Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto (aka 'Total Recall') moved into Capricorn in early 2009. Since then, we have 
seen the collapse of the banking system and economic structure, extreme purse tightening, 
lessons on survival by bark-eating and the beginning of the end for long-standing, dictatorial 
regimes - all Capricorn's jurisdiction. Petroleum, too, is associated with Capricorn/Pluto, in 
that it comes from old bones/fossils buried deep in the Earth...makes me wonder whether long-
hidden relics or riches will be uncovered while the underworld God sits on the mountaintop. 

Pluto will don the goatskin until 2023. The ruling class, feeling insecure,  will likely become 
ever more secretive, hiding their money under the mattress and stocking up on that which will
retain value (ho ho). You and I will just have to get used to living like our great-grandparents 
and the majority of the world's population, with gratitude for what we have and knowledge of 
what's truly valuable. 


When Pluto was 'demoted' to Dwarf Planet back in 2006, I wrote to astrologer Rob Brezsney 
about how fitting I thought this was, considering Pluto is also the underworld God of  Wealth. 
He quoted me in his column that week (edited):

"Recently, less than five percent of the world's astronomers voted to demote Pluto from 
a planet to a "dwarf planet." Some Scorpios were alarmed, since Pluto is the heavenly 
body that traditionally rules your sign. My opinion? Don't worry. I agree with mythologist 
Roxanna Bikadoroff, who says there's poetic justice in calling Pluto a dwarf planet. In fairy 
tales, dwarves are often magicians who possess hidden storehouses of riches and act as 
agents of creative transformation. They typically live beneath bridges, which are symbols 
of transitional thresholds, and are masters of in-between states. They bestow blessings 
on anyone who is able to pass their demanding tests."

Illustration © Roxanna Bikadoroff 2009

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