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Aequus Nox

Happy Autumnal  Equinox !

Apologies dear readers, it's been a while since my last posting, have been very busy with my new teaching job. However, it's an important day in the world of symbols, and a raven squawks outside, so duty obviously calls...

It's the first day of Libra, the scales of Our Lady. Harvest, balance, as ye sow, so shall ye reap, karma...all the same themes of the number 8 in numerology. Hence the La Justice comes eighth. 
In this card, the Goddess is depicted holding a sword and scales, overt masculine and feminine symbols of Mars (lingam) and Venus (yoni/ovaries), the two planets which oversee the Spring and Fall equinoxes.


8 is also the number of infinity, plenty and renewal, perfection and Paradise regained after having gone through seven stages or passages, as in the previous card 7, The Chariot. Here, the initiate has, like Solomon, 'made Himself a chariot' - he has passed or is passing through seven stages of wisdom. 

The image is perhaps a visual play on the word equinox, with two equines (though equus/horse and aequus/equal have different roots). Tarot, as I've said, depicts natural laws of the universe. Its images are keys to overcoming duality and balancing opposites. As you can see, the frame of the chariot makes a boundary dividing lower/material and upper/spiritual realms. The initiate has mastered the physical realm to some degree and has embarked on a spiritual journey. However, the paradox is that this creates an illusion of duality he must now seek to overcome. 

Catharsis will come in 7's higher octave, card 16, the Tower. It has been suggested that card 7 may relate to the astrological nodes of the Moon, which provide the axis of a birth chart and a route for our soul's evolutionary path.  The south node represents everything we've harvested in past lives that is now mostly-done-with fodder.  North node territory is new and unfamiliar but necessary for growth. We slide back to old familiar turf many a time en route. I often associate The Chariot card with Sagittarius, sign of the South Node who's polarity is Gemini - twin horsemen and sparring partners, opposites.



16 - The Tower, 17 - The Star
Egyptian God Thoth and Goddess Sheshat.

8 reappears as it's higher octave, grace, in card 17, The Star. The card can be interpreted many ways, but the ibis bird in the background is a clue. In Egyptian mythology, Sheshat was the Goddess of wisdom, writing, mathematics, as well as time and record keeping by way of the stars. "Sheshat opens the door of Heaven for you." Her later incarnation was Thoth, the ibis-headed, Egyptian God of wisdom, writing and magic. Ma'at (truth/divine law) was Thoth's wife and his number was 8. Also interesting how the main star is ruled as if to show mathematical division. 

The 12 houses of the zodiac wheel are divided starting with Aries (Mars) at one end of the horizon line (ascendant) and Libra (Venus) at the 7th house cusp (descendant), going counter-clockwise. The lower half pertain to the individual and early/inner development and the upper half, initiated by Libra in the 7th house of partnerships, to the individual in relation to the bigger picture. Moon and Sun expression come naturally (ruling Cancer and Leo), while those of Jupiter (Sagittarius/Pisces) and Saturn (Capricorn/Aquarius), one grows into. Summer is kid stuff, winter requires responsibility and a philosophical outlook. What was sown in the first 6 houses will ultimately influence how we project ourselves outwardly, just as harvest will depend on what we put into the Earth last spring.

                               Persephone; "that which shoots forth and withdraws from the earth"

September is a 9 month, the end of a gestation cycle of life. October, a 1 month, begins the new death cycle, but also brings hints of new life coming next year. Pluto-Persephone went direct Sept 17, initiating the half of the year when the underworld rules the overworld. Life and Death are in a spiralling dance where one appears to be leading for a while, then the other, but  they never separate. 

September Song - Lou Reed:

                             Happy Birthday, Libra ! 


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New Moon in Cancer - GOT SOUL ?

On July 18,  the New Moon will be in her own sign of Cancer (the New Moon is always conjunct the Sun, in the same sign, which is why we can't see her). Cancer is the sign of the Universal Mother, and rules the breasts. 

The symbol for Cancer looks like breasts, but it is actually two spirals spinning together, like the galaxy, or two nines, number of gestation and endings preceding birth, moving forward and backward...

The constellation was also seen as a cradle - the cradle (or gateway) of birth and death. In the same way, the Moon is presumed to be where souls await physical rebirth. 
In ancient Egypt, the symbol for Cancer was the Scarab (where the word 'crab' comes from). The beetle rolled it's dung like the Sun, travelling through the night or netherworld to be reborn.

Since Moon governs the tides of the ocean and body fluids, it is associated with the soul, which is watery (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces form the water triad). In Tarot, cups are the soul element. Soul is the source of emotional memory and feelings and, being the source, is essentially no different than the ocean. 

In astrology, the Moon, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes are the main indicators of the soul's path/past lives. The Moon's placement is also indicative of our ancient, matrilineal heritage and earliest emotional memories.

This Cancer new (dark) Moon, is a good time to begin revisiting  our emotional memories and see whether we stopped evolving emotionally somewhere along the line, due to some tragic or disruptive event in our early or past lives. 

For women, if the relationship with your mother was severed at some point, this is likely a microcosm of/clue to where and how your matrilineal line was severed long ago.
For men, the soul is your 'anima' and you will know her by the kind of woman you are attracted to. Is she a big teat ? A femme fatale ? A nurturer or a devourer ? Do you fear her or try to protect her ? 

I sometimes think of the Cancer Sun and Moon as Samantha and Endora of the 1960s TV series, 'Bewitched.'  Cancer Sun is witchy, but would rather 'get to a man's heart through his stomach', be the domestic Goddess. Moon in Cancer is the opposite of rational and can be a nurturer or devourer of the soul (or both). And of course she's the older Mother. 

Pluto-Moon/Cancer or Lilith-Moon/Cancer aspects can be challenging in this respect and will reveal much about the Mother/child dynamic. The Pluto in Cancer generation (1913 - 1939), who were very affected by their mothers' issues, are now preparing to return to the 'Great Mother.' 

Sinead O'Connor sings 'Mother' with Roger Waters:
Summary: This Moon, born in Cancer, is good for healing ancient or childhood memories (especially to do with Mother or Mother's line), honouring the Soul and the feminine. And while we are at it - our relationship with Mother Ocean, source of all life, could really use some healing.

The following is adapted from 'Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of the Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death' by Robert Moss. Published by New World Library. (Thanks to Rob Brezsny for providing).

The basic insights of paleopsychology are as follows:

1. Spirits are real.
2. We are not alone: we live in a multidimensional universe peopled with beings — spirits of nature, gods and daimons, angels and ancestors — who take a close interest in our affairs and influence our lives for good or ill.
3. We are more than our bodies and brains, which are only vehicles for soul.
4. The soul survives the death of the body.
5. Soul journeying is the key to the spiritual worlds and the knowledge of ultimate reality. The soul makes excursions outside the body in dreams and visions. The heart of spiritual practice is to learn to shift consciousness at will and travel beyond time and space. Through soul-flight, we return to worlds beyond the physical plane in which our lives have their source and are able to explore many dimensions of the Otherworld.
6. Souls are corporeal, though composed of much finer substance than the physical body.
7. People have more than one soul. In addition to the vital soul that sustains physical life — closely associated with the breath — there is a “free soul,” associated with the dreambody, which can travel outside the body and separates from it at physical death, as well as an enduring spirit whose home is on the higher planes.
8. Souls — or pieces of soul — can be lost or stolen. This is the principal cause of disease and misfortune.
9. Some people have more souls than others and have the ability to make excursions to different places at the same time.
10. At death, different vehicles of soul go to different lots. Through conscious dreaming, it is possible to explore the conditions of the afterlife to prepare for one’s death and to assist souls of the dying and departed.
11. We are born with counterparts in nature. For example, we are born with a totem animal and a relationship with natural forces (wind or water or lightning) that are part of our basic identity and help to pattern the natural flow of our energy.
12. We are born with counterparts in other places and times, and in other dimensions of reality. When we encounter them through interdimensional travel, they become allies and sometimes teachers.

Images: Sara Goodridge, Crop circle, Dali Ace of Cups, Goth Giaconda, Ronald Searle TV Guide illustration, fiddler crab, Dorothy Phillips.

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"My Warehouse Eyes, My Arabian Drums" - Jupiter in Gemini

In search of Thee, I found myself. 
    -- Bengal Boatman's Song

In the beginning there was nothing. The moment this nothing became conscious of itself, it became one. In doing so, it immediately felt the void, the loneliness of being only itself. So this one (which was really nothing) reflected upon or copulated with itself (depending on who's telling the story) and became two. The rest is a continual play of opposites, dividing and reproducing into infinite forms.
Many creation myths describe the beginning of the universe or consciousness as a cosmic egg in a womb of nothingness. Scientists concede that all the material of the universe was once compressed as a single, egg-like ball, before the so-called 'Big Bang.' (Although, maybe it was more of a 'Big Aum').


Though not a creation myth per se, the Gemini quadruplets - two boys and two girls - were born from two eggs laid by Leda, who'd been raped by Zeus-Jupiter and then had sex with her husband. So one babe of each gender was fathered by a God, the other two by a mortal. 

                                                                             Bachiacca's Leda

Gemini illustrates our need, illusory or not, for duality. One twin knows he is a God, alone in the cosmic void, while the other exists in denial that he is merely a reflection or echo created out of the void. The two will often argue, but usually agree to disagree because they need each other. Mostly they are good sparring partners (in the spirit of their opposite, Sagittarius). We can all relate to this eternal/mortal dichotomy, but Gemini in particular wrestles with it.

When the student is ready, 
the teacher will appear.  
        -- Buddhist Proverb

God-Father Jupiter rules Gemini's opposite sign of Sagittarius, who seeks the source, and feels aloneness more as oneness with the All. So when Jupiter visits Gemini, it's like the wise old traveller arriving at the brothers' door, requesting lodging for the night. One night turns into a thousand and one, during the course of which he gives them spiritual teachings by the fire, in the form of stories. Of course he is really God (their long forgotten father who somehow knows everything about their lives) unbeknownst to them. And of course they will re-tell those stories to everyone they meet, as is Gemini custom. 

Trump 9, the Hermit, relating to the 9th house of the Zodiac

The Lunar Nodes are also in the signs of Gemini (south) and Sagittarius (north) currently, so there is an evolutionary opportunity at hand for us to unify our godly and mortal parts into something called a 'human being,' that the old man told us about in one of his bedtime stories... another step in the quantum leap that has been going on this year. 
Venus' extended stay/retrograde in Gemini is part of it, too. She is very much a fairy God-Mother acting on our behalf, showing us the coach in a pumpkin, the prince in a frog and other such beautiful mysteries of unified creation.
Two major Goddess and God archetypes both conjuncting the South Node in the house of the dual, semi-mortal siblings. Think of the implications...

                   In God's own image: Dali's 'Wine of Gala and God',  old alchemical illustration.

Reporter: Mr Kane, how did you find business conditions in Europe ? 
Charles Foster Kane: How did I find business  conditions in Europe ? With great difficulty.

Expansion of the word, communication, teaching, publishing (especially news and information), armies, Big Brother, higher-learning communities, franchises, and investments therein all fall under Jupiter-Gemini. And let us not forget this is a sky and wind combination, so wind turbines, wind energy, air travel also on the agenda. Politically, there may be a tendency to look up to father-figure dictators - it's quite a patriotic influence, and Gemini can be calculating and entirely intellect or money-based. It's also masculine and business-oriented and leaders will try to get around laws (Jupiter) to get rich, using smokescreens to keep their true motives hidden. Jupiter wants to spend, Gemini wants to bargain, so we'll see what happens with the Euro/the European Union (and other unions). England is heavily Gemini-influenced, so things should be ok for them, though Pluto in Capricorn continues gnawing away at the foundations of all too-long-empowered institutions. 

The ongoing creation mystery of 2012 climaxes as Venus and Jupiter in the sky start making magic before sunrise from the end of June to the end of July (sure to be breathtaking together with the crescent Moon July 14/15), and they will meet again, conjunct with Mercury in Gemini at the end of May 2013. Jupiter will be in Gemini until end of June 2013.
Also of note, Saturn goes direct in Libra June 25 and will act as an independent observer and keeper of karmic accounts, reporting only to our closest ally, the Moon until the second week of July. The 'Lord of the Rings' is exalted in Libra - sign of justice, balance and fairness.

                                                       Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Salvador Dali

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Eros - The Lover, Son of Aphrodite-Venus

Everybody loves a Lover
Everybody loves me
Oh yes they do
And I love Everybody
Since I fell in love with you...

The Lover Tells of the Rose in His Heart  
by W. B. Yeats

ALL things uncomely and broken, all things worn out and old,
The cry of a child by the roadway, the creak of a lumbering cart,
The heavy steps of the ploughman, splashing the wintry mould,
Are wronging your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart.
The wrong of unshapely things is a wrong too great to be told;
I hunger to build them anew and sit on a green knoll apart,
With the earth and the sky and the water, remade, like a casket of gold
For my dreams of your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart.

"Why do I love" You, Sir
  By Emily Dickinson

"Why do I love" You, Sir?
The Wind does not require the Grass
To answer—Wherefore when He pass
She cannot keep Her place.

Because He knows—and
Do not You—
And We know not—
Enough for Us
The Wisdom it be so—

The Lightning—never asked an Eye
Wherefore it shut—when He was by—
Because He knows it cannot speak—
And reasons not contained—
—Of Talk—
There be—preferred by Daintier Folk—

The Sunrise—Sire—compelleth Me—
Because He's Sunrise—and I see—
I love Thee— 

I'm writing this as the planet Venus makes her way across the Sun in her swan-drawn chariot. A partially eclipsed, Sagittarius 'strawberry' Moon preceded her and has now moved into Capricorn, conjuncting Pluto, and will trine Lilith tomorrow evening (June 6).  

Eros, son of Venus, 
Universal Lover, 
shot his arrow through the heart, 
splitting it open to receive. 

The Lover is, simply, one who loves, a devotee of the heart - he/she has been initiated into it's wisdom via the arrow. Trump 6 shows Love making the young man it's initiate, a binding agent. (It's  meaning was changed in Waite's Tarot, when it became 'The Lovers,' depicting Adam and Eve).
You probably know  people who embody The Lover archetype - they 'make love' with many, though not necessarily in the physical sense. 'Everybody loves a lover.' The Lover opens and connects hearts. Perhaps you are a Lover, or have recently become one under the influence of Venus.

Upside down
Her pentacle becomes 
the Devil's face

The 'higher octave' or lesson of trump 6 is 15, The Devil, Love's shadow, that binds lovers with shame, guilt, possessiveness, jealousy, low self-esteem, dishonesty, fear and self-sabotage. Lilith made a friend of these outcasts and directs them off off off Broadway, from the dark shadows of our psyche. [Psyche, lover of Eros, is a butterfly, while Lilith is a moth]. 
'Lucifer' in the biblical sense was the wisest angel and the scapegoat (Capricorn). But the Light-Bringer who illuminates  truth is anything but a horny old goat, that's just a shadow projection. Lucifer is actually Venus, the Morning Star, who  heralds the dawn both outside and within.

When Venus disappears  for eight days before becoming the Morning Star again, remember her resurrection is the stuff that myths/religions were built on - her resurrection is our resurrection.
She will begin rising as the Morning Star/Lucifer mid-month, about June 16.

"Be happy," cried the Nightingale, "be happy; you shall have your red rose. I will build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with my own heart's-blood. All that I ask of you in return is that you will be a true lover, for Love is wiser than Philosophy, though she is wise, and mightier than Power, though he is mighty. Flame- coloured are his wings, and coloured like flame is his body. His lips are sweet as honey, and his breath is like frankincense."

                          --  from The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde

Lovely Songs for Universal Lovers:

Everybody Loves a Lover - The Shirelles 1964
Moonlight Lover - Joya Landis
My Heart My Life - Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook

Images:  The Lover by Paul Klee, Renaissance 'The Lover' card, The Lover and The Devil cards by Oswald Wirth, Lucifer by William Blake, The Nightingale and the Rose illustration.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gemini - The Sign of Many Faces

 "I take the world to be as but a stage,
 Where net-maskt men do play their personage."    - Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

Gemini season is now upon us, twinkle twinkle little stars…
the charmers, sweet talkers, manipulators, teachers, politicians and quickest minds of the zodiac. What makes them such communication experts ?

Gemini's ruler, Hermes-Mercury is the winged messenger between the unconscious and conscious, the living and the dead, the orator and listener, the twittering friends, the disease and it's cure, you and the object of your desire (he's also the God of thieves and money transactions) as well as the gender opposites, for 'he' is actually a hermaphrodite [Hermes + Aphrodite], a combination of both. 

Mercury, the liquid-metal also called quicksilver, can poison or heal (do not try at home - for Ayurvedic experts only). The basis of Homeopathy is 'like cures like,' as expressed in Hermes-Mercury's caduceus; two opposing DNA snakes coiled in balance around a sceptre, the symbol of medicine. 

In many cultures, twins were considered magical or sacred. The mythology around them is extensive - sibling rivals, bound lovers ('tvillingelov' = twin love), doppelgangers… all locked in an eternal, polar attraction - positive or negative - that is the driving force of creation.

Most ancient, Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses were dual or composite beings, but the Greeks divided them up. For example, Aphrodite was the romantic love aspect of the Goddess, Athene her knowledgable and warring aspect, Medusa her destructive, raging aspect, and so on. 
Possibly the method in this madness is that Greek drama was essentially group therapy - the characters were archetypes within as well as Gods without and had to be separated into 'parts' in order to play out/ resolve their complex relationships. Complex, because unlike mummers or folk festival plays, there was philosophy and the beginnings of what we would now call psychology in these works. 

Greek Comedy and Tragedy, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (which came to Robert Louis Stevenson in a dream)

Theatre, by it's very nature, is Mercurial. It's all about trickery, stealing (of personas) and healing, and it connects unconscious and conscious realms. Leo may be the performer or director par excellence, but Gemini is the actor, the player, the playwright extraordinaire. Embodying the 'other,' mimicry and deception is in their blood. 

There are fine, talented actors, and then there are actors who take on  archetypes - characters that go deep inside our unconscious, causing us to project madly onto them out of recognition. It takes a certain inner stability to become one, for they are powerful and can devour the weak. Sadly, this was the case with Gemini Marilyn Monroe. Dependent on the love her persona received, she was always playing one role on top of another -  her part, plus the archetypal sex Goddess.

Marilyn expressing her Sagittarius polarity.

Gemini Johnny Depp plays the likeable, outsider-hero Trickster archetype who's the Master of his own Peter Pan universe - Captain Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Ed Wood, Sweeny Todd…eternally young in that Dorian Gray, Gemini way. Like many of his sign, he will surely remain pixie-like into his old age.
Some Geminis don't age well, because one twin is morbidly aware of it's mortality and the other can't face the issue. But I don't think this will be the case with Johnny.

Johnny as Tonto,  better half of the  famous duo.

My personal favourite, the villainous, shadow lover was perfected by another Gemini, Sir Christopher Lee. Anyone who disses astrology should take note that he and Vincent Price share a birthday, and their cohort, Peter Cushing, one day before. Their creepy, gothic characters we know and love seem more suited to Scorpio or Capricorn, but their campiness is pure Gemini. These guys are clearly playing.

The 'Man of Many Faces'  has Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini, so he's got  quite a few people going on in there. But Saturn exactly on his ascendant is what gives him that slightly malevolent, tall, dark and  handsome appearance (as well as the wounded knee/limp). 

Gemini is a sign of air, the intellect. In Tarot, the air element is represented by swords, signifying mental conflict or challenges. Sir Christopher is a knight with Mars in Sagittarius (the warrior) and has had more swashbuckling roles in his long career, he says, than any other actor. His Dracula was most memorable of all, because of the pathos he gave it. Playing the shadow figure might have brought some relief for a soul who'd served behind the scenes during WW2 and witnessed mans' darkness first hand.
The last of the terrifying triplets turns 90 on May 27, one week after the solar eclipse conjuncts his Sun. Lucky for us, Saturn has given him longevity, if not immortality. 

For die-hards only, a montage of all Dracula's bites: 

Happy Birthday, beloved Sir Christopher !

Happy birthday Gemini ! Enjoy the Venus-Sun transit in your (tropical) house, 
June 5/6 !

We-can-convince-you-of-anything, Trickster Twins:

The Terrifying Triplets (Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing), Errol Flynn, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Judy Garland, Juliette Lewis, Sir Laurence Olivier, Mark Wahlberg, Meryl Streep, Mike Meyers, Morgan Freeman, John Goodman, Liam Neeson,  Tony Curtis, Joan Rivers, Joan Collins, Helena Bonham Carter, Brooke Shields, Bob Hope, Angelina Jolie, Isabella Rossellini, Nicole Kidman, Gene Wilder, Billy Wilder, Mel Blanc, Isadora Duncan, Josephine Baker, Venus Williams, John F Kennedy, Harvey Milk, Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger, George Bush Sr, Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, Aung San Suu Kyi, Benazir Bhutto, Muammar Qaddafi, Peter the Great, Che Guevara, Queen Victoria, Prince Philip, Wallis Simpson, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Prince, Tom Jones, Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Miles Davis, Richard Wagner, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Sendak, William Butler Yeats, Ian Flemming, Salman Rushdie, Jean-Paul Sartre, Blaise Pascal, Walt Whitman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy, Paul Gauguin, Rockwell Kent, M C Escher, Mary Cassatt, Peter Carl Faberge, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Dionne Quintuplets, Christine Jorgensen, Dr. Ruth, Jack Kevorkian.

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