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MYSTICAL PATH, PRACTICAL FEET - Virgo's Household Cleaning Tips for Neptune in Pisces

Neptune re-entered it's own sign of Pisces today, home for the next 13 years. This icy, mysterious, blue planet, where it supposedly rains diamonds, is the 'higher octave' of Venus. It is the eighth and/or ninth planet from the Sun, depending on Pluto's orbital position. Dreams, illusions, art (especially film, music, dance), healing, universal love, psychic ability, phobias and mind-altering drugs are some of the areas Neptune presides over. Modern astrologers recognize it as a fitting replacement for Pisces' traditional ruler, Jupiter.

Neptune is currently conjunct 'the wounded healer' asteroid, Chiron, named after the centaur who learned and taught healing as a result of his non-healing wound. In a chart, Chiron's placement shows where you become your own medic through your pain - the wound and healing are one. In Pisces, it is truly shamanic. Chiron prefers holistic methods and is where we get the word 'chiropractor.' Many astrologers associate it with the sign of Virgo. 

Virgo is also the polar opposite sign of Pisces. Where Pisces is dreamy and escapist, Virgo is practical and, literally, 'down to Earth'. We think of her simply as 'the Virgin', but she is also depicted as a winged figure - the angel of earthly service. (Her Vestal Virgin persona seems more in keeping with the asteroid, Vesta, who is also transiting Pisces right now). Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger planet. 

I had declared in my Dec 21/11 post (Fish Have Left the Building) that we'd officially kissed the Pisces Age good-bye. But of course, after living in a house for two-thousand-some-odd years, there's a ton of cleaning to do before you can actually leave the premises...otherwise, you will certainly not get your damage deposit back ! A final purge of the old dream's residue needs doing, to prepare the space for creating a big, fabulous, magical, Water-Dragony, new one. Neptune in Pisces, along with Chiron, is the final rinse and purification team.

Virgo has our best (and cleanest) interests at heart, so I've invoked her to provide some practical tips on cleansing with Neptune energy. Try to come up with your own ideas, too, since you are the instigator of your own process - your own shaman. Start now, sparkle by Spring !

Cleansing the physical body

1 - Eliminate or at least drastically cut down on red meat, processed foods, wheat, sugar, dairy, fats, yeast and fermented foods, alcohol, coffee, fried stuff, too much salt and anything else that potentially creates blockage and toxicity. Fast for a day or three if you can. Take a probiotic daily to replace friendly bacteria. Psyllium seed husks, bentonite clay and vitamin C can also help. And whatever it takes, if you are a smoker, it is definitely time to quit, now. My Virgo neighbour just resumed smoking after a year and is very sick, as a result.

2 - Increase your water intake. Consider investing in a Cerra filter to increase alkalinity. It really makes a huge diff when the acid is removed, both health and taste-wise ! A pinch of baking soda per 2 litres of water is the no-frills method (this will not filter or ionize your water, however). 

3 - Eat more raw foods, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes and whole grains (Virgo is also the grain Goddess, after all). Oatmeal, gentle enough to slough your skin, has the same loofa effect on the inside. Mother Nature really does know best !

4 - Go organic wherever possible and eat frequent, small meals rather than few, large ones, which is probably how my double Virgo grandmother lived to be nearly 100. It's always best to get your vitamins directly from the source, so a juicer is also a great investment. 

5 - Be kind to your heart, liver and the rest of the organ gang. If it's not a matter of life and death, replace pharmaceutical drugs/pills with home remedies (Virgo's fave) like chamomile or mint tea for tummy aches, clove for tooth aches, water for headaches (they are often caused by dehydration), etc.  When detoxing, headaches are normal - just keep flushing. Music and water sounds can work wonders for healing under the Neptune/Pisces influence. And don't worry about colds - it's nature's way of purging the system. Drink lots of fluids.

6 - Put sea salt in your bath to draw out toxins and relax muscles.

7 - Did you know raw onions are bacteria-suckers ? Never eat a left-over, cut, raw onion, or you'll also be eating the absorbed gunk (but if you must, then cook it well). I have not tried this, but apparently you can even put onion slices on the souls of your feet to draw out toxins or leave one cut open to absorb germs from the air of a sick person's room. Left-overs of any sort should be tossed after a day, or fed to the crows. Note: DO NOT FEED ONIONS TO CROWS, it will make them sick. Same goes for chocolate.

8 - Your body is a mini Earth ! Replace all toxic chemical cleaners/detergents in your home with ones that will not pollute your own waters or the ocean's. Chemicals burn the skin right off marine beings, kill coral reefs. Use baking soda and vinegar or chlorine-free oxygen bleach for sinks, drains, floors, tubs. Cream of tartar for tea and coffee stains. Steamers are great for sterilizing gyms, restaurants, etc. Think, what would your grandmother/great grandmother have used before we had all this chemical goop ? Romans bathed with olive oil and salt, the purest soap is still made from these simple ingredients.

Virgo oversees the digestive tract and it's link with the nervous system, via her Mercury rulership. Our digestive tract, colon, etc. are directly affected by nerves. And because our bodies are not only divided down the middle vertically, but horizontally as well, intestines and brains are not that different. In fact the intestinal tract is known as 'the second brain' and gets information before the brains in our head. They both get full of shit and need to be emptied, cleansed and well taken care of for proper function of everything else. A Polish senior I know told me her mother would always advise her not to make a decision to act before "eat and poop". In other words, the processing time of one meal = the time needed for mental process !

But don't just take my word for it : 

Spring clean early

It certainly feels like spring is  already starting in some places, which must be a call to begin the house cleaning/clearing. The key lesson for Pisces, junk collector of the zodiac, is 'un-attachment.' Sometimes Pisces has an easier time un-attaching itself from people than objects or photos that conjure memories of them.
If you are in the late forties - early fifties age group, any old illusions of yourself in the form of clothing or 'stuff' should probably be sent down the river at this point.

And of course…washing, especially windows, for clear vision. 

Cleanse the emotional body

Ritual, no matter how small, is a great way to inform the inner and outer universe of your intention. Virgo loves writing lists to draw things from memory, so we can use this as a format.
We've all had people in our lives who have influenced us strongly, for better or worse. Everyone you've shared a soul connection with, you've actually exchanged bits of yourself for theirs. While we can't erase memories, we can neutralize their effects. 

1- Make lists of all the soul connections you are finished with - one for lovers or significant others, one for teachers, one for neighbours, adversaries or whoever you feel ready to let go of. It may take a few days. They will start popping up in dreams or elsewhere.

2 - Get some matches. 

3 - Take the lists to a beach or other moving body of water. Thank the people on your first list for their lesson and inform them that you are now giving back the parts of them you've been holding and are taking back the parts of yourself from them. Roll or fold up the list, burn it, and let the charred remains fall into the moving water. Repeat with each list. (If you have no access to moving water, you can release into the wind or bury them in the earth - a return to the elements is the main thing). The New Moon is a good time to do this. For heavier bonds, you may wish to write a letter to the person or do a more involved ritual. The important thing is your intent. This should be an act of gratitude and closure, not destruction. You will feel lighter afterwards !

Neptune's dreamscape and Virgo's analytical ability are also very conducive for dream interpretation/therapy. What is your emotional body and unconscious telling you ? Keeping a dream journal and rendering your dreams in some art form are routes to self-healing.

 Mental cleansing

Everyone  will have their own methods for this, such as meditation or yoga... but since water is the main element right now, I recommend walking by the water to clear the mind, or at least out in nature, a park, etc. Listen to/walk in the rain or get a water cd and visualize the water flowing through your brain and rinsing away all debris. 

DNA repair music: 

One good way to un-clutter and calm the third eye is to sleep with a smooth slab of (cleansed) lapis between the eyebrows. This also helps with headaches, eye strain and vertigo. Rinse it under cold, running water from time to time, to release build-up.

Energetic/spiritual cleansing

There is so much invisible, electro-magnetic, microwave, electrical  pollution these days, and it's on the increase. Cell phones,  computers, frankenfoods and bad news all threaten our health…but we can't go around living in fear. Neptune in Pisces goes with the flow. It is the realm of the spiritual master in us that understands all is maya (illusion). Ultimately, we can't control anything and must learn to let go of ourselves and everything else. Still, we do have to live inside the illusion for now, which is why Pisces and Virgo say, "walk the mystical path with practical feet" ! Do what is within your own ability and let the Gods handle the rest. The whole point of this exercise is not to try and lengthen your lifespan or lose weight or find the fountain of youth (although these may be side bonuses), but to prepare you for a rebirth within this lifetime, as your beautiful, authentic self.

                                       Lady in the pool is the great Esther Williams, Hollywood's own mermaid.

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