Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer of Truth and Reconciliation - Saturn Direct, New Moon, Water Trine

Saturn just went direct in Scorpio, one third of the grand water trine with Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn slows things down naturally, and when in a retrograde, even more so. Saturn is the authority figure in your inner pantheon that has your best interest at heart and who is also reflected back to you in authority figures in your daily life. It can feel disciplinary, restrictive, limiting, but once you have passed a Saturn test, you are done with it. The catch is, you won't be done with it until you have passed, and not just by a hair, with a good mark. This applies to karmic lessons, especially. Saturn has been called the 'Lord of Karma'. He/She can be very serious, but has a great sense of gallows humour.

This retrograde gave us a chance to understand and examine the reasons behind our debts, dependencies and feelings of un-empowerment. Now with Saturn direct, we should be more aware of what kind of work is still required and how to go about it. Ask Saturn (within or without - as in a therapist, teacher or older/wiser/trusted person) for help. There is ample opportunity for self-compassion and forgiveness. All you need is love. That is the seed that can never be genetically engineered.

Scorpio lives in the 8th house (one of the 3 'karmic' houses) of death, taxes, debts, windfalls and all unseen powerful mojo, esp that which is shared via sex and wealth. Some of it's themes are redemption, rebirth, transformation, desire, obsession, payback. Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, rules the deepest, darkest underworlds. In the outer, this might include organized crime, ancient burials/bones or govt. secret service. In the inner, urges and drives from the sub-conscious that bring self destruction or realization, for better or worse (usually worse at first, then better). "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men ? The Shadow knows !" Pluto doesn't personalize or have any particularly subjective feelings for you, the way Saturn does (I'd say that's kind of a good thing) and is devoid of humour - in fact humour is the ONLY means you have of surviving Pluto's effect. It's mission is 'total recall', and sometimes this can happen even if you've been passing all of Saturn's tests. Suddenly the school burns down. The Pluto part of you is still working out karma from past lives, at a soul level, so when you are done with a Pluto lesson, it's more like evolution. Indeed, Pluto works on entire generations at a time, whereas Saturn gives you your own tutorial.

Currently, Saturn and Pluto are still in each other's signs - Capricorn and Scorpio - having a high level diplomatic meeting known as 'mutual reception,' wherein the power of both parties is increased. [More on that in an upcoming blog post.]
Obviously, this extreme mojo spills into the water trine (I say 'spills', because oil counts as deeply buried bones), which acts like a womb for it. Jupiter in Cancer is 'exalted', his magnanimity and familial tendencies expressed with the big heartedness and nurturing of mothering Cancer. But remember, Jupiter is somewhat benign - he just magnifies everything, so if you have a lot of Cancer woes and self-pity, that could get bigger, too. The good news is, making things bigger gives you a chance to see them better, so they can be worked on. Trines are the easiest aspect - so easy, you don't notice them and hence can end up not even trying. As an extreme example, Kurt Cobain Was a Pisces Sun with a grand water trine of the same planets involved here - Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, but with Neptune in Scorpio (and Mars) and Saturn in Pisces (as well as Venus, Chiron, Mercury). Plus he had a Cancer Moon. 'Get a grip' was not in his astrological vocabulary. His North Node in materially-inclined Taurus would have kicked in eventually, but alas, he didn't even make it to his Saturn return before killing himself.

Fortunately (that's a magic, Jupiter word), this water trine should give us just enough easy, but not overly so. Saturn in Scorpio brings the desire and will to get the work done. Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer make it pleasurable, creative, not as bad as we thought. Encouraging, too, as you are likely to see the results before your eyes. 
But wait - you may be saying - there are a lot of horrible things happening in the world, how can we 'do the work' to heal them ? The short answer is, you can only heal yourself, and now is the perfect time to make the effort, so get going. Remember, Pluto will bring a scythe to the bigger picture, when necessary, exposing and sabotaging when the numbers come up. We only perceive about  10% of things, the rest is 'dark matter', which also happens to be Pluto's favourite drink. Things may look terrible, but perhaps it is because, at our current level of evolution, we can only see this 10%. Interestingly, they say it only takes 10% of the population to be consciously awake in order for things to change. So keep up the good work, love and laugh.

'Happy Birthday George Orwell' art

Water and Earth signs are most affected by this water action, but all Moons are affected, as well as all bodies of water. The Moon signifies the past (this lifetime and others), memories, feelings, moods, hormones/fertility, the unconscious, dreams, birth, cycles, soul, mother issues (mother, motherland, Mother of God). The New Moon at home in Cancer today provides a fresh start, some private, dark time to delve into our inner mysteries. Really use this next couple of days to set intentions. Pretty much anything's possible under this influence, but we must be receptive, not try to control outcome. That way, Jupiter's gifts can flow freely in and our old debris can flow out. Fear and control restricts the flow in both directions, and we are talking water here. That said, it is still Mercury retrograde until July 20, so if you can hold off making any new plans (reworking old is ok) until then, much the better. Mars into Cancer on July 13 will really get our desires churning. Please practice water and sex safety at this time. Mars in Cancer may be old fashioned and a real softy, but he's still Mars. And Ju-papa is the patriarch/fertility God, so ladies, if you don't want to get pregnant this summer, take precautions...

'By the Sea' from the movie, Sweeney Todd  

Jupiter is in Cancer for the next 12 months. Fortunate times for all crab people !
The grand trine of Saturn Neptune Jupiter ends Aug 12. 
Mars is in Cancer until Aug 29, Mercury until Aug 24 
Saturn is in Scorpio until Dec  2014
Neptune goes direct Nov 13 and is in Pisces until 2025