Sunday, April 14, 2013

Asteroids - The Missing Feminine Link ?

The asteroids most commonly used in astrology are Vesta, Ceres (actually a dwarf planet, bigger than Pluto), Juno, Pallas and Chiron. 

All except Chiron are named after Goddesses. Astrologers haven't entirely agreed on signs for them, but I read one proposition for Virgo that I thought made total sense. The asteroids are all fractured parts of what was once a whole planet, located in the sphere between Mars and Jupiter. Wasn't the Great Goddess herself fractured into parts by the ancient Greeks ? Pallas Athena is Jupiter's chaste, warrior daughter, Vesta is the Vestal Virgin who guards the eternal flame, Juno is Jupiter's spouse and Ceres is the Lady of the Harvest. Chiron, the centaur, is masculine, but as compassionate healer, he too resonates well with Virgo.

Goddess archetype, Virgo's nature itself is scattered. She's an Earth sign, but not as grounded as Taurus or Capricorn. Perhaps Mercury is too inconsistent and flighty for her nervous system. (Maybe if she had 5 pairs of hands instead of one..).

Since the asteroids are fairly new to astrology, we haven't had enough time to gather much evidence about how they manifest their energies. Yet, there can be no doubt about certain things, like the Chiron return. Once you accept that they are all part of a whole, the Goddesses become much more powerful and interesting to observe. 

Right now, for example, Pallas is in Taurus. The Met Opera production playing on CBC today was Wagner's Ring Cycle, including the famous 'Ride of the Valkyries.' Brunhilde is absolutely Pallas Athena in Taurus (she sometimes wears a horned helmet):

"In Wagner's tale, Brünnhilde is one of the valkyries, who are born out of a union between Wotan and Erda (personification of Earth). Wotan initially commissions her to protect Siegmund, his son by a mortal mother. When Fricka protests and forces Wotan to have Siegmund die, Brünnhilde disobeys her father's change of orders and takes away Siegmund's wife (and sister) Sieglinde and the shards of Siegmund's sword, Nothung. She manages to hide them, but must then face the wrath of her father who is determined to make her mortal and put her into an enchanted sleep to be claimed by any man who happens across her. Brünnhilde argues that what she did was in obeyance of the god's true will and does not deserve such a fate. He is eventually persuaded to protect her sleep with magical fire, sentencing her to await awakening by a hero who does not know fear."

She's also in opposition to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio (fear, death, karma) and in cahoots with warrior-woman Venus in Aries, along with Mars, Sun, Uranus, Mercury. It's all very Aryan-Wagnerian. But you can see that without the Pallas element, there is a heroine missing. We need to include the asteroid Goddesses. Venus and the Moon can't play all the leading lady parts !

More on asteroids to come... stay tuned !

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