Monday, June 18, 2012

"My Warehouse Eyes, My Arabian Drums" - Jupiter in Gemini

In search of Thee, I found myself. 
    -- Bengal Boatman's Song

In the beginning there was nothing. The moment this nothing became conscious of itself, it became one. In doing so, it immediately felt the void, the loneliness of being only itself. So this one (which was really nothing) reflected upon or copulated with itself (depending on who's telling the story) and became two. The rest is a continual play of opposites, dividing and reproducing into infinite forms.
Many creation myths describe the beginning of the universe or consciousness as a cosmic egg in a womb of nothingness. Scientists concede that all the material of the universe was once compressed as a single, egg-like ball, before the so-called 'Big Bang.' (Although, maybe it was more of a 'Big Aum').


Though not a creation myth per se, the Gemini quadruplets - two boys and two girls - were born from two eggs laid by Leda, who'd been raped by Zeus-Jupiter and then had sex with her husband. So one babe of each gender was fathered by a God, the other two by a mortal. 

                                                                             Bachiacca's Leda

Gemini illustrates our need, illusory or not, for duality. One twin knows he is a God, alone in the cosmic void, while the other exists in denial that he is merely a reflection or echo created out of the void. The two will often argue, but usually agree to disagree because they need each other. Mostly they are good sparring partners (in the spirit of their opposite, Sagittarius). We can all relate to this eternal/mortal dichotomy, but Gemini in particular wrestles with it.

When the student is ready, 
the teacher will appear.  
        -- Buddhist Proverb

God-Father Jupiter rules Gemini's opposite sign of Sagittarius, who seeks the source, and feels aloneness more as oneness with the All. So when Jupiter visits Gemini, it's like the wise old traveller arriving at the brothers' door, requesting lodging for the night. One night turns into a thousand and one, during the course of which he gives them spiritual teachings by the fire, in the form of stories. Of course he is really God (their long forgotten father who somehow knows everything about their lives) unbeknownst to them. And of course they will re-tell those stories to everyone they meet, as is Gemini custom. 

Trump 9, the Hermit, relating to the 9th house of the Zodiac

The Lunar Nodes are also in the signs of Gemini (south) and Sagittarius (north) currently, so there is an evolutionary opportunity at hand for us to unify our godly and mortal parts into something called a 'human being,' that the old man told us about in one of his bedtime stories... another step in the quantum leap that has been going on this year. 
Venus' extended stay/retrograde in Gemini is part of it, too. She is very much a fairy God-Mother acting on our behalf, showing us the coach in a pumpkin, the prince in a frog and other such beautiful mysteries of unified creation.
Two major Goddess and God archetypes both conjuncting the South Node in the house of the dual, semi-mortal siblings. Think of the implications...

                   In God's own image: Dali's 'Wine of Gala and God',  old alchemical illustration.

Reporter: Mr Kane, how did you find business conditions in Europe ? 
Charles Foster Kane: How did I find business  conditions in Europe ? With great difficulty.

Expansion of the word, communication, teaching, publishing (especially news and information), armies, Big Brother, higher-learning communities, franchises, and investments therein all fall under Jupiter-Gemini. And let us not forget this is a sky and wind combination, so wind turbines, wind energy, air travel also on the agenda. Politically, there may be a tendency to look up to father-figure dictators - it's quite a patriotic influence, and Gemini can be calculating and entirely intellect or money-based. It's also masculine and business-oriented and leaders will try to get around laws (Jupiter) to get rich, using smokescreens to keep their true motives hidden. Jupiter wants to spend, Gemini wants to bargain, so we'll see what happens with the Euro/the European Union (and other unions). England is heavily Gemini-influenced, so things should be ok for them, though Pluto in Capricorn continues gnawing away at the foundations of all too-long-empowered institutions. 

The ongoing creation mystery of 2012 climaxes as Venus and Jupiter in the sky start making magic before sunrise from the end of June to the end of July (sure to be breathtaking together with the crescent Moon July 14/15), and they will meet again, conjunct with Mercury in Gemini at the end of May 2013. Jupiter will be in Gemini until end of June 2013.
Also of note, Saturn goes direct in Libra June 25 and will act as an independent observer and keeper of karmic accounts, reporting only to our closest ally, the Moon until the second week of July. The 'Lord of the Rings' is exalted in Libra - sign of justice, balance and fairness.

                                                       Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Salvador Dali

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