Tuesday, August 30, 2011


“Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, nothing more; 
there is no road - you make the road 
by walking.
Turning to look behind, you see the 
path you will never travel again.” 

-- Antonio Machado

Welcome to Roxanna's AstroTarology 
{Note: By entering this blog, you have officially expressed that you think there might be something more to existence than what meets the eye.  Congratulations on your leap of faith.}

Here you will find a stream of consciousness babbling all the way from ancient times to your computer screen. As one born during the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo (in my ninth house, Rx), it is my service - to meticulously sort and organize philosophies and mysteries from the past and 'recycle' what is still useful. The tradition of symbols and archetypes provides me with a framework to build from, similar to how a song writer might work within the tradition of melody or rhyme. 
Viewers will note I refer to Tarot de Marseille and not modern decks. This is because someone, hundreds of years ago, was doing exactly what I described above when they created it. As you shall see, the seemingly bare-bones imagery of this deck is loaded with information that is perhaps more relevant today than ever. 

My take on Astrology is less about popular Greek Gods and more about alchemy/psychology. One of the first laws of the universe, say the alchemists, is the law of 'projection.' We imaged the Gods onto the stars, and in doing so we invented the Gods; "As above, so below"... as within, so without, etc. It's no surprise that the Gods took the form of our immediate family members, starting with Mother (adoring Isis or Kali with PMS) and Father (Jupiter as wife-beater or benefactor). Relationships play a huge role, since we are all mirrors for each other. The law of attraction (Venus) is closely intertwined with the law of projection (Sun/Moon). 

'Map' of the Pleiades (?), in the constellation 
of Taurus, drawn 14,000 years ago. 

Stay tuned for horoscope postings - coming soon !

Here are some current events to chew on...

JUPITER WENT RETROGRADE TODAY and will be in trine aspect with Pluto during this period. Jupiter represents faith and justice, while Pluto is death and transformation. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, judgement after death meant weighing the heart of the deceased against Maat's feather of truth. One's own heart would bear witness to the sins/un-truths committed. If it was too heavy, it would be devoured by the beastie, Ammit. 
What in your life needs to be reconciled now so you can exit 
this world with a light heart ? 
Hint: Jupiter is in Taurus, which would place emphasis on FAMILY.

On a lighter note, retrograde Jupiter means it's time to set back on our rocking-thrones and think about all we've amassed...  philosophies, expectations, faith. Are inner and outer worlds in sync ? Are we creating abundance in the right areas ? How have we been judging others/ourselves ? Jupiter is setting back on my Sun, so I'll be thinking hard about all of this !


NEPTUNE (the Muse) in Aquarius and Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Pisces are both retrograde and opposite Sun and Venus in Virgo right now. 
Virgo is all about practical, earthly service, while Aquarius and Pisces are more concerned with dreams, hopes and visions. Are we challenged to 'walk the mystical path with practical feet' ? How can we balance our hopes and dreams for healing ourselves and the world with our individual, life's work ? 

Neptune sometimes works 'undercover.' Perhaps you are really an angel, working as a receptionist in an office building, where nobody will suspect you...

Interested in having your Tarot cards or astrology chart read ? 
Please contact Roxanna with your inquiries at rox@roxannamundi.ca  

A few testimonials :

"I always look forward to a reading with Roxanna. In every session she has amazed me 
not only with her insight and ability to apply it in a meaningful way, but with her wide 
knowledge of how astrology and Tarot intersect as a whole. She has helped me make 
important life decisions, providing an alternate view balanced by her years of experience 
and living wisdom. Her sense of humor is a big plus too." --sj

“I found Roxanna's reading of my chart most intuitive and quite profound. I would recommend 
anyone in need of clarity and direction to make an appointment.” --M. McCombe

“My experience with Roxanna was memorable and helpful. She was able to contextualize 
the issues going on in my life, which helped me accept them and move forward. I truly believe 
she's gifted. “ --cp

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