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May 5 "Lucifer's Moon"

The biggest (perigee) full Moon of the year will occur in Scorpio on a 5/5/5 date,  May 5, 2012.  
Scorpio's polar opposite, Taurus is ruled by Venus (full Moon is always in the sign opposite the Sun). We are of course in the midst of a major Venus festival in preparation for her transit of the Sun on June 5/6. 
More on that later...

Any time a number repeats itself like this, it's significant. 5+5+5 = 15, which happens to be the number of the Devil card in Tarot. Lucifer, as he's also known, means 'light-bringer' and originally referred to the same brilliant planet the Greco-Romans called Venus. The ancient Mesopotamians understood it's dual nature and worshipped the Heavenly Twins as 'morning star' that heralded the Sun's rebirth, and 'evening star' (or 'fallen morning star') who penetrated the abyss of the Great Mother in it's empassioned descent. We still associate Venus morning star with victory (see the American flag) and evening star with romance.
The Egyptians identified it's phoenix-like character with the Bennu bird, or 'soul of Ra.' To the Gnostics, Lucifer brought enlightenment against God's will, just like Prometheus. Can you see where the 'fallen angel' idea and the association of Lucifer with sexuality (as well as death with sex) starts to take form ?

Scorpio, the feminine sign embodying the mystery of death and rebirth, has suffered the same fate as Lucifer in the hands of the biblical fathers - it gets to be the Devil of the zodiac (even though we all know that role really belongs to Capricorn, ho ho).

The number 5 is sacred to Venus, though it's also a number of Jupiter, who  lives in the fifth sphere of the solar system and represents 'spiritual father' in card #5. But we'll stick to Venus herein.
Venus' completed path of victory every 243 years creates a pentacle when traced (as does Earth's). Also 5 is predominant in the plant world, ruled by Venus. Plants have 5 hormones, and 5 petalled flowers are most common - apple, primrose, wild rose, periwinkle, raspberry, spring beauty, yarrow, anise are just a few Venusian favourites. We also have five senses, making us... sensual. 

The number two is also sacred to Venus, especially Venus in Gemini. In Tarot, #2, the Papess (or Abbess, as I like to call her) is often equated with Isis and the Moon, but Venus/Lucifer also has her crescent phases or 'horns,' of which the ancients were well aware. 
The lower octave of 15 (1+5) is 6, the Lover, which  expresses the dual feminine as well as the divine presence that binds any  relationship, making it sacred  ('holy matrimony'). By way of the five senses, our bodies are temples through which we receive the gifts of the Goddess and unite our inner and outer experience. 


Some of our senses are pretty weak compared with those of other creatures - a turkey vulture, for example, can smell road kill from hundreds of feet above and a bat or dog can hear thinks inaudible to the human ear. Our taste sense is quite complex, but probably what sets us apart most is our sense of touch, by way of our five-digit hands and feet. We receive textures and vibrations with them, connecting to the earth with bare feet and touching the great spirit with hands cupped in prayer or meditation. "Talk to the hand..." Goddess, on the one, God, on the other.

Now, back to the stars...

As mentioned, June 5/6 marks a very rare event; retrograde Venus' transit of the Sun. This transit occurs in pairs, the first one was in 2004. This is the moment when Cinderella, cloaked in the Sun, steps out of the coach and dazzles everyone with her glory, which is really an outward expression of her inner beauty. We are being given an opportunity to regenerate our spirits with grace and self esteem, to remember that we are eternal, little, carbon, star parts from the great fire ball, that will be re-charged now with the sacred feminine. The unification of our dual nature is definitely part of this Gemini-timed event; as within, so without, as above, so below, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Whatever ritual you use to tap the powerful energy should involve the hands and be carried out with focused intention and love - be it prayer, meditation, creation, music, clapping, sensual massage...

Magnified in proportion and exactly one month prior to Venus' Sun transit, "Lucifer's Moon" heralds the return of the Goddess, or the woman 'clothed with the Sun' in Revelations....but it's not quite like the televangelists preach. For the Gnostic initiate, to be 'devoured by the Dragon' meant to be assimilated into ancient wisdom. The Dragon has seven heads; the seven pillars of (feminine/serpent) wisdom. [Note we are in a Dragon year]. The woman aka Goddess is shedding her skin and giving rebirth to herself.


Her crown of twelve stars is the zodiac, as we move into a new cycle of time. Apocalypse means 'lifting of the veil.' It's about gnosis and rebirth of the inner and outer universe through awakening - NOT about the Devil literally coming to devour the Virgin Mary's baby !

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Top image - stellar bull Goddess from ancient Egypt
Unfurling Moon Flower photo © Joseph Blough
Peace Hamsa (hand) by Libat Ohayon 


  1. In case you read my 'Return of the Goddess' post and are now confused...
    The Heavenly Twins were at times male, at times female, depending on the culture. And planet Venus/Lucifer wasn't the singular inspiration for duality; most of the ancient Gods and Goddesses had dual or multiple natures and dimensions, as do we. Gemini's ruler, Hermes-Mercury, oversees the play of opposites and their unification. Venus is spending extra time in Gemini for her celebration this year.

  2. Very interesting reading Roxanna.

  3. Please credit me for anything you lift from this blog, I put a lot of time into it. Thank you.