Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leo Full Moon Polarity

This article isn't about the full Moon in Leo per se, but rather, inspired by it, as one often is by Leo...

The world hasn't experienced a fixed sign age since the Age of Taurus (fixed earth). Usually there is one civilization that seems to embody the spirit of an age, and Egypt of the Old and Middle Kingdoms, was definitely 'it' during Taurus. Land cultivation, artistic and musical harmonics and architecture were perfected and created to last an eternity. This was due not only to Taurus' stamina and love of beauty, but also to the power-nature of its polarity sign, Scorpio (fixed water), concerning magic, medicine, death ritual and the afterlife.

Cat mummy coffin

Today we are at the beginning of the fixed sign Age of Aquarius, with the polarity of Leo. Many of us have speculated what the Age of Aquarius will bring, but let's look at the Leo side of things - seeing as it's a Leo full Moon this weekend - as well as how various features from the Taurus Age, particularly from Egypt, are resurfacing in our consciousness. Aquarius forms a square to Taurus, meaning this will be the time when difficult challenges to what we started back then are presented to us.

Cat Worship.
Cats were revered in Ancient Egypt for protecting the grain supply, their immunity to scorpion stings and for their absolute maternal nature. Leo is of course a cat, and it's amusing to see how cats have already taken over the social network, Aquarian territory. They'll play an important role in our awareness, as they are natural spiritual gurus (I'm even seeing a religion here). Aquarius loves aliens and angels, and cats are both, are they not ?

Henri (award winning cat video):
Nora the Piano Playing Cat:
LolCat Art Exhibit:
Ultimate Feline Mothering Nature:

Sun God, Ra as a Cat, slaying Apep (chaos/darkness) 

Leo rules the heart, while Aquarius rules the mind. 
In ancient Egyptian medicine, everything started with the heart - no matter what dis-ease a person had, there was ultimately a heart/soul problem at it's roots. The heart is the Sun of the body and Sun is Leo's ruler. Weighed after death against the feather of Ma'at ('truth'), a heart heavy with sin or untruthfulness would be eaten by Ammut, or so the Egyptians believed. 

Weighing of the Heart ceremony

There are widespread depression and mental health problems today and though science and drugs are the Aquarian, rational approach to making us all feel the same way, how can any individual be happy when we know so many of our sisters and brothers, of all species, are suffering needlessly ? We share and feel each other's pain, mistakenly thinking it is just our own. Aquarius mind balanced with Leo heart is the light of the world.

                                                                 Eye of Horus and Pineal gland - the 'third' Eye 

Leo is also the performer/artist and art is the best therapy, whether making your own or being healed by a wonderful film, play, book or visit to the gallery. Each must become creative now in some way, it's our birthright. We're already witnessing this happening, as unknown individuals become overnight, internet sensations (Aquarius). Ultimately an artist isn't just one who can paint or act, but who is able to transform their great work - their life - and thereby inspire others to do the same. The arts just happen to be the best vehicle/medicine for doing this.
Alchemy comes from Egypt, the 'black art' of turning dung or lead into gold, in other words, the art of personal transformation from base to enlightened self. The Sun's metal never loses it's value.
                                                                 Winged Scarab, symbol of self-transformation

How the Scarab Taught Astronomy ?

Farming in the Age of Taurus vs Frankenfarming in the Age of Aquarius. 
The places that were fertile so many thousands of years ago are now deserts, in part because of unsustainable practices. Leo is a hunter, a nomad, it goes where the food goes - food normally being hoofed herbivores. Short of turning all Mad Max, we could at least quit over-working the same soil and grow things according to where and when they'll grow best, instead of demanding tasteless strawberries 365 days a year. The Taurus square aspect is being felt by farmers who now struggle to meet demands, as well as health-conscious consumers, when we see how good land and food are being contaminated or wasted. Increasingly, we'll be challenged to replace ownership with stewardship. 'Bull market' needs a redefinition. Like the Egyptians who carefully observed and utilized the flooding of the Nile as well as all animal behaviour, we must re-learn to live in accordance with nature or die out as a species. Egyptians worshipped the Sun God, Ra and we'd be wise to befriend him, in the form of solar power, lest our future pyramids be the ruins of toxic, Uranian, nuclear reactors.

                                                                               Apis Bull transporting the dead

Speaking of nomads, the numbers of homeless and slum-dwellers have been steadily growing. Also, people move around and travel probably more today than at any other time in history. In general, we seem to be carrying a lot more stuff, too - if the growth in handbag size, cars and baby strollers over the last several decades is any indication. To have-not and travel light is another hard lesson for the Taurus-bred mentality... the Egyptian nobles even 'took it all with them' into the next world. But having an over-abundance of things hampers one's freedom to live and to die. (Having too much stuff in your head or too much information is the Aquarian equivalent). Part of the lesson from all the recent Aquarian floods and Leonine fires is about un-attachment and ingenuity. 

                                                                            Mummified bull (Smithsonian)

In the spirit of afterlife and rebirth, it's interesting that the Egyptian revolution started right at the onset of the Age of Aquarius last year... their struggle has been a very long one. Perhaps souls have now returned from the distant past, to overthrow the Pharaohs.  

Riddle of the Sphinx: 
What creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening ?
Man - he crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult and then with a cane in old age.

The Sphinx is a lion (Leo) with a human head (Aquarius). A Good mascot for the Aquarian Age !

                                                                                     Great Sphinx of Giza