Monday, March 5, 2012

The Return of the Goddess

Venus has just come home to her candle-lit, velvet-draped, Taurus chateau. Bring on the dancing girls and boys, the chocolate buffet, the works. You are hereby required to enjoy any and all sensual pleasures in Her Ladyship's honour. With the two hedonists of the zodiac (Venus and Jupiter) in Taurus now, don't feel bad if your Mars/Virgo spartan health regimen starts to drift. It's not natural to lose weight for Spring, anyway - Spring is for the fecund. 

The Roman word 'venus' translates as 'sexual desire' or 'sexual love,'  but Venus-Aphrodite  had many epithets and was Goddess in her own right (Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte) before the Greeks and Romans separated her parts. The most beautiful star in the crepuscular sky was once a single, dual-natured female deity. At dusk, she's the eight-pointed star that guides ships and points to the eight directions. At dawn, she's the five-pointed star of victory, her completed path of the heavens every 243 years creating a pentacle when traced. [Note - though the eight pointed star is not exclusive to the Goddess, it was her original, Sumerian symbol. Eight points signify redemption and harmony and have been applied to other stellar bodies, including comets].

In astrology, Venus in Libra, a masculine, air sign, is considered more extraverted on the social front (think, Paris), while in Taurus she's more the typical, rubenesque muse of classical painting (think, a paradise lost). In a chart, Venus' position determines whether you are a morning star or evening star type, regardless of what sign she's in.

During her recent transit through Aries, Venus donned her battle gear as Venus Armata. She's been on a political bent lately, fighting on the side of women's reproductive health during the US G.O.P. debate and being slandered in the process. 

"The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation, 
because in the degradation of woman, the very fountains of life 
are poisoned at their source."  - Lucretia Mott 1848

Here's a still relevant story about one Romper Room teacher's long battle for access to an abortion in 1962, after having taken the tranquilizer, thalidomide, which everyone ought to read. (I also posted it on my Facebook AstroTarology page for Leo Moon):

Sorry to put a yucky mint in your bon-bons, but the reproductive issue won't go away during her Taurus transit - here Venus is fixed in her sexual/womb element and, since Dark Moon Lilith (part-time in retrograde) is visiting, some bitter memories are sure to surface as these sisters down sea foam bubbley. Neither of these fabulous babes are big on the mother role, but enjoy the getting there part. Lilith bears grudges going back to biblical times and is herself equated with Ereshkigal, Ishtar's dark sister. The conversation could go something like this:

Venus: When Venus gave them civilization, the rule of ignorance was NOT what She had in mind. The Goddess thought mortals might cultivate their highest creative potential by expressing their spirits in infinite, earthly manifestations, as I do in nature. It seems every culture is defined by another on how it treats it's women, and by itself on how it hones them. Can't sisters see how the world revolves around them ?

Lilith: (smirking) "I am shameless and I am ashamed...pass the baklava..."

Attention:  A major, once in a lifetime, Venus event will be coming up soon ! 

Mark your calendars. On June 5/6, 2012, retrograde Venus will pass directly in front of the Sun. This transit occurs in pairs, and the first one was in 2004. Literally the return of the Goddess. This is the moment when Cinderella, cloaked in the Sun, steps out of the coach and dazzles everyone with her glory, which is really an outward expression of her inner beauty. We are being given an opportunity to regenerate our spirits with grace and self esteem, to remember that we are eternal, little, carbon, star parts from the great fire ball, that will be re-charged now. Let us embrace her glory within and without, get back on the right brain train and pray for a re-turn to naturalness. The unification of our dual nature is definitely part of this Gemini-timed event; as within, so without, as above, so below, on Earth as it is in Heaven. 
We've been out of balance, due to out-of-control left brain thinking, and are being pushed to evolve spiritually or be hopelessly lost. 'Come back to the source, step into the dawning of a new day,' says Venus. 

Beauty is life when life
unveils her holy face.
But you are life and you are the veil.
Beauty is eternity gazing at
itself in the mirror,
but you are eternity and you are the mirror.

        - Khalil Gibran

Incidentally, the Gemini brothers had twin sisters, lest we forget - Clytemnestra and Helen of Troy. Clytemnestra was the archetypal femme fatale and Helen, 'the face that launch'd a thousand ships,' was worshipped as a cult Goddess. Maybe it's time to reinstate the female twins, or at least one of them...


And finally...
Mercury will start it's retrograde cycle on March 11. Mercury has been hanging out with uber-sibling Uranus lately, concocting new forms of communication, brilliant ideas and scientific breakthroughs, no doubt. If you're having one, use retrograde time to fact check, edit and re-try, wait until Mercury goes direct (April 4) before presenting it.
With these two brainers conjunct in Aries, the Department of Youth has the power right now, and advertisers are doing everything to tap it. The Lorax movie - say no more. 

Here's the NASA Venus Sun transit map: 

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