn Transforms, Dec 23

Saturn, planet of hard lessons, karma and restriction, but also maturity, acceptance of limitations and responsibility, is now in the last degrees of Scorpio. The last degree of a house/sign, for obvious reasons, carries a sense of urgency, emergency and finality. Hence, it is often called a 'critical degree.' Afflictions, stress or change occurring here can feel like imminent death. (I have Virgo MC at 29 degrees - do I know critical ?)

Franz Von Stuck, Sisyphus

Since Oct 2012, when Saturn entered Scorpio, everyone's been having a rough time, it seems. It's been quite a slog, like one, mass, Saturn return. Not only that, but the mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn (and Pluto square Uranus) brought some heavy-duty, power issues to the world stage. We asked what is power, where does it ultimately come from, who the hell gave it to you and how can I get some ?

Scorpio is the sign of deep, still water, secret dark places, domination, secrecy, sex, revenge, psychology, hidden afflictions and everything taboo, but also of healing, higher love, resilience, hidden knowledge, creativity, magic, nature, death and transformation. Scorpio's traits and effects are intense, never half-assed. 

Saturn-Scorpio brought many of us face to face with our deepest fears, and the more we tried to escape, the tighter it's coils wound, like the Chinese finger trap. There is  just no way around this combination of planet and sign - thou shalt not pass. Indeed, at 29 degrees, the tightly coiled snake about to strike is an apt metaphor. The energy is very concentrated, with tension brewing beneath.

Odilon Redon, Haunting 

Countries that are under the influence of Saturn have restrictive governments or class/caste systems. Scorpio, similarly, can rule by fear/intimidation and secrecy. The financial crisis in Russia is a direct reflection of Saturn at the last degrees of Scorpio. And the sinister hacking of Sony by North Korea, another. Fear is the word. Incoming, replacement word is faith.

Saturn is heavy, lead, and Scorpio is deep, dark, stagnant water, so we can anticipate some relief from this morbid feeling, on the 23rd (aye, the 23rd!), when Saturn moves into uplifting, optimistic (?), far-seeing Sagittarius for the next two years. If anyone can turn lead to gold, it's the mutable fire sign. 

Icon of Archangel Gabriel, 'God is my Strength'

Don't expect problems to magically disappear, but do expect to be better armed and ready to take them on. Sagi is the spiritual warrior and knows that death is not the end, that it means change and brings freedom from bondage. So while medical conditions, debts and totalitarian regimes won't dissipate overnight and freedom is likely to feel restricted (travel restrictions, for example, and those issues yucky to Sagittarius, like commitment and responsibility), we will have the faith and confidence now to work though Saturn's lessons and power will be gained through knowledge, insight. Because if there's one thing the Sage loves, it's learning and thereby overcoming. Everyone get yourselves a wise, old, Zen master, right now, or summon the guru within. Prepare to launch out of the murky depths, to the end of the 'known' universe, on a long leash. Stay focused within Saturn's realm and the leash shouldn't bother you, too much. We'll have the opportunity to test our new skills, from mid-June to mid-September 2015, during Saturn's retrograde, when he crosses back into Scorpio.

Renaissance 'Lovers' Tarot card, Trump 6

Saturn, aka Lord of the Rings,  resides in the 6th sphere from the Sun, thus is governs all things having to do with the number 6 (like beehives, crystals, benzine rings). In numerology, Tarot and astrology, 6 is a harmonious number of relationships, work, responsibility, service and giving. It is concerned with the immediate community, not so much humanity at large. But since humanity is composed of smaller communities, we do our work within them, toward the greater good. 'Think globally, act locally' is a good Sagi-Saturn slogan. Saturn's idea of freedom is that which comes when one has mastered responsibility.

Saturn-Sagittarius will likely 'enhance' the Chiron in Pisces healing experience, too, since Saturn and Chiron have a close relationship, and Chiron is also the wise centaur. 

Odilon Redon,  Centaur Reading

Always take note of any especially vivid dreams you have, when a major planet transition happens !

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