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TITANS ! STEROIDS! HORMONES ! Aquarius the Water-bearing Giant

Now that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, let's look at the character of this sign, or rather it's constellation in the sky as the ancients saw it. 

One of the fixed signs, Aquarius is a giant man, bearing water from a jug. The Babylonians associated it with the creator God Ea (Sumerian Enki), "The Great One." The Greeks associated the constellation with Ganymede, water-boy of the Gods, for whom Zeus had a hankering and granted eternal youth. With Uranus as Aquarius' modern ruler, perhaps the 'Great One' is more fitting. Although, with homosexuality being at the forefront of human right issues these days, there's also a strong, Ganymede connection to be had.

The fixed star in Aquarius that represents one of the four divine architects (the four Evangelists are based on them), Fomalhaut, is also part of the fish's eye, which is not actually a Pisces fish, but the two constellations are linked, which makes sense, since the waters are regenerative, live-giving. Fish are essentially semen (sea men). 

Ptolemy, the famous, Alexandrian-Greek astronomer was the one who gave us the popular image of Aquarius, but it is actually one of the oldest constellations. 

Uranus (Ouranos) took over from Saturn as ruler of Aquarius, after it was officially 'discovered' in 1781, during a time of scientific exploration and revolutions. A planet resonates the mood of the moment it was 'born' into our collective consciousness from the dark. Aquarius is an air sign, air = mind/intellect and swords, in Tarot. 

Once upon a time, Ouranos (Uranus) the Sky God and Gaia  the Earth Goddess begat the Titans, who were giants. Kronos (Saturn), one of the Titan brothers and God of Time, overthrew Ouranos, with the help of his mother and a sickle, by castrating him in his sleep. Later on, Kronus' son, Zeus (Jupiter) would overthrow him and the more refined, Olympian Gods would take over the pantheon...that's another story. But it's why they are named consecutively in the solar system - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus. Fun facts: a Uranus cycle, 84 years, is the last one a human being can complete in one lifetime. A Neptune cycle takes at least two and Pluto, at least three. Uranus is 7th from the Sun and stays 7 years in each house.

List and images of the Titans and Titanesses: 

So...what about these GIANTS ? 

Like dragons, giants are featured in the legend and lore of pretty much every culture on the planet, not to mention religious texts. 'Alternative archaeology' - our contemporary substitute for myth - suggests that there were once races of giants (Titans) before us, or perhaps a single race, that populated the whole globe. These super-sized humans, it is alleged, were better able to build the pyramids and other monoliths and megaliths which continue to baffle us with their construction. I find it fascinating that, at the onset of the Age of the Giant (Aquarius), these stories are coming into light more and more. Aquarius loves a conspiracy theory, but also loves science, the weirder and more outer-space connected the better. At one time, articles about these finds were published freely by reputable papers like the New York Times. Then - perhaps by virtue of creationists or Orson Wells and the science fictional preference of a nuke-fearing public - they disappeared, only to resurface as tacky, tabloid tales. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists are to thank for  raising interest once again in archeological finds that do not 'fit' the usual explanation. 

                                     Giant, mummified finger relic of Bir Hooker, Egypt - 35 cm long 
                                          (examined by scientists, given 'papers of authenticity')

One of 18 giants unearthed in Wisconsin, 1912

Here's a very interesting piece from Salon, about the purpose of 'Alternative Archaeology' :

We already know about how hopped-up on steroids most professional athletes are, not to mention body builders. 'More' and 'bigger' are the mantra of the day in food, too, from GMOs to super-sized junk fare. The 'Hummer' was perhaps the most insulting invention, created for the war in Iraq, but sold as an oil guzzling status symbol at home.
Is this just greed, addiction, or is there a subconscious drive to become 'giant' again ? To become as "the Great One", Gods on Earth ? At the 'heart' (and I use this term extremely loosely, since there is clearly none at work here) of the beast is McSanto and genetic engineering, supposed to feed the world better, but making a Frankenstein monster out of all it touches.

Which is why I was so glad to read this article (below), today, from Ireland. 

Neptune, planet of high, healing frequency and love (but also illusion, so I pray this is not malarky) has been at it's closest to earth for the year, this week, as Earth passes between it and the Sun. Neptune, higher octave of Venus, can have the effect of the 'good fairy' who makes the bad one's curse less awful. Similarly, this scientific discovery could solve a lot of our problems, simply using methods the ancients probably did - radio waves/sound to strengthen and vitalize water. Sound is the medium of this millennium, with 2 being the receptive ear to 1's shaft of light (vision). We already know of Dr. Emoto's "Message from Water," and how simply blessing water or playing it some nice music can change it's crystal formation. Our bodies and Gaia's are both 75% water.


The double-edged sword here (again, air = mind = swords),  is that this sonic water makes things grow bigger, which could include us. Yes, we may be giants again, but then we'll have to consume more. 
Then, thousands of years from now, people will dig up our skeletons and say, my God, look at the size they were, is that possible !?!

 Head of Humbaba, the terrible Giant, who Gilgamesh slew


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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Virgo !

Happy Birthday, Virgo ! 

The Sun entered Virgo this afternoon and her ruler, Mercury follows tomorrow. Time to wind down the Leonine romping and spending, get ready for the harvest. Virgo rules small animals/pets and I collected a bunch of fat acorns for my neighbourhood squirrels today. Squirrels are Mercurial - like Virgo, they always make sure to put a little away for the future. I also went to the doctor - Virgo is all about health, so it's a good month to address any impending issues. 

While I was collecting acorns en route home from the doc's an elderly, Italian man stopped to chat, we talked about birds. He also told me some people in the neighbourhood poison the squirrels, which is not only cruel but illegal, I'm sure. Poison is the darker, destructive side of healing medicine. Mercury's caduceus (snake entwined staff) is reminiscent of the double Goddess, who heals with one side and destroys with the other. Medusa's blood, for example, was deadly from the left side of her head, healing from the right. It's also the basis of 'like cures like', in homeopathy, where the medicine is a very, very minute amount of the poison (or similar) that is making one ill. This stimulates the body's own healing response. 

In Norse mythology, 'Ratatoskr' was the squirrel who ran up and down the Yggdrasil tree, 
delivering messages between the eagle and wyrm. 

The principal can of course work the other way, too - that which was once healing can become harmful. One example is tobacco. Another is our North American strain of wheat, Virgo's main grain, which has been genetically altered so that it is causing a multitude of ills from diabetes to obesity to arthritis. Virgo, in her stellar constellation, holds an ear of wheat, where her brightest star, Spica is located (spica virginis - 'Virgo's ear of grain'). Virgo reminds us we are what we eat, and our bodies are the same as the body of the Earth. The first Goddess temples were built around the time farming began. While it was  a good plan at one time, and tied in with civilization itself, we have come to rely way too much on over-produced grains and it has affected our physical and mental health. There were some trade-offs involved with leaving the nomadic life in favour of some security.


Though Virgo is traditionally under the rulership of Mercury, many astrologers agree that a co-rulership of all the 'feminine' asteroids (Vesta, Pallas Athena, Juno) plus/especially dwarf planet Ceres, together with Chiron, would make more sense. Or at least a co-rulership of Ceres and Chiron. These were all once a single planet that was smashed up. The Goddess, aka woman, was also fractured in to parts, which become whole again as Virgo; Vesta (Greek Hestia) is the Vestal Goddess, who guards the eternal flame, Pallas Athena (Athene) is the Goddess of Wisdom, Juno (Hera) is Protector, Queen/Matriarch of Gods, wife of Jupiter and Ceres (Demeter) is the Grain Goddess. Chiron is of course the wounded healer centaur, who taught medicine.

Virgo is one of the oldest constellations and can be viewed as part of a triplicity with Libra and Scorpio. In this scenario, Scorpio represents our ancient, most primitive animal instinct while Virgo is the taming aspect, the two balanced by Libra's scales. We need a balance of both.

One of the few human figured signs, winged Virgo is the Earth Angel - here doing practical service and helping us become human. You may have also noticed that Virgo's nervous system is tuned to a higher frequency. Any planets in Virgo will be 'tuned up' to a higher vibration, which can sometimes be stressful, especially since Virgo rules the stomach and digestive tract. The Pluto/Uranus conjunction generation, now in their late forties, early fifties and managing age-related health issues, would be advised to look to 'alternative' and holistic remedies, that will  balance the mind, body, soul and spirit, not just get rid of symptoms. Virgo seeks purification of the system - all systems.

Being Airy-Earth, Virgos are the lightest-hearted of the Earth signs and can be very funny, with an off-beat sense of humour and wicked observation of things. Like her cousin, Gemini, Virgo loves words and word games, to keep the mind sharp. 

'Scrabble Queen' by  Elizabeth Parsons 
Dedicated to my late, double-Virgo Grandmother and her Virgo sister.

Have a healthy, happy, harvest month !

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Pagan' Capricorn Moon Sermon

All our mythology and religion originated in nature, or rather, out of our collective memory of being animals, plants, amoebas... think of myths of God/desses born of a fish or the sea, or the various creatures that assist heroes. Most God/desses have animal totems or familiars. While these are symbolic, meant to represent the characteristic 'nature' of the deity, they also give us a glimpse of what we once recognized as life-giving or taking, in the Garden. 

                                            Cobra faces off with the Mongoose tribe - one exception to the rule.

Predators were feared by all, but snakes had power even over them. The owl, with it's huge, Medusa-like eyes, on the other hand, could hunt snakes. The owl is of course Athene's emblem, rational Goddess of both wisdom and the battlefield, who's flip side is Medusa, primal serpent wisdom. We grasp the 'essence' of her nature, no explanation needed, when we see the owl perched on her shoulder. The spider was omnipotent to us when we were insects, and we haven't forgotten that, either. Think of the eight-armed Goddesses of India or Ariadne and other weaving Goddeses. Spiders, who once ate us, later taught us weaving.

Thoth (thought?) - teacher, magician, scribe of olde Egypt, and an incarnation of Mercury

We could look at Mercury, 'winged messenger,' as the humanized God incarnation of birds. Birds have their languages, rituals, songs, dances and knowledge of what the weather Gods are up to before it happens down here. They fly with the winds and currents, and communicate phenomena to us with their behaviour. Mercury's staff with two serpents intertwined reminds us of the original tree they inhabited and of DNA.

Birds like the Ibis have knowledge of three worlds - water, land and sky, and are therefore considered to be very wise. I have been taught much by watching a gull family this summer. One thing I've noticed is that they do seem to have rituals, wherein relatives  come and join in the circling and squawking. This happened the first night after the babies flew, then last night after one disappeared (they are flying well and can feed themselves now). Though I am worried about what might have happened, perhaps it is natural for them to leave home abruptly and the ritual simply indicates the equivalent of a gull bar mitzvah, a coming of age. 

One of the beautiful plates by Gustav Dore for Coleridge's 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

The gull, and it's cousin, the Albatross have associations with the 'saviour', probably due to the sight of them meaning land was near, to sailors lost at sea. It was extremely bad luck to kill one, as Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote about in 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.' The mewing of gulls somehow makes them tragic, especially when many people simply regard them as a nuisance and will destroy their nests, even though they are a protected species. I was told by someone called an 'angelologist,' once, that angel wings are more 'correctly' based on the wings of gulls, rather than eagles or doves (personally, I think angels appear to each according to their own vision, but this ref also makes sense). 

Angel gulls ?

We have gone from nature to myth (old religion) to religion and in the process, somehow come to worship Gods simply as disassociated masks of the energy they originally embodied. Wild Mustangs lose their habitat and are shot for sport even as sports cars bear their name. (Similarly, the Tuareg people of the Sahara - one of the last matriarchal cultures on Earth - fight for their existence while an oil-eating auto is named after them). 
It is important to remember that while we employ nature, animals and aboriginal peoples (people who have not lost the connection to nature) as symbols, they are living symbols - phenomena that, by simply existing in our presence, offer us all manner of teachings and a way back to the Garden. 

"The field has eyes,
The wood has ears;
I will look, be silent and listen"

-Hieronymous Bosch

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