Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Inconstant Moon - Lunar Transitions and Leap Day

For the past moonth or so, I've been posting short, illustrated blurbs on the current Moon in the signs for my Facebook friends. I will now be posting them to my public AstroTarology Facebook page for everyone to see. The Moon changes her 'moods' every 2-3 days, so make sure to bookmark and keep checking if you want to ride the waves ! 

Here's the link:

And Happy Leap Day !

I hear many people complaining about 'ghosts' in their machines recently, computer glitches, etc...and Mercury isn't even retrograde until March 11 ! Saturn and Mars, however, now are. These two seem to favour left-brain, logical energy; Saturn likes order (especially in balancing Libra) and Mars likes direct action and 'just the facts, ma'am' (especially in pragmatic Virgo). Meanwhile, Mercury, planet of communications and computers is at the last, 'critical' degrees of watery Pisces, which favours non-rational, psychic, creative, go with the flow communication. Mercury will be teaming up soon with Uranus in Aries - bringing an element of surprise, brainstorming, tricksterism to sneak up and kick the butt of any rigid thought patterns.
Usually if things are not working, it means we are simply out 
of sync (or sink, as the case may be). 

In Tarot, the Magician is clever imagination to the High Priestess's higher wisdom. We have been and are in a place now to receive imaginative refreshment of our own higher wisdom. 
This will become more apparent during the Mercury retrograde.

I'm always available to help refresh your higher wisdom 
with an astrology or Tarot reading (or a combo) !

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