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Toro ! Toro ! Toro !

T A U R U S   "Strong Like Bull"

The Earth
the World
the Word 
that became Flesh

Taurus was possibly the first constellation to be depicted as an animal. This was discovered by astronomer Frank Edge, who recognized the Pleiades while studying bulls in the Lascaux caves. 

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Bulls were worshipped (and no doubt sacrificed) in the Age of Taurus,  
when agricultural societies began to replace nomadic ones throughout 
the Mediterranean and the Fertile Crescent. The Tigris and Euphrates run to and from the Taurus Mountains in what is now Turkey. During Egypt's golden era, Spring Equinox began when the Sun moved into Taurus. The Sun, together with the crescent (newly waxing) Moon formed the crown of 
Isis and was the inspiration for the symbol for Taurus, which resembles a Bull's head. Venus (Taurus' planetary ruler) and the Moon (Taurus' ancient planetary association, where the sign is said to be 'exalted') are equated with Isis, the Mother Goddess. As Mary, she stands upon the crescent Moon, with the Sun as her halo.
 {Note: The lines start to get fuzzy between Venus, Moon and Virgo, but the Goddess takes many forms - essentially she is the embodiment of LOVE.}

In India, the Bull is revered in Hindu religion as Nandi, Shiva's vehicle.  HOLY COW, I'd never eat you.

The Minoan culture was heavily into bulls as well as bees, believed
to be born from the body of bulls. Bull-jumping was all the rage.
Maybe where Zeus-Jupiter got the idea to take the form of a white
one, to attract and rape Europa.

White Buffalo Calf Woman, Goddess of the Lakota Sioux is the 
Amerindian version of Isis/Venus. White buffalos are sacred.

This is 'Bosou', a Haitian Vodou deity of agriculture, fertility,
 blessings... pretty Taurus-like.

Taurus natives are sensualists. Unless they love what they are doing, they will drag their heels. However once they are in a groove, there is no end to their stamina. The neck (yoke) and five senses, especially taste, smell and hearing fall under Taurus' jurisdiction. Many Taureans  have sensitive ears and may suffer from tinnitus or hearing loss as a result of noise. Others have amazing voices and/or musical ability. If not on the dictator path (Sadaam, Hitler, Harper) or money-obsessed (Madoff, Strauss-Kahn, Hearst), this soul is the artist, foodie and nature-lover. 

BULL POWER:  Stephen Colbert, Salvador Dali, Betty Page, Barbara Streisand, Martha Graham, Rudolph Valentino, Iggy Pop, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Jones, Jerry Seinfeld, Pete Townshend, Liberace, Tina Fey, Kate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz, Malcolm X, Al Pacino, Richard Avedon, Fifi Abdou, William Shakespeare, Bono, Jack Nicholson, Sigmund Freud, Daniel Day Lewis, Duke Ellington, Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Joey Ramone, Orson Welles. 

Taurus is fixed Earth, the embodiment of nature - especially vegetation. The root word 'Tau' or T, is a mystical symbol representing a meeting of known and unknown worlds (appears in Tarot card 21, The World)...why so many creatives are born under the sign of Taurus ? Apparently, the Greek letter Tau is often used instead of Pi and there is a movement among mathematicians to replace Pi with Tau. Perhaps that would resonate better with the Earth. Here's what Tau sounds like, see what you think:
Now how about this : 

Happy Birthday Taurus !

* Mark your calendars - June 5 Venus makes her once-in-a-lifetime transit with the Sun. The Queen of Heaven crowned in all Her golden glory. Be there or be square ! *

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