Monday, November 21, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sagittarius

 November 22, the Sun moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. 
Do you feel lighter already ?!

Having passed through the death of the flesh we arrive in the 9th house of higher, less temporal concerns. The spark that ignited the life cycle in Spring (Aries) and fuelled the Sun in Summer (Leo), is now the transforming fire of the hearth (or altar) that will keep our spirits alive through the long, winter passage. 


In days of olde, before TV and computers, people gathered by the fireplace or camp fire and told stories. Most Sagittarians are natural-born story tellers, be their medium words, pictures or music. And they like to take in as much information as they put out. They often seem to have invisible antennae that tune into the constellation of Sagittarius, where the galactic centre is located.

Jupiter ("fire father"), King of the Gods rules this sign. His other western incarnations are Zeus, Odin, Wotan, Jove, Jehovah, etc. Oh yes, and Santa Claus, too. Santa is directly descended from Odin 'the Bearded One,' with a bit of Catholic Saint Nicholas thrown in to make him seem a bit less Pagan-y. In his Greek and Roman incarnations, Zeus-Jupiter had an insatiable sex drive and would've  been considered an abusive husband, by our standards. But the lightening-bolt hurling, sperm bank of the sky has mellowed in his old age. In astrology, he is known as the 'greater benefic' (Venus being the 'lesser'),' who bestows good fortune during his one year transit through each zodiac house...or down their chimneys, as the case may be. He is still currently retrograde in Taurus, but will get moving again on Christmas day - fitting ! 

In Tarot, two sides of Jupiter are represented as the Emperor, he is the masculine principal, dressed in war garb, right beside his female counterpart, Juno, the Empress. (His crossed legs make the symbol for Jupiter). The eagles on their shields are alchemical symbols - wings pointing up for female and down for male. This seems contrary to fire being masculine and earth being feminine, but it is rather like the yin yang, wherein each side contains it's opposite. (See bottom for Empress card)

The male, fertility God rains downward on the Earth, while the plant growth of the earth reaches upward, toward the Sun and rain. 
Jupiter is also the Pope (or 'Heirophant'), being the bridge to our higher consciousness, the religious/spiritual father.

These two aspects of Jupiter play out in the sign of Sagittarius. Many Sagittarians are warrior-like and disciplined, suited to martial arts, team sports, debating, politics, etc, while others are more in tune with the realm of spiritual pursuits, dance, music, dreams, visions. Some are both.

                                  Sagittarian sons, Disney and Beethoven (pastoral Symphony) come together in 'Fantasia'

Like it's opposite sign, Gemini, Sagittarius wrestles with reconciling it's earthly and immortal sides. But while Gemini can usually get away with avoiding the issue until age forces it, Sagittarius is terminally aware and actively seeks answers to life's mysteries. Beneath their joviality, centaurs are often driven by deep pain, as was the noble centaur, Chiron, on which the constellation is based. Their gift is in being able to transform it and be an inspiration to others. 
Sagittarius, in it's most elevated sense, can be like an earthly microcosm of the whole cosmos, the drama of darkness and light. (It's the sign of astrology, naturally).

To See the world in a grain of sand, 

And heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

   And eternity in an hour.

Sagi Anthem ? The Who  'The Seeker' live in Germany, 1970

In other news (briefly)... 

Mercury will retrograde on the eve of Nov. 23, in Sagittarius, until Dec. 13. You all know the routine, but this time, be extra careful with your words as the archer has a habit of speaking before thinking. Here's a little ditty by D.B. Wyndham Lewis to keep in mind:

  I shot an arrow into the air;
    I don't know how it fell or where;
 But strangely enough, at my journey's end,
   I found it again in the neck of a friend.

The New Moon of Nov. 25 will also be in Sagittarius. This is the 'Diana Moon,' of the huntress, seeker, wise maiden. If you are not an inward-seeking type, it's a good time to be social and meet new friends. 
There will be a partial Solar eclipse in Sagittarius during the New Moon. We won't see it in the North, but we will likely feel it's effect. Any weakened structures will find it much harder to stay standing after this, metaphorically and physically speaking. There will also be a Lunar eclipse Dec. 10, in Sagittarius' opposite sign, Gemini. The Trickster's presence while the lights are out always means a bit of a rude awakening, but it's only to help make us wiser.
Here's an explanation of what eclipses can signify, by Susan Miller:

Venus leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn Nov. 26, until Dec. 20, trading her hippy garb for a grey flannel suit. In Capricorn, Venus is subtle, dignified on the surface, the earthy feminine with a sexy, slight masculinity (think Marlene Dietrich). But she's no ice princess...beneath her cool exterior lives a true pagan nymph. She's got expensive taste, besides, and will be in cahoots with fellow hedonist, Jupiter for about a week, until Dec. 2. With Mercury still retrograde, be careful about blowing too much money on extravagant gifts you can't really afford or can't return ! Keep all receipts. 

Uranus will go direct Dec. 9 and Mercury Dec. 13,  followed by Jupiter, Dec 25, as mentioned. Thus begins the yearly period which I like to think of as Jupiter's gift, when every planet is in direct motion at once. All systems are go until Jan. 23, when Mars begins it's retrograde. Seize the day with the rebirth of the Sun and the help of Capricorn's ability to manifest your Sag-nificant visions !



Thoughtful and waste-free !

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