Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aequus Nox

Happy Autumnal  Equinox !

Apologies dear readers, it's been a while since my last posting, have been very busy with my new teaching job. However, it's an important day in the world of symbols, and a raven squawks outside, so duty obviously calls...

It's the first day of Libra, the scales of Our Lady. Harvest, balance, as ye sow, so shall ye reap, karma...all the same themes of the number 8 in numerology. Hence the La Justice comes eighth. 
In this card, the Goddess is depicted holding a sword and scales, overt masculine and feminine symbols of Mars (lingam) and Venus (yoni/ovaries), the two planets which oversee the Spring and Fall equinoxes.


8 is also the number of infinity, plenty and renewal, perfection and Paradise regained after having gone through seven stages or passages, as in the previous card 7, The Chariot. Here, the initiate has, like Solomon, 'made Himself a chariot' - he has passed or is passing through seven stages of wisdom. 

The image is perhaps a visual play on the word equinox, with two equines (though equus/horse and aequus/equal have different roots). Tarot, as I've said, depicts natural laws of the universe. Its images are keys to overcoming duality and balancing opposites. As you can see, the frame of the chariot makes a boundary dividing lower/material and upper/spiritual realms. The initiate has mastered the physical realm to some degree and has embarked on a spiritual journey. However, the paradox is that this creates an illusion of duality he must now seek to overcome. 

Catharsis will come in 7's higher octave, card 16, the Tower. It has been suggested that card 7 may relate to the astrological nodes of the Moon, which provide the axis of a birth chart and a route for our soul's evolutionary path.  The south node represents everything we've harvested in past lives that is now mostly-done-with fodder.  North node territory is new and unfamiliar but necessary for growth. We slide back to old familiar turf many a time en route. I often associate The Chariot card with Sagittarius, sign of the South Node who's polarity is Gemini - twin horsemen and sparring partners, opposites.



16 - The Tower, 17 - The Star
Egyptian God Thoth and Goddess Sheshat.

8 reappears as it's higher octave, grace, in card 17, The Star. The card can be interpreted many ways, but the ibis bird in the background is a clue. In Egyptian mythology, Sheshat was the Goddess of wisdom, writing, mathematics, as well as time and record keeping by way of the stars. "Sheshat opens the door of Heaven for you." Her later incarnation was Thoth, the ibis-headed, Egyptian God of wisdom, writing and magic. Ma'at (truth/divine law) was Thoth's wife and his number was 8. Also interesting how the main star is ruled as if to show mathematical division. 

The 12 houses of the zodiac wheel are divided starting with Aries (Mars) at one end of the horizon line (ascendant) and Libra (Venus) at the 7th house cusp (descendant), going counter-clockwise. The lower half pertain to the individual and early/inner development and the upper half, initiated by Libra in the 7th house of partnerships, to the individual in relation to the bigger picture. Moon and Sun expression come naturally (ruling Cancer and Leo), while those of Jupiter (Sagittarius/Pisces) and Saturn (Capricorn/Aquarius), one grows into. Summer is kid stuff, winter requires responsibility and a philosophical outlook. What was sown in the first 6 houses will ultimately influence how we project ourselves outwardly, just as harvest will depend on what we put into the Earth last spring.

                               Persephone; "that which shoots forth and withdraws from the earth"

September is a 9 month, the end of a gestation cycle of life. October, a 1 month, begins the new death cycle, but also brings hints of new life coming next year. Pluto-Persephone went direct Sept 17, initiating the half of the year when the underworld rules the overworld. Life and Death are in a spiralling dance where one appears to be leading for a while, then the other, but  they never separate. 

September Song - Lou Reed:

                             Happy Birthday, Libra ! 


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