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New Moon in Cancer - GOT SOUL ?

On July 18,  the New Moon will be in her own sign of Cancer (the New Moon is always conjunct the Sun, in the same sign, which is why we can't see her). Cancer is the sign of the Universal Mother, and rules the breasts. 

The symbol for Cancer looks like breasts, but it is actually two spirals spinning together, like the galaxy, or two nines, number of gestation and endings preceding birth, moving forward and backward...

The constellation was also seen as a cradle - the cradle (or gateway) of birth and death. In the same way, the Moon is presumed to be where souls await physical rebirth. 
In ancient Egypt, the symbol for Cancer was the Scarab (where the word 'crab' comes from). The beetle rolled it's dung like the Sun, travelling through the night or netherworld to be reborn.

Since Moon governs the tides of the ocean and body fluids, it is associated with the soul, which is watery (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces form the water triad). In Tarot, cups are the soul element. Soul is the source of emotional memory and feelings and, being the source, is essentially no different than the ocean. 

In astrology, the Moon, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes are the main indicators of the soul's path/past lives. The Moon's placement is also indicative of our ancient, matrilineal heritage and earliest emotional memories.

This Cancer new (dark) Moon, is a good time to begin revisiting  our emotional memories and see whether we stopped evolving emotionally somewhere along the line, due to some tragic or disruptive event in our early or past lives. 

For women, if the relationship with your mother was severed at some point, this is likely a microcosm of/clue to where and how your matrilineal line was severed long ago.
For men, the soul is your 'anima' and you will know her by the kind of woman you are attracted to. Is she a big teat ? A femme fatale ? A nurturer or a devourer ? Do you fear her or try to protect her ? 

I sometimes think of the Cancer Sun and Moon as Samantha and Endora of the 1960s TV series, 'Bewitched.'  Cancer Sun is witchy, but would rather 'get to a man's heart through his stomach', be the domestic Goddess. Moon in Cancer is the opposite of rational and can be a nurturer or devourer of the soul (or both). And of course she's the older Mother. 

Pluto-Moon/Cancer or Lilith-Moon/Cancer aspects can be challenging in this respect and will reveal much about the Mother/child dynamic. The Pluto in Cancer generation (1913 - 1939), who were very affected by their mothers' issues, are now preparing to return to the 'Great Mother.' 

Sinead O'Connor sings 'Mother' with Roger Waters:
Summary: This Moon, born in Cancer, is good for healing ancient or childhood memories (especially to do with Mother or Mother's line), honouring the Soul and the feminine. And while we are at it - our relationship with Mother Ocean, source of all life, could really use some healing.

The following is adapted from 'Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of the Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death' by Robert Moss. Published by New World Library. (Thanks to Rob Brezsny for providing).

The basic insights of paleopsychology are as follows:

1. Spirits are real.
2. We are not alone: we live in a multidimensional universe peopled with beings — spirits of nature, gods and daimons, angels and ancestors — who take a close interest in our affairs and influence our lives for good or ill.
3. We are more than our bodies and brains, which are only vehicles for soul.
4. The soul survives the death of the body.
5. Soul journeying is the key to the spiritual worlds and the knowledge of ultimate reality. The soul makes excursions outside the body in dreams and visions. The heart of spiritual practice is to learn to shift consciousness at will and travel beyond time and space. Through soul-flight, we return to worlds beyond the physical plane in which our lives have their source and are able to explore many dimensions of the Otherworld.
6. Souls are corporeal, though composed of much finer substance than the physical body.
7. People have more than one soul. In addition to the vital soul that sustains physical life — closely associated with the breath — there is a “free soul,” associated with the dreambody, which can travel outside the body and separates from it at physical death, as well as an enduring spirit whose home is on the higher planes.
8. Souls — or pieces of soul — can be lost or stolen. This is the principal cause of disease and misfortune.
9. Some people have more souls than others and have the ability to make excursions to different places at the same time.
10. At death, different vehicles of soul go to different lots. Through conscious dreaming, it is possible to explore the conditions of the afterlife to prepare for one’s death and to assist souls of the dying and departed.
11. We are born with counterparts in nature. For example, we are born with a totem animal and a relationship with natural forces (wind or water or lightning) that are part of our basic identity and help to pattern the natural flow of our energy.
12. We are born with counterparts in other places and times, and in other dimensions of reality. When we encounter them through interdimensional travel, they become allies and sometimes teachers.

Images: Sara Goodridge, Crop circle, Dali Ace of Cups, Goth Giaconda, Ronald Searle TV Guide illustration, fiddler crab, Dorothy Phillips.

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