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New Moon in Pisces Feb 21

"I dreamt -- marvellous error! -- that I 
  had a beehive here inside my heart. And 
the golden bees were making white 
combs and sweet honey from my old 
                - Antonio Machado

                                                                                          Archangel Raphael 17th c Peruvian (Brooklyn Museum)

The New Moon is an initiatory period, when the mystery of creation is shrouded in a protective veil of darkness. It's the natural time for women to bleed and skins to shed in secrecy, away from the spotlight. We go inward and dream what we want to bring forth with the waxing Moon. It's also when the Moon and Sun come together in the royal bed, unifying active/masculine and receptive/feminine energies as well as the  meeting of conscious and unconscious realms.

With that in mind, the stellum of planets and asteroids - Moon, Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Vesta - in Pisces right now are all about re-dreaming,  re-envisioning  and thereby healing our collective soul. It's an opportunity to release old karmic baggage we've been hauling for lifetimes (especially during the Age of Pisces, I would think). 

How to recognize it... Your dreams and feelings are a good starting point, and if you are in a cycle of pain or stuck-ness in this lifetime, chances are it's a repeat lesson, so you can simply work with what is here, now. Pay attention to old feelings that come up, try not to avoid them. Be present, notice what images emerge from your depths. Chiron is your own inner healer being activated. 

It's a great time for an intuitive reading and/or energy work to help you recognize and move whatever's stuck - that would be the message from Mars, retrograde in Pisces' opposite sign of Virgo. Both Saturn (in balancing Libra) and Mars are in retrograde on the other side of all this dream-time activity, making sure we don't flip flop from visionary to delusional. Saturn says, 'this will take work and commitment on your part, if you want this Moon's healing potential to do more than just wash over you.' You can also call upon the Archangel Raphael for help. He is 'God's Healing,' who's symbol is a fish.

The New Moon's transit will start with an exact conjunction to Neptune,  bringing inner psychic awareness, love. Neptune is like the priest that brings Sun and Moon together in a holy baptismal matrimony, followed by Chiron, the wounded healer/shaman. Talk about kiss and make up in the cosmic sense. Mercury is next, making the magic practical, along with Vesta, guardian of the inner flame - the source of our creativity. Art is our best tool for healing with and Neptune is also the muse. Plus, we are in the Water dragon year, so there's some more watery magic to work with. Dream big.

I'd like to propose that we work on re-envisioning what we have come to recognize as power. Is it really all about money and status ? Or does this perpetual belief just keep us handing ours over to guys that ought to be supervised by a team of psychiatrists 24-7 ? Who are they really but people with enormous, gaping voids to fill ? Pluto's transit through Capricorn is 'totally recalling' the old power structures, but it has to start with our old belief systems being torn down. Make your 'one percent' up of people that inspire and enlighten you and let it grow by nurturing the muse in yourself and others.  This transit can bring beauty and harmony into your life if you allow it to.


                                 "Let the beauty we love be what we do.
   There are hundreds of ways to kneel
and kiss the ground."   --Rumi

New Moon conjuncts Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mercury, Vesta in Pisces starting Feb 21 at  9:31 am PST.

Feb 23rd 6:47 pm PST, Moon will move into Aries and conjunct Uranus, so wakey-wakey ! 

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