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October 23 - Dark Luminaries, Double Goddess

While having nothing to do with the ancient Egyptian Goddess, it's hard not to make the connection whenever a news pundit refers to the Islamic militant group, IS/ISIL as 'ISIS'. Women named Isis and Goddess worshippers alike were horrified and disgusted at the denigration of her name (just as Hindus were horrified at Hitler using the swastika) and circulated petitions for the media to cease and desist. The group had even changed their original initials, but  invoking the Mother Goddess proved irresistibly scarier for the media, no doubt familiar with the olde Egyptian art of word magic.

Indeed, with all the awful things going on in the world, one wonders if it isn't the destructive aspect of the Goddess who is returning. Kali Yuga, as the Hindus call the last, dark stage - also having no association with the Mother Goddess Kali - is in full swing. (If you think Nostradamus was on the ball, read the Kali Yuga predictions from the Bhagavad-Gita, written 3000 years ago).

Nephthys, Osiris and Isis

Interestingly, Isis, like Venus and Ishtar-Inanna, had a 'dark' twin. But her sister, Nephthys was not her destructive opposite, she was simply a different reflection of the eternal return. Her reign was in the 'Duat' (region of the afterlife), as a guide for the deceased, whereas Isis oversaw rebirthing souls to the dawn of a new day.

"Ascend and descend; descend with Nephthys, 
sink into darkness with the Night-bark. 
Ascend and descend; 
ascend with Isis, rise with the Day-bark."

            ~ Pyramid Text Utterance 222 line 210.

Egyptians, among other cultures, took note of astronomical events and saw eclipses as particularly powerful. Here was the union of masculine and feminine, darkness and light, Sol and Luna, the two eyes of Horus. Gods were even conceived from this union. Many astronomers have received their 'aha !' moments from viewing eclipses, too.

The partial solar eclipse on October 23 will make the Sun appear crescent-shaped. All three luminaries - the Moon, Sun and Venus will be lined up, one behind the other, at 0 degrees Scorpio - the Sun blotting out Venus and the New Moon partially blotting out the Sun. So just as this triad enters the sign of the crone/death/afterlife, the darkened Moon will make Isis bull horns of the Sun. We cannot see what mystery goes on under the dark Moon, nor can we look straight at a solar eclipse. Like the mysterious workings of life, death and rebirth, they remain hidden to us, but the universe, our cosmic movie screen, provides  phenomena to remind us of the miracle.

What the eclipse will look like:

Deep down we know that we must die so that we can be reborn. Collectively, the more we prolong and extend life, the stronger our death-wish seems to become. We want to transform, yet we fear the process, because, on one hand, we have been told this life is all there is and death is the end, and on the other hand, if it isn't, well, then what happens ? Will I suffer ? Will judgement be harsh ? Will rebirth be worse than dying ? 
Tibetan Buddhism calls the in-between state the 'bardo' and much practice is done in life to prepare for the transition. It's a rather complex tradition, but the idea is to have a practice/discipline of some sort, which serves to direct the mind, so as to avoid confusion when the time comes. 

From a helio-centric perspective, when the Sun is in Scorpio (the Duat) the Earth is automatically in Taurus (land of the living). Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and the Moon is 'exalted' in that sign. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity can be likened to the sisterly relationship of Isis and Nephthys. Rather than a duality of creative and destructive, they are different sides of the same sphere.

Bull jumpers at Knossos (Gnosis ?)

To show us how to deal with the fear of transition, in the face of so many things that want to kill us, is the astroid, Pallas Athena. Zeus' favourite daughter will be at 1 degree of Scorpio, conjunct the eclipse triad, leading the way forward for Venus and the Sun, through the murky depths. Pallas in Scorpio has an eagle's gift of vision, insight. (People with this placement in their natal chart make good spies, mystery writers, criminals, sex therapists, healing artists - anything that requires a subtle way of solving deep, hidden problems, getting past taboos, or finding concealed patterns). Like Nephthys, she's an excellent guide to have in the underworld. 

Gustav Klimt - Pallas Athene
Note her breastplate features Medusa, her 'other', who's fearful penetrating gaze keeps all but Pallas from knowing the power of that which is is hidden. Like the Sun or the truth, Medusa cannot be looked at straight on, or the viewer will 'turn to stone', ie, drop dead with a-ston-ishment.
The other psychopomp, Mercury, will still be retrograde until October 25. On that same day, Venus will begin her re-emergence (from behind the Sun) as the peaceful, romantic, Evening Star.

Venus of the Evening, with Pallas Athene's owl below 

Now, about 23...
A discordant number, so they say. People have become obsessed with 23 and equated it with all sorts of conspiracy and misfortune. 
But discord isn't always a bad thing, it can  be very innovative.
In Tarot, 2 + 3 = 5, The Pope,  who is the bridge between spirit and physical, via the 5 senses. The heart chakra [correction, I had referred to it as 5th, it's 4th] is also the bridge or meeting place between higher and lower subtle energies, like the triangles of heaven and earth meet to create a six-pointed star. 2 x 3 = 6, the Lover. In this card, the hero (1), having learned spiritual 'Sophia wisdom' of the Priestess (2) is now being initiated into the love/erotic wisdom of the Empress (3). 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Doesn't this remind you a bit of Osiris being guided through death (spiritual) and rebirth (physical, through conception) by Nephthys and Isis ?


Besides pondering the mysteries, why not use the vital energy of this New Moon, partial Solar, total Venus eclipse to resurrect  something new into the light of day, with love, in the spirit of the one, true Isis? The energy will be available all month, and remember, Mercury retrogrades favour re-working rather than brand new, which is why I say resurrect. But that's only until the 25th (plus a few days to be on the safe side). 
Memento Mori et Memento Vita !

Oct 23, exact conjunction of Moon, Sun, Venus at 0 degrees Scorpio at 1:10 PST/4:10 EST - 3:02 PST/6:02 EST

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