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2012 - Time of the Hanged Man ?

The End of Time ? 

Well, it's definitely the end of a cycle of time, as expressed by the number 12. Numbers are part of our collective consciousness, so we are affected by their frequencies. But - you may be saying - not everyone in the world goes by the Gregorian calendar; in the Hebrew calendar it's 5772, in Chinese, 4647. For Berbers, it's 2961 and Buddhists 2555. Yes, but the western calendar is the internationally adopted, civil calendar, so, like Rock 'n' Roll, it's going to influence everyone to some degree, even if they don't speak western. 
Gregorian or otherwise, thanks to the imposed grid of artificial time, we've all been running around like hamsters on a wheel and are now at a crucial point where we must either return to natural rhythms or be doomed to make Earth less and less liveable.  

In the 6th century it was devised by a Christian monk that 'the incarnation of Christ' marked the end of the old world and the new beginning of time. Don't ask me how he figured it out - his calculations were said to have been off, anyway. Suffice it to say, our western calendar is based on Jesus, the last solar hero and "last scapegoat," according to French philosopher, Rene Girard, who was born on Christmas day:

Social order is restored as people are contented that they have solved the cause of their problems by removing the scapegoated individual, and the cycle begins again. The keyword here is "content", scapegoating serves as a psychological relief for a group of people. Girard contends that this is what happened in the case of Jesus. The difference in this case, Girard believes, is that he was resurrected from the dead and shown to be innocent; humanity is thus made aware of its violent tendencies and the cycle is broken. Satan, who is seen to be manifested in the contagion, is cast out.*

Following ancient tradition, Christ was sacrificed and made sacred by hanging from a tree (albeit a dead one). From it, he is rumoured to have cried out, "They have pierced my hands and feet...I can count all my bones...they have divided my garments." Could this be a metaphor for what we cruelly did to natural time, pinning it down, counting it and dividing it up into sections ?

He is murdering the Time ! Off with his Head !

In an older version of the Marseille Hanged Man/Le Pendu (see top image), the Roman numeral XII is written backwards, so that you are compelled to turn the card 'right side up' again to read it properly. I find people will do that with this card, anyway, regardless of the number. It's just not normal to be upside down. But that is how they used to hang scapegoats. It's also how we are born, head first, hanging from a cord that connects us to a placenta tree. 

Note how the Hanged Man's legs form a cross and his arms are circular. Hidden in his body shape is the glyph for Saturn. The cross of matter over the semi-circle of soul. It's the opposite of Jupiter's glyph, a semi-circle above the cross of matter. Saturn, aka 'Father Time' has an amputated leg and carries a scythe (also the shape of  his glyph). He rules Capricorn, the sign of the scapegoat, and represents difficulty, hard lessons, karma, but was also the God of the Golden Age, when man lived in harmony with nature and everything was hunky dory. (He only became miserable when Jehovah took over). So the Hanged Man is both a pendulum and doing penance. When it is time for his reaping, he will resume right side up-ness and live again. Lead into gold.

Presently, the Earth's magnetic poles are shifting. Let's just say the molten core of the planet is behaving a bit like like a lava lamp. It does this from time to time, although, last time, we were still covered in scales and walking on all fours. Magnetically speaking, North may end up being South and vice versa, but it is unlikely the planet itself will flip. 
Environmental scientist, Dr. David Suzuki explains:

'The Nature of Things' CBC

The more I meditate on card #12, the more I think perhaps we have been living upside down all this time, and, as we sense the planet's inner movement, we feel a collective shifting in our consciousness that will  eventually put us right side up again... if we don't cling on.

*From Wikipedia

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