Tuesday, July 3, 2012



My new home for tea 'n' Tarot readings is Notte's Bon Ton, located on West Broadway in beautiful Kitsilano, BC. 
I'm there on Friday afternoons from 12:00 - 3:30/4:00
The finest European pastry parlour in the west !

I also offer longer Tarot readings by appointment as well as astrological services. 

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"I looked at your blog and some posts and comments you made in the past and was amazed that you answered my deepest Question. You posted the article "Roxanna's AstroTarology: Fish Have Left the Building, Woman Bearing Jugs at the Gate" talking about the Pisces age and organized religion. It was a breakthrough for me. Thanks so much ! "     -- PB

"Roxanna’s knowledge of different aspects of astrology, ancestry, karma and other intuitive methods are a real eye opener and I recommend her to anyone searching for purposeful answers along this winding, curious journey. A gifted, informative, witty, generous and interesting person, a pleasure to be acquainted with."  -- C

“My experience with Roxanna was memorable and helpful. She was able to contextualize the issues going on in my life, which helped me accept them and move forward. I truly believe she's gifted. “ 
-- CP

"I always look forward to a reading with Roxanna. In every session she has amazed me not only with her insight and ability to apply it in a meaningful way, but with her wide knowledge of how astrology and Tarot intersect as a whole. She has helped me make important life decisions, providing an alternate view balanced by her years of experience and living wisdom. Her sense of humor is a big plus too."  -- SJ

“I found Roxanna's reading of my chart most intuitive and quite profound. I would recommend anyone in need of clarity and direction to make an appointment.” -- MM

For information, inquiries, or to book an appointment by phone or in person, please contact me at:
or message me via this blog or Facebook !

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