Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eros - The Lover, Son of Aphrodite-Venus

Everybody loves a Lover
Everybody loves me
Oh yes they do
And I love Everybody
Since I fell in love with you...

The Lover Tells of the Rose in His Heart  
by W. B. Yeats

ALL things uncomely and broken, all things worn out and old,
The cry of a child by the roadway, the creak of a lumbering cart,
The heavy steps of the ploughman, splashing the wintry mould,
Are wronging your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart.
The wrong of unshapely things is a wrong too great to be told;
I hunger to build them anew and sit on a green knoll apart,
With the earth and the sky and the water, remade, like a casket of gold
For my dreams of your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart.

"Why do I love" You, Sir
  By Emily Dickinson

"Why do I love" You, Sir?
The Wind does not require the Grass
To answer—Wherefore when He pass
She cannot keep Her place.

Because He knows—and
Do not You—
And We know not—
Enough for Us
The Wisdom it be so—

The Lightning—never asked an Eye
Wherefore it shut—when He was by—
Because He knows it cannot speak—
And reasons not contained—
—Of Talk—
There be—preferred by Daintier Folk—

The Sunrise—Sire—compelleth Me—
Because He's Sunrise—and I see—
I love Thee— 

I'm writing this as the planet Venus makes her way across the Sun in her swan-drawn chariot. A partially eclipsed, Sagittarius 'strawberry' Moon preceded her and has now moved into Capricorn, conjuncting Pluto, and will trine Lilith tomorrow evening (June 6).  

Eros, son of Venus, 
Universal Lover, 
shot his arrow through the heart, 
splitting it open to receive. 

The Lover is, simply, one who loves, a devotee of the heart - he/she has been initiated into it's wisdom via the arrow. Trump 6 shows Love making the young man it's initiate, a binding agent. (It's  meaning was changed in Waite's Tarot, when it became 'The Lovers,' depicting Adam and Eve).
You probably know  people who embody The Lover archetype - they 'make love' with many, though not necessarily in the physical sense. 'Everybody loves a lover.' The Lover opens and connects hearts. Perhaps you are a Lover, or have recently become one under the influence of Venus.

Upside down
Her pentacle becomes 
the Devil's face

The 'higher octave' or lesson of trump 6 is 15, The Devil, Love's shadow, that binds lovers with shame, guilt, possessiveness, jealousy, low self-esteem, dishonesty, fear and self-sabotage. Lilith made a friend of these outcasts and directs them off off off Broadway, from the dark shadows of our psyche. [Psyche, lover of Eros, is a butterfly, while Lilith is a moth]. 
'Lucifer' in the biblical sense was the wisest angel and the scapegoat (Capricorn). But the Light-Bringer who illuminates  truth is anything but a horny old goat, that's just a shadow projection. Lucifer is actually Venus, the Morning Star, who  heralds the dawn both outside and within.

When Venus disappears  for eight days before becoming the Morning Star again, remember her resurrection is the stuff that myths/religions were built on - her resurrection is our resurrection.
She will begin rising as the Morning Star/Lucifer mid-month, about June 16.

"Be happy," cried the Nightingale, "be happy; you shall have your red rose. I will build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with my own heart's-blood. All that I ask of you in return is that you will be a true lover, for Love is wiser than Philosophy, though she is wise, and mightier than Power, though he is mighty. Flame- coloured are his wings, and coloured like flame is his body. His lips are sweet as honey, and his breath is like frankincense."

                          --  from The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde

Lovely Songs for Universal Lovers:

Everybody Loves a Lover - The Shirelles 1964   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ9Z3gjhDKs
Moonlight Lover - Joya Landis    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaaBA4IOhPo
My Heart My Life - Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIU7He4X_q0

Images:  The Lover by Paul Klee, Renaissance 'The Lover' card, The Lover and The Devil cards by Oswald Wirth, Lucifer by William Blake, The Nightingale and the Rose illustration.

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