Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Virgo !

Happy Birthday, Virgo ! 

The Sun entered Virgo this afternoon and her ruler, Mercury follows tomorrow. Time to wind down the Leonine romping and spending, get ready for the harvest. Virgo rules small animals/pets and I collected a bunch of fat acorns for my neighbourhood squirrels today. Squirrels are Mercurial - like Virgo, they always make sure to put a little away for the future. I also went to the doctor - Virgo is all about health, so it's a good month to address any impending issues. 

While I was collecting acorns en route home from the doc's an elderly, Italian man stopped to chat, we talked about birds. He also told me some people in the neighbourhood poison the squirrels, which is not only cruel but illegal, I'm sure. Poison is the darker, destructive side of healing medicine. Mercury's caduceus (snake entwined staff) is reminiscent of the double Goddess, who heals with one side and destroys with the other. Medusa's blood, for example, was deadly from the left side of her head, healing from the right. It's also the basis of 'like cures like', in homeopathy, where the medicine is a very, very minute amount of the poison (or similar) that is making one ill. This stimulates the body's own healing response. 

In Norse mythology, 'Ratatoskr' was the squirrel who ran up and down the Yggdrasil tree, 
delivering messages between the eagle and wyrm. 

The principal can of course work the other way, too - that which was once healing can become harmful. One example is tobacco. Another is our North American strain of wheat, Virgo's main grain, which has been genetically altered so that it is causing a multitude of ills from diabetes to obesity to arthritis. Virgo, in her stellar constellation, holds an ear of wheat, where her brightest star, Spica is located (spica virginis - 'Virgo's ear of grain'). Virgo reminds us we are what we eat, and our bodies are the same as the body of the Earth. The first Goddess temples were built around the time farming began. While it was  a good plan at one time, and tied in with civilization itself, we have come to rely way too much on over-produced grains and it has affected our physical and mental health. There were some trade-offs involved with leaving the nomadic life in favour of some security.


Though Virgo is traditionally under the rulership of Mercury, many astrologers agree that a co-rulership of all the 'feminine' asteroids (Vesta, Pallas Athena, Juno) plus/especially dwarf planet Ceres, together with Chiron, would make more sense. Or at least a co-rulership of Ceres and Chiron. These were all once a single planet that was smashed up. The Goddess, aka woman, was also fractured in to parts, which become whole again as Virgo; Vesta (Greek Hestia) is the Vestal Goddess, who guards the eternal flame, Pallas Athena (Athene) is the Goddess of Wisdom, Juno (Hera) is Protector, Queen/Matriarch of Gods, wife of Jupiter and Ceres (Demeter) is the Grain Goddess. Chiron is of course the wounded healer centaur, who taught medicine.

Virgo is one of the oldest constellations and can be viewed as part of a triplicity with Libra and Scorpio. In this scenario, Scorpio represents our ancient, most primitive animal instinct while Virgo is the taming aspect, the two balanced by Libra's scales. We need a balance of both.

One of the few human figured signs, winged Virgo is the Earth Angel - here doing practical service and helping us become human. You may have also noticed that Virgo's nervous system is tuned to a higher frequency. Any planets in Virgo will be 'tuned up' to a higher vibration, which can sometimes be stressful, especially since Virgo rules the stomach and digestive tract. The Pluto/Uranus conjunction generation, now in their late forties, early fifties and managing age-related health issues, would be advised to look to 'alternative' and holistic remedies, that will  balance the mind, body, soul and spirit, not just get rid of symptoms. Virgo seeks purification of the system - all systems.

Being Airy-Earth, Virgos are the lightest-hearted of the Earth signs and can be very funny, with an off-beat sense of humour and wicked observation of things. Like her cousin, Gemini, Virgo loves words and word games, to keep the mind sharp. 

'Scrabble Queen' by  Elizabeth Parsons 
Dedicated to my late, double-Virgo Grandmother and her Virgo sister.

Have a healthy, happy, harvest month !

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