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An astrology reading can provide important insight about your 'soul path', what you are here to work out, lessons and the cycles you are trying to break in this lifetime. What might be keeping you from blossoming into your full, Sun self ? Where do parents and siblings fit into the picture ? Past lives ? Events ? 

My evolution-focused astrology reading can indeed reveal, by your planets and aspects, what sort of lineage and accumulated  experience you are packing. And then there's the day to day practical stuff, too. A natal or birth chart is usually enough information for someone who's new to astrology, but there are also secondary charts for looking into current transits, relationship compatibility, etc, etc. I will customize according to your needs. 

A Tarot reading is more present-life/time based, although you never know what will come up, since the question you ask isn't always the question that is answered. Tarot tunes into the unconscious - what question did you 'really' want to ask ? It can provide helpful insight into a particular situation, action, person, or relationship. There is nothing woo-woo about it, we all know the answers, but can sometimes have trouble accessing them with the 'rational' mind bombarding our thoughts. 

Tarot imagery is designed to draw forth the answers from within. With insight we are empowered to make your own choices. It is up to each of us to do the work, so we are not just victims of fate, but authors of our own lives. I ask you questions, too, because you wouldn't expect to go to a doctor and say 'guess what's wrong' without revealing your symptoms. It's not about the reader just doing a monologue. Combination AstroTarology readings cover all the bases. 

I do long-distance readings (by phone), as well as in person. Message me if you are interested and want to know more !

Some testimonials:

"I always look forward to a reading with Roxanna. In every session she has amazed me not only with her insight and ability to apply it in a meaningful way, but with her wide knowledge of how astrology and Tarot intersect as a whole. She has helped me make important life decisions, providing an alternate view balanced by her years of experience and living wisdom. Her sense of humor is a big plus too." -- S.J

“I found Roxanna's reading of my chart most intuitive and quite profound. I would recommend anyone in need of clarity and direction to make an appointment.” --M.M.

“My experience with Roxanna was memorable and helpful. She was able to contextualize the issues going on in my life, which helped me accept them and move forward. I truly believe she's gifted. “ -- CP

"I looked at your blog and some posts and comments you made in the past and was amazed that you answered my deepest Question. You posted the article "Roxanna's AstroTarology: Fish Have Left the Building, Woman Bearing Jugs at the Gate" talking about the Pisces age and organized religion. It was a breakthrough for me. Thanks so much!" -- (blog comment) 

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Saturn and Jupiter - Two Sides of the Same Coin ?

Saturn and Jupiter - are they two sides of the same coin ?

Here's a very simplified, astrological comparison, without going too deeply into the mythology...

Jupiter and Saturn

Saturn (Kronos) , in ancient times, was the last planet visible to the naked eye, so his sphere was, literally, the limit, and thus he represents accepting/learning to work within our own limitations and the laws of nature - the biggest one being that we inhabit a material body. No escaping that, until death. Also he has rings 'binding' him. At Saturnalia, these, in the form of chains, come off his statue (Lord of Misrule) and everyone parties. His glyph or sigil is a cross, above a half circle (which sometimes looks more like a tail/snake), meaning 'matter over spirit'. Thus Saturn is earthy, his metal is lead, he is gravity in all forms. The 6th planet from the Sun. 

Jupiter (Zeus) was 'King of the Gods'. He resides in the clouds and never was big on limitations - his own, that is. Though he does think it important that we humans should have spiritual laws, moral codes of ethics, philosophies and things like that, but also faith. The big 3 religions that can't stop being morally superior to each other, all have an incarnation of Jupiter at the helm and are based on the belief that spirit exceeds all physical limitations. His glyph is a half circle over a cross, 'spirit over matter'. The planet Jupiter, 5th from the Sun, is the biggest in the solar system and mostly gas. A 'jovial' windbag. His metal is tin - which may not seem befitting for the heavenly father, but it is the lightest and can be mixed with any metal.  
Wherever Saturn is situated in your natal chart represents where you feel limited or where your most important life lessons are (the ones you committed to), what karma you are working through during this lifetime. It can feel 'grave' or serious, at least at first, until you have learned and matured according to Saturn's rules. There is comedy in tragedy and vice versa, that's life. Tragedy means 'goat song'. 

Wherever Jupiter is, on the other hand, is a place you feel fortunate, rewarded, free. The gifts he brings may feel like lottery winnings, but they are actually rewards for good deeds and hard work in past lifetimes. Jupiter especially enjoys buffoonery and of course, gambling. He is also Santa Claus.

So as you can see, they work together. Body and spirit are interwoven during this lifetime and we can't progress in one without the other, or we might experience their shadows. For example, some people who are all spiritual or preachy with morals start to express the  grave or humourless characteristics of Saturn or neglect their bodies. Those who are all about the material (money or vanity) can start to embody the ruthless, megalomaniacal side of Jupiter, in their sense of entitlement. 

Thus, it is very important to keep these two archetypes in balance.

      Be humble, for you are made of earth,
      Be noble, for you are made of stars.  

                    - Serbian proverb

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